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Why should I practice yoga?

Hello lovelies! Welcome to my blog, and first ever post! I am so happy you are reading this :) So why should we practice yoga? 429 mots de plus


Never Stop Developing Your Christian Worldview

If the title of this post has you scratching your head, then good. Because now I get to explain what a worldview is and what it means to develop it. 1 079 mots de plus

Postures-Halucinda (World In Sound)

It is always a joy when you listen to an album for the first time and you have to stop whatever you are doing and listen again. 272 mots de plus


Bringing Flexy Back Challenge (Part One)

I have been focusing on my handstand practice for almost a year now but I try to pepper in a different challenge from time to time.   640 mots de plus


Yoga Day Summit

June 21 2016, immerse yourself in your own personal yoga retreat!

Join a global community of yogis — sages, musicians, scientists and beloved teachers from around the globe — to discover yoga practices, guided meditations and healing breathwork for restoring, balancing and invigorating your body, mind and soul. 12 mots de plus


Yoga and Instagram

Instagram has completely changed my yoga practice.  And I have my friend Katie to thank for it.  While she has now become a yoga instructor herself, this was not the case when she first turned me on to the world of Instagram yoga it was by inviting me to join her in a challenge.   359 mots de plus


What are the different types of non-verbal communication? How can non-verbal communication make or break a speech?

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It’s understood that great communication is the establishment of any effective relationship, be it individual or expert. It’s essential to perceive, however, that it’s our nonverbal communication—our outward appearances, signals, eye contact, posture, and manner of speaking—that talk the loudest. 221 mots de plus