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Lecture Notes – Vantage Point: Alphabet’s Management

You can find my lecture notes on Vantage Point: Alphabet’s Management here. I will be delivering this lecture on Dec 5th. If you want to read the previous lecture notes then you can find it here.


Ma passion

Ma passion est le dessin. Je ne suis qu’un amateur et pour l’instant je ne fais que recopier des images de BD ou d’Internet mais je compte bien me perfectionner. 26 mots de plus


Environmental Hazards - A Few Humanistic Solutions


Earth and the total of all surroundings of a living organism is our environment. Moreover, the very condition of environment is the reflection of human and non-human activities. 50 mots de plus


3 2 1 written exams, 1 oral exam,  4  3 papers, 2 1 presentations, 1 reflection

Psych exam finished yesterday, anthro/socio presentation on my paper finished this morning. 86 mots de plus

Study Abroad

Spreading the word about Weight Bias & Diabetes

It’s been a busy month.  Between my nutrition counselling, writing articles, editing a magazine and a big Ultimate Frisbee tourney it feels like I’ve hardly had time to breathe. 525 mots de plus

Writers' forum

A writers forum is being organised in my vicinity this Friday, 27 November 2015. I feel honored to be one of the writers to do a presentation at the occasion. 47 mots de plus

Lesson Plans for Success

I was once a professional public speaker. I was once a « business English consultant ». I was once in charge of adapting dry subject matter to fit the needs of a busy, impatient, and sometimes difficult audience. 580 mots de plus

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