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inMD Receives Funding from Md. Governor

Fearless is committed to helping students in Maryland succeed. We partnered with the Maryland Technology Council, Breezio and the Maryland Department of Commerce to make it easier for Maryland college students to connect with tech and biotech companies for internships. 1 239 mots de plus


31 Ways to Ruin a Great Presentation


Think you have a great presentation or a truly moving speech? Well, here are the classic mistakes that can transform your… 421 mots de plus

Money Matters

Portfolio Review

I had my portfolio review earlier this week and it gave me some insight on what I will focus on this break and next semester. It was a good experience and it was a nice 102 mots de plus

Journal/ Sketchbook

Portfolio Review

This past week I had my first portfolio review at Alfred State. It was a little intimidating at first, but by being prepared, practicing, and being well-organized, I think it went well. 899 mots de plus


Design Competition: Project 1 Summer Show Sponsorship Pitch, Practice Presentation

In our first practice presentation Group E showed the different exhibitions we visited such as the wellcome colleciton and Jone Cornella, we then showed some of the work from the workshops and talked about wha we found influential from them and how they influenced our work. 59 mots de plus