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L’état d’urgence à l’heure des premiers bilans

Lors dun colloque consacra a la lutte contre le terrorisme raunissant prafets et procureurs, Bernard Cazeneuve a dressa lundi 7? novembre un bilan chiffra des mesures adoptaes depuis un an dans le cadre de latat durgence.


Saskatchewan's Wall, B.C.'s Clark get premiers gathering off to fractious start

A day-long meeting of first ministers on finalizing a pan-Canadian climate plan is off to a fractious start.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is flatly asserting he won’t be signing any agreement today on a national carbon price, while B.C.’s Christy Clark says elements of the deal may have to be set aside for further assessment. 569 mots de plus


PM and First Ministers urged to focus on child and youth mental health

In a December 1st letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation urged him and the Premiers to focus on child and youth mental health at their First Ministers’ Meeting on December 9, 2016, in Ottawa. 608 mots de plus


Notley pulls in more support nationally than within Alberta: Poll

A new poll released Friday shows Alberta Premier Rachel Notley near both the top and the bottom of the list when it comes to approval ratings. 261 mots de plus


Kelly McParland: The premiers need to take charge on health care, rather than just beg for more money

Canada’s provincial and territorial health ministers are set to gather in Toronto today to assess our country’s health-care system and its needs for the future. There is no prize for guessing their conclusion. 727 mots de plus

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One of the Bella Twins have dropped the Baby Bomb today to the world and all the fans of the WWE Universe. And I’d say you’d never guess who.. 314 mots de plus


Andrew Coyne: Premiers finally come up with something to negotiate in health-care negotiations

As negotiations on a new federal-provincial health-care accord get underway in earnest, the premiers have at last provided an answer to an enduring riddle: what exactly is there to negotiate? 914 mots de plus

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