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Making Yourself?

Making Yourself?

Pursuing happiness is an idea that eludes us more times than not.  The reason for this, I think, is that it becomes too obvious.   751 mots de plus


It's the little things...

I remember one day when I was quite young maybe 5 or 6. I wanted to be ambidextrous and my sekuru (grandfather in the Shona language) was teaching me to write with my left hand. 468 mots de plus


Breaking Laws for Music

« Music as an art, our so-called occidental music, is hardly four hundred years old; its state is one of development, perhaps the very first stage of a development beyond present conception, and we—we talk of ‘classics’ and ‘hallowed traditions’! 361 mots de plus

The Art of Self Love: Be Single, Fierce, and Great!

Hello All!

So about a month ago I was a presenter for the Attract Love Now Summit. It was an amazing experience! I was so excited to talk about my passion and to discuss the importance of learning how to love one’s self before getting into a relationship. 164 mots de plus


Three To Polish (2015)

1. Silverware.
2. Buffet.
3. Event video.
The way to go-
For superb invitational show.


10 Tips for Presenters

I spend a lot of time giving presentations and speaking on human rights issues, and over the years I have been given more and more ‘mic time’. 1 496 mots de plus

On Voice and Style

When newspapers or magazines talk of style, they mean how they present their news items or features. When a writer talks of it, he means voice. 148 mots de plus