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The first Pecha Kucha presentation experience...

Ah, such a night…

I had an internet connection problem since early afternoon with the hangout, I try for hours and asking a lot of people for hangout test but nothing works… … 295 mots de plus


Research: Conferences and the Value of Presenting Your Work to Others

When it comes to research projects it is often easy to get bogged down in the reading and writing portions of the article or book. I just need one more source. 637 mots de plus

Political Science

Can we be better speakers and listeners?

So I am sitting at a conference, watching the other attendees, fascinated at all the other activity going on. Yes, there are a few people sitting, listening and taking noted. 507 mots de plus


SEO & What you need to know


Search. Engine. Optimization.

Everyone would love to be the first web page to pop out on a Google search. How do you get there without paying your way? 185 mots de plus


Building Confidence

The end of another teaching block and the start of 3 weeks off. That makes it sounds like I have nothing to do for a month but my list of work assignments will keep me occupied for a good chunk of my time off. 406 mots de plus

University Life

Presentation by Clinton Hindes: Water in constructing ecologies

Clinton Hinde’s presentation focused on three subjects in the MLA course that relate to landscape and ecology. He presented some of the work through the courses to highlight the ideas about how to design around water. 723 mots de plus