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Nerdr0tic Premieres | Episode 04 | Legion, Expanse, 24 Legacy

In Episode 4 of the Nerdrotic Premieres Podcast, Jon (@jonreed16), Gary (@nerdrotics), Melissa (@AgentBossyBoots), and Dennis (@daforce) break down the series premieres of 24 Legacy and Legion, as well as the Season 2 premiere of The Expanse. 49 mots de plus


Exclusive Stream: Lucifera - "Alianzas de Acero y Metal"

Colombia’s Lucifera got their start in 2008, split once then reformed and as of February 24 will be releasing their third full length, Preludio del Mal… 200 mots de plus


Nerdr0tic Premieres | Episode 03 | Powerless, Santa Clarita Diet, The 100

This week on Episode 03 of the « Nerdrotic Premieres » podcast,  Jon (@jonreed16), Dennis (@daforce), Gary (@nerdrotics), and Melissa (@AgentBossyBoots) review the series premieres of « Powerless » and « The Santa Clarita Diet, » as well as the Season 4 premiere of « The 100. 33 mots de plus


Nerdr0tic Premieres | Episode 02 | Magicians, Riverdale, and Our Favorites

Gary, Jon, Dennis, and Melissa review the season three premiere of The Magicians. Next,  we all share our favorite premieres of all time, including  Firefly, X-Files, The Flash, The Tick, 24, Battlestar Galactica, and The O.C. 53 mots de plus


Nerdrotic Premieres - Episode 01 | Taboo, Frontier, and The Young Pope

This Nerdrotic Podcast is the premier of..wait for it..the TV Premiere’s Podcast. Melissa Wagner, Gary Buechler (Mr. & Mrs. Nerdrotic) are joined by Dennis Bithoulkas and Jon Reed to review the first round of hand picked 2017 TV Premiers. 34 mots de plus


L’état d’urgence à l’heure des premiers bilans

Lors dun colloque consacra a la lutte contre le terrorisme raunissant prafets et procureurs, Bernard Cazeneuve a dressa lundi 7? novembre un bilan chiffra des mesures adoptaes depuis un an dans le cadre de latat durgence.


Saskatchewan's Wall, B.C.'s Clark get premiers gathering off to fractious start

A day-long meeting of first ministers on finalizing a pan-Canadian climate plan is off to a fractious start.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is flatly asserting he won’t be signing any agreement today on a national carbon price, while B.C.’s Christy Clark says elements of the deal may have to be set aside for further assessment. 569 mots de plus