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How To Present Your Cosplay for Workmanship Judging (Masquerade)

Deciding to do a masquerade with your cosplay might just be one of the best decisions at a con ever. They’re fun, you meet new people, you get to put on a show and entertain people, and hey! 1 266 mots de plus



More reflections on the school presentation yesterday in East London.

After the shock of the car smash, it was time to spring into action. There were 400 pupils there, their first day in Year 12, so they were 16 years and upwards. 359 mots de plus

Ian Fullbrook

Conference season

I cannot help making some observations during the conference session. Please see my identification of species in the biotope found in a typical conference session.


AC Milan Presentation Suit White 2014 2015 Plans

NEW YORK , May 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — announces that a new marketresearch report is available in its catalogue: India E-Retail (E-Tailing) Market, Companies Revenue Analysis &Forecast to… 176 mots de plus

Australia Flag Australian Cufflinks with a Presentation Gift Box In

So with all those choices on offer there’s bound to be a pair of personalised cufflinks out there for the most important men in your life. 314 mots de plus

Tennis Player Ball Racquet Racquets Assorted Set of 4

When it comes to celebrating big and beautiful birthdays some people really like to push the boat out and do it in style, so if you think any of the men in your life are either going to host or go to a formal birthday party soon get him some personalised cufflinks! 312 mots de plus

Of Ping Pong Paddles Table Tennis Cufflinks with a

Early ping pong tables were simple but effective despite sparse designs. In fact it would take over two decades for ping pong tables to gain the attention to manufacturing details that would be required to meet with public demand. 305 mots de plus