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Women and the FN

Women and the FN by Amany Chentouf forms part of a series of posts which contribute to this blog’s series on the FN electorate. Previous posts in the series include… 1 106 mots de plus

FN Electorate: The Geography of the FN Vote

The Geography of the FN Vote by Olivia Hutchinson forms part of the series on the FN electorate. Others include ‘The Marine Le Pen Era… 997 mots de plus

Les Législatives

Two of France’s heavyweights this week, François Bayrou (until very recently a Presidential candidate) and Ségolène Royal (ex-partner of Président Hollande and expected to be the next speaker), lost their seats in the Législative elections this week. 693 mots de plus

The red Bastille

Paris correspondent Philip Murphy attended the Parti Socialiste
celebrations at Place de Bastille as supporters greeted the new
President and partied long into the night on the boulevards, streets… 772 mots de plus

The fall of Sarkozy

So there it is. 51.9% Hollande, 48.1% Sarkozy.

Mr. Le Président Sarkozy is preparing his losing speech, one he hoped he would never have to give. 202 mots de plus

The Belgian exit polls

Belgian media, as previously discussed, can publish exit polls before the end of voting in France. Curious as this may be, they currently  report that Hollande is winning 53:47. 27 mots de plus

The second round

So the big day has arrived. This evening, France will have elected her Président for the next 5 years.

At midday the participation rate was already down on 2007, and is currently at 71%, down 4% on the 2007 turnout (according to Le Monde). 78 mots de plus