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3 Ways Your Hands Could Ruin Your Presentation Without You Even Knowing It


When I was in graduate school, I taught a freshman speech class at the university. The skill level was varied. One kid had the… 727 mots de plus

Money Matters

Unleash The Power Within

2 years ago I went to an astonishing event called Unleash The Power Within based in London. It’s a 4-day training program which is aimed to bring out the best in you and as the name says to unleash your inner potential. 252 mots de plus

My Life


This has been an urgent issue for me since my (expensive) sketchbook starting falling apart. I didn’t want to have to throw it away, so decided I was going to find a creative solution to fix it. 159 mots de plus

Dirty Geometry: exploding sphere(s)

What if there are a way of actually making the box explode? The interior can manipulate the exterior?
These experiment was made using Grasshopper and Kangeroo physics engine. 116 mots de plus


Statius’ Thebaid and the Realization of Roman Manhood Summary

Article By: Mark Masterson

The heroic man taking up arms was an ideal for Roman manhood, fed through stories of soldier-leaders. When men did not have as much opportunity to fight physically, they proved their masculinity through rhetoric, expelling their personal deviances, and showing social worthiness. 785 mots de plus


Day Two of Study School

After a good night’s sleep, and a cooked breakfast, I was ready to start my second day at university. I was even managing to remain positive about the presentation later on in the day. 814 mots de plus

Study School


In technology class we had the opportunity to learn how to use iMovie to create content, I have used this knowledge in my other classes. Most notably in music Prezi is a presentation software that I have used a lot in my life, in high school I would use this software often. 27 mots de plus

Technology Project