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Anglophonia - International Student Conference in English Studies

I am happy to say that earlier this month I took part in a student conference that was held in Zagreb, at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and lasted from May 3–5, 2018. 318 mots de plus


Jigsaw 102

Demonstrate the use of Pane 1 (your choice: webcam, video or audio) for instructional purposes and describe your approach. Demonstrate the use of Pane 2 (your choice: presentation, document, or screenshare) for instructional purposes and describe your approach. 459 mots de plus


From flat to 3D

In the beginning of the project I decided to work with folding and bending processes, from a flat sheet of a material making a 3D shape/volume/space. 489 mots de plus


Tuesday 22/05/18

In today lesson I fouced more on developing my leaflet to go with my pack.

I first stared by making the templet I found, then adding my body copy to it with the logo, then final the message inside to help support the body copy. 62 mots de plus

Planning And Production

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 283) - Gary Vaynerchuck

« The single biggest reason people are concerned about public speaking is because they worry what other people think of them. The quicker you start learning how to fix that issue and be comfortable with yourself, you’ll become a much better public speaker. 23 mots de plus

Public Speaking