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'Here's How You Drain It Out'

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Imagine the body as a city with its own road way network (arteries and veins), major buildings (organs), water treatment plants (kidneys), energy generators (cells), communication networks (nervous system), food processing factories (digestive system) and command headquarters (brain) etc. 317 mots de plus


'Yoga On The Move'

Link to the article on The Hindu website

Ever noticed how cats and dogs make it a point to stretch their bodies as soon as they wake up? 324 mots de plus



Post 510  by Gautam Shah

Posturing or posture taking is part of conscious and subconscious behaviour. Postures are body’s individual positions or sequences of behaviours… 667 mots de plus

Interior Design

I Finally See How One Posture Drives Another

Teachers often talk about how one posture drives the next in the Bikram series, and even that some of the postures we do later in class set us up for the earlier parts of class the following day. 534 mots de plus


Can you Find These Three Things In Every Posture?

I recently attended a fabulous yoga retreat at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center led by a wonderful yoga teacher named Charlie Samos. The retreat combined yoga, hiking and Zen meditation. 461 mots de plus


Enter Feet First

Sharing mindfulness based practices is tricky business because when your role is to help guide people into a more intimate relationship with their mind and bodies you quickly realize that your own process is one that never ends. 184 mots de plus

Required Yoga Cards 100 stepbystep postures sequences

Enjoy the freedom of a six foot diameter round yoga mat! Whether you come to a Mandala class or use it at home for your own creative practice you will enjoy the space and freedom. 321 mots de plus