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Walking Yoga Games for the Whole Family.

Yoga is fun and energizing, especially with bringing some play into the yoga. Children have this magical ability to let go their body spontaneously. As parents you can enjoy playing these games with your children.  379 mots de plus


Come fly with me workshop

Join me on Saturday July the 17th for a fun workshop focused on flying and balancing yoga postures. We will work our way from baby bakasana (crow) up to more advanced poses such as pincha (forearm stand) and handstand. 59 mots de plus


Wash Away and Regenerate

July is the month for « regeneration », a time to reflect, rest and allow life to flow naturally through us. The whole family naturally experiences it whether at the lake, camping, checking out cultural events or just relaxing at home in the backyard.  340 mots de plus

Yoga Gives Back Challenge

If you read my blog regularly (or follow me on Instagram) you know that I am addicted to yoga posture challenges. This month was no different from the rest except for a lovely charitable component. 277 mots de plus


Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvijasana)

Bird of Paradise is fun because it combines strength, balance and flexibility. Because it touches on so many things, it will be different every time you try the pose. 245 mots de plus


Eka Pada Galavasana (Flying Pigeon Pose)

Flying Pigeon Pose is actually one of the first advanced poses I ever tried. I saw it in Yoga Journal and thought I might be able to pull it off but didn’t want anyone to see me fail. 271 mots de plus


Letting go of Grasshopper Pose (With my Tiny Arms)

Have you heard of the Belly Button Challenge? Theoretically it is a fun little game that asks if you can reach around behind you and touch your belly button. 411 mots de plus