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Heated exchange over FAS spending

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

While the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) was unable to pass its revised constitution yesterday, there was certainly a large dose of drama at its annual general meeting (AGM). 314 mots de plus

Current Affairs

Today I was the Bug

At the beginning of the month I was invited to be September’s Author of the Month for the Brockville Public Library. This event, aptly named Bookmarks, is not put on by the library itself but by a group called The Friends of Brockville Public Library (FBPL). 609 mots de plus



This week I have conquered one of my biggest fears and it has been one hell of a week with three job interviews as well as starting a new job and balancing my current jobs. 697 mots de plus

Lessons Learnt

An art post a day, 30-day DOD challenge! Day 13, “Pillows on a Table”

Drew a new, geometric pattern tile, merchandised it out in three color ways in a pillow silhouette, sitting atop a mocked-up table.

Adobe Illustrator

A Change for One

Some passages speak for themselves. Below is a wonderful excerpt from Nina Simon’s newest book, The Art of Relevancethat stuck out to me. She is discussing an artistic group called Odyssey Works, a troupe whose task is to create an expansive art piece around a single person. 338 mots de plus

Multi The Media Presentation

A multimedia presentation is different from your usual presentation. Multimedia presentations adds stuff that usually isn’t in your usual presentation. Basic aspects of a multimedia presentation is video, animation, sound, and navigation structure. 397 mots de plus

Diễn giả TS.KTS. Ngô Minh Hùng- Di sản văn hóa trong tiến trình phát triển đô thị bền vững của Tp.HCM

14/11/2015, Quỹ học bổng Huỳnh Tấn Phát kết hợp cùng trường Đại học Bách Khoa Tp.HCM đã tổ chức buổi hội thảo “Di sản văn hóa trong tiến trình phát triển đô thị bền vững của Tp.HCM” với sự tham gia của hai diễn giả: TS. 150 mots de plus