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Final presentation:

I have once again changed my ideas to fit the growing development in the project. I have decided to make my paintings into an installation to create an all round immersive sensory experience I will put all of the paintings in frames and hang them in a gallery exhibit like manor. 70 mots de plus

Blog 24: Last Presentation Reflection

1) Positive Statement

What are you most proud of in your block presentation and/or your senior project? Why?

What I am most proud of in my presentation was how people thought the actual presentation was entertaining and that everyone liked the video that I showed for my activity. 261 mots de plus


Agenda for today's meeting of the Metro Board of Directors

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The meeting is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. as per usual. And, as always, I encourage everyone to leaf through the agenda and click on links to staff reports — it’s a good way to learn about the many things happening at the agency. 453 mots de plus


Timms Symposium 2016!

The School of Chemistry had the pleasure to host Sebastien Perrier (Warrick) and Stuart James (QUB) at our annual Peter Timms Symposium.

Prof. Karen L. Wooley… 54 mots de plus

ISA Group

Final Show

Setting up

Today I began the set up of my final show. This proved to be more stressful than I had first imagined, as I realised the importance of composition, and how this can immediately enhance or deplete the overall appearance of the work I have produced. 796 mots de plus

Planning And Production

Blog 24: Last Presentation Reflection

(1) What are you most proud of in your block presentation and/or your senior project? Why?

I was most proud of my presentation’s aesthetic. I think my banner, EQ displays, and powerpoint were all very nice to look at, and they came out exactly how I wanted them to. 435 mots de plus