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Here and now.

There will be no classes on the following dates 6 Thurs, 10 Mon, 13 Thurs and 17 Mon August 2015.

Last Thursday we practiced a very special Surya Namaskrara (Sun Sequence) for those that wanted the opportunity of being able to continue their yoga practice during this period of no classes. 1 025 mots de plus

Class Information

Why is Yoga good for children?

Yoga and children go together for so many reasons.
The opportunity for children to go inward and explore their bodies, move and feel in a non-judgmental or competitive environment (when possible) is a wonderful life tool to bring to their lives as early as possible. 423 mots de plus

Listless with Lupus

The title says it all and it reads like the saddest dating tag on that you have ever seen.

I just feel like letting it all hang out. 783 mots de plus

Cobra Pose vs. Upward Facing Dog

People love the fancy poses, it’s easy to overlook foundational postures. They can be boring, I know. The trick is to find a basics class at a studio with great teachers. 479 mots de plus


Yoga Glossary

Adho: Downward

Anguli: Toes

Anjana: Name of the mother of Hanuman, a powerful Hindu monkey chief.

Ardha: Half

Asana: Posture or pose

Baddha: Bound

Bandha: An energy lock or seal in the body. 434 mots de plus


The Eight Limbs of Yoga

  1. Yama: Is a moral restraint that controls our actions, thoughts, and speech.
  • Ahimsa: This term is translated to non harming or non violent. This means that yogis have compassion for all living things.
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