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Sometimes the Hardest Things are the Easiest

When I was just a wee lad growing up in Lebanon, NH, I used to sit and watch my grandparents and parents spend hours playing this bizarre game they called Cribbage.   1 257 mots de plus


A full day of preparation and presenting- 21/02/17

Today was the day we celebrated celebration week. We had to prepare our studio with all our before and current work for the industry visitors. Each table was dedicated to a specific subject such as photography, fanzine, mark making etc. 107 mots de plus

Scoping the Field: Weaving a Research Narrative in Ten Minutes by Yewande Okuleye

Sometimes, the way academic research is presented might suggest research is something complete, tidy, and resolved. In my experience, research is messy, incomplete, and always far from resolved. 1 029 mots de plus


Presentation of Pitch

My idea has formulated from my inspired costumes of Bauhaus due to the unique and unusual silhouettes that the costumes creates.

But I wanted a way to incorporate practicality into my designs, in a way that has inspired me throughout life… 48 mots de plus


Living in Dreams

Last Saturday Living in Dreams opened in De Bond in Bruges, Belgium. Frank Koolen invited me for this group show and I’m showing 5 dreams (Dutch text printed on transparant foil sticked on wall) that I truly had about new work of Frank Koolen. 17 mots de plus


Squeezing the last minute out of a session

Seth Godin is the author of several books about « marketing, the spread of ideas and managing both customers and employees with respect ». They are bestsellers. 275 mots de plus

Public Speaking