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Premiership teams of innocence and of experience

We’ve previously taken a look at the median age of the players in each Grand Final-winning side from 1987 onwards. Long story short: the 2011 Cats were the oldest Premiers, the 2010 Magpies the youngest. 148 mots de plus

An Afternoon Chat with Jean Charest

On a sunny afternoon in April, we OLIP interns ventured from our offices at the Ontario Legislature to meet with one of the most accomplished Canadian politicians of our era, Jean Charest. 406 mots de plus

Premiers want feds to restore disaster funding

VANCOUVER – As wildfires burn uncontrollably across northern Alberta, government leaders in Western Canada are meeting to discuss pushing Ottawa to reverse historic funding cuts to disaster-mitigation programs. 533 mots de plus


Celebrating Ontario's "Rae" Days

It’s difficult to know what to expect before meeting a former Premier of Ontario. When asked, each person at Queen’s Park will weave a unique narrative of the Premier, often coloured by the commentator’s partisan affiliation, background, and political knowledge.   250 mots de plus

How old is the typical Premiership team?

We’ve previously taken a look at the age distributions of the 2015 Grand Finallists and of all teams in Round 4, 2016. But that leaves a question – how old is the typical Premiership team? 351 mots de plus

How did the age of the 2015 Hawks compare?

The 2015 Hawks had a classic age profile for a Premiership team – a core of players in their mid-to-late 20s, with a smaller but important group of veterans in their early 30s. 89 mots de plus

Initiatives of Enduring Importance: Meeting Dalton McGuinty

As interns, we are grateful anytime someone is able to take the time to meet with us. We feel especially privileged when we get the opportunity to meet with former Premiers of Ontario. 188 mots de plus