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Call me crazy, but I use Inkscape for my presentations

Besides death and taxes, there is another thing that is pretty sure in life: you will have to present stuff. This is especially true in the academic world. 558 mots de plus


Presentation Night 2016 Awards List

Here is the full list of awards and positions that were given out at the presentation night. A big thank you must go out to all those that attended not only the presentation part but also the race night that was also incredibly successful. 220 mots de plus


Studying Anthropology

Maryam, a second year student at Northwestern University in Qatar, is preparing a presentation for Anthropology class on Rachel Newcomb’s “Women of Fes” and Morocco’s child marriage laws.


The Difference Between Pitching And Presenting

(Source: www.cheerfulegg.com)

(Short post today because I’m travelling again this week)

I have to do a lot of pitches in my line of work. 628 mots de plus

Money Matters


What sets us apart? What makes us different?

I try to style my hair everyday in a unique way. The use of the flowers signify that I have a jolly attitude with optimism. 65 mots de plus


The High Ups and Way Downs of PowerPoint

By Colleen Hart

What is something that always hold your interest and you can’t look away? For me it’s baby animals—such as videos of baby ducklings and their dog siblings… 1 087 mots de plus

Document Design

How Important is 'Looking the Part'?

It is said that there are three things that the brain notices first: food, danger and attractive people. These three things apparently capture our attention and cause our eyes to widen more than anything else. 862 mots de plus