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UK non-traditional theater makers, Forced Entertainment, on process, practice, being stuck

Forced Entertainment has been making discursive, non-traditional performance for 30+ years.

In these two short clips, they drop a lot of useful tips on method:



Weather warnings again....

23rd-26th February

Monday morning I had lectures starting at 9 again. We had to present our maps that we had completed on friday.  At university we were given cupcakes with photos of ourselves in them as it was women’s day (Konudagur) in Iceland on sunday. 245 mots de plus

Conference Schedule Finalized

Hello Everyone!

The conference is now 2 weeks away, hope all your preparations are going well.

Just a quick note that the conference schedule has been finalized. 32 mots de plus


Word smuggling after watching a film - a CLIL idea

For those not familiar with the abbreviation CLIL, it simply means content and language integrated learning, it’s my particular branch on education. I teach my art lessons in English to Dutch children learning my (and other subjects) in their second language. 939 mots de plus

Some random black and white illustrations

Here are some black and white illustrations I made in 2014 for my customers in US, UK. 35 mots de plus


Lecture: Something to think about

In todays lecture we were introduced to a few aspects we need to consider for the final project in terms of this module and this gave me more to think about in terms of my final project and whether it will work with my initial idea and if not gives me something to modify and improve on when it comes to final hand. 430 mots de plus

251MC Picturing The Body