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It wasn't the WORST yoga class ever

I took a yoga class at my gym a few weeks ago – at the NY Sports Club. Now, having practiced yoga for 25 years and taken some amazing classes with truly inspiring teachers, I don’t have high expectations of yoga classes at the gym in general. 266 mots de plus

Yoga and Digestion

      There is far more going on in a yoga session than meets the eye. The blend of yoga postures, or asanas, with deep breathing and twists, stretches, massages and moves intestinal toxins out of the body. 310 mots de plus

Balanced Work & Rest

India being such a diverse country possesses various kinds of people. They can range from being lazy to being hyper-active, nerd to dork, and occupied and unoccupied and so on. 715 mots de plus


Hatha Yoga 

When you experience everything as oneness in your consciousness, then you are in yoga. To attain that unity within you, there are many ways. You work with the body, then you move to the breath, then to the mind, then to the inner self. 785 mots de plus


Health | 🎞 Video Feature 🎞 Yogalates

Chandra Namaskar – Step By Step Moon Salutation. Yogalates w/ Rashmi Ramesh | Mind Body Soul

Note: Be gentle with yourself in choosing to undertake this yoga sequence. 29 mots de plus


Sitting Yogic Postures 


Sukhasana or the easy sitting pose is one of the simplest poses for meditation suited for all beginners. Sukhasana comes from the Sanskrit work ‘Sukham’ which can mean ‘comfort’, ‘easy’, ‘joyful’, ‘pleasure’, etc. 555 mots de plus


Should You Always Listen To Your Yoga Teacher?

I was visiting family in California recently so had the chance to practice at a nearby Bikram yoga studio. I had been to this studio before and always enjoyed my classes there. 426 mots de plus