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asana - seat or pose

« Why can’t you sit still? » I remember admonishing my daughter when she was little. Picture a 6 year old with two pigtails sitting on the stool ready to practice piano. 1 295 mots de plus


Nouvelle semaine, nouvel ancrage

Une nouvelle semaine commence aujourd’hui entre un soleil présent mais timide et de très discrètes chutes de neige. C’est le charme de l’hiver. J’ai remplacé mes séances de marche quotidienne par des sessions de yoga ces derniers jours. 147 mots de plus


Détox émotionnelle par le yoga

Encore un jour de repos le temps de m’occuper de mes petites malades. La semaine prochaine, je démarre un bilan de compétences et envisage sérieusement de considérer certaines de mes passions comme un possible futur métier. 19 mots de plus


Do Crowded Yoga Classes Have Better Energy?

Crowded Bikram Yoga classes can be annoying — it is harder to see yourself in the mirror, your neighbors keep spraying sweat on you and the temperature is usually hotter. 427 mots de plus


Body Postures

      We were asked to study and photograph different body postures where we study the relation between postures and with the picture frame. Light and shadow conditions of the atmosphere were sometimes tools for us to study and emphasize these relations between two forms of bodies… 9 mots de plus


Flamenco Dojo, Movement Mojo

My study of Flamenco dance has been vitally instrumental to a profound process of healing. There is indication that it is in my DNA – my paternal grandfather and grandmother, who played Flamenco guitar, came from Andalusia. 1 082 mots de plus

You'll LOVE these enriching Yoga classes! St. Petersburg, FL

I can’t say enough grand things about Dr. Ronald Porter and the yoga he teaches… I’m thrilled to have connected with Ronald, experienced his teaching methods, and now… introduce you all to him! 229 mots de plus

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