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Chaturanga Dandasana (AKA A Hot Mess)

It’s one of those postures that gets named in class in a series of postures as if it is something you should just know and complete with no need for additional instruction. 248 mots de plus


Standing Separate Leg Stretching (Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimottanasana)

I will admit, I love this pose.  I love what it does for my hamstrings.  I love how it makes me use my arms.  I love that it gives me a little break in the action during the Standing Series and lets me know that we will soon hit the floor. 325 mots de plus


تغير مركز الثقل على الرجل يؤثر على الرجل والقدم والعضلات فذلك يزيد من القوة الواقعة

تغير مركز الثقل على الرجل يؤثر على الرجل والقدم والعضلات فذلك يزيد من القوة الواقعة


Yoga is About More Than Just Asana

I’m guilty of it myself. In America, we tend to focus on the postures more than anything else. As I type this, I am waiting for my husband to finish writing an email so he can take a picture of me in the pose of the day for the February… 572 mots de plus


Getting My Head on Straight

After five years of practice, I recently learned that I do not have my head on straight. The teachers always say « where your eyes go, your body will follow, » but apparently for me, where the eyes go, the neck follows. 594 mots de plus


30-day (+1) Posture Challenge

I am so silly – this challenge was for January so naturally it was a 31 day challenge, not 30! Here is the last week of postures. 478 mots de plus



Children love to mimic camels, these animals who are sometimes called « Ships of the Desert », walking hundreds of miles carrying spices, or fine silk clothes. 204 mots de plus