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The best presentations are planned

Presenting on camera is not like presenting to an in-room audience. It is more difficult to gauge audience emotions through a lens. The best way around this is to… 14 mots de plus


"Instrument your code - Basic TSQL Logging" presentation

Thanks to everyone who attended my « Instrument your code – Basic TSQL Logging » presentation. The material accompanying the presentation is available for download here: 72 mots de plus

SQL Server

Gary-ography - Mon 16th Jan 2017

9:30 – Acting – ‘Gary-ography’ – Gary

This morning we ran what we had of the Charleston and taught those who wasn’t in the dance routine. 431 mots de plus


Glass Eyes Opening/Intro

© Iron Fox Studio – FOX GOT YOUR TEMPLATE !

With a stylish presentation and a magnified glass look, this sexy template is the approach you want to take. 65 mots de plus

Sony Vegas Pro

New Year, New Camera, New Project... New Me

Since last year I’ve been shooting instant film (Impossible Project film only) and I absolutely loved it. I tried to do a project where I would shoot pictures of beautiful Mauritius Island – but I failed as I could not keep myself motivated and the fact that the price of the Impossible film being very expensive did not help. 181 mots de plus

Instant Photography