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Brewing up a storm

Together with two friends I have spend the last year perfecting home brewing – it’s been a road filled with lots of tasty brews (and a few set-backs). 58 mots de plus


Podcast #07: Ben Bentley

Ben Bentley is an internationally published music, portrait and editorial photographer, shooting for publications, record labels and commercial clients such as Puma, Diesel, Topshop, BBC Music and Universal Pictures, as well as being a contributing photographer for the NME. 51 mots de plus


Beyond Ennui

(By Raja Ghoshal)

Ennui can get to the best amongst us

Sapping the soul of its core

Getting lost in the meaningless ‘meaning of life’ 81 mots de plus


How to print a variable embedded in a String in JavaScript?

Folks with a basic understanding of JavaScript would know that the way to print a statement is to use console.log

For Example

console.log(« Today is a beautiful day!

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Web Development

#7 - At the printer's

I’ve never been at the printer’s before, this was a completely new experience for me. They were very helpful, and this provided me with a positive experience, and I got to use my print checklist form ( 199 mots de plus


Researching Dave Lefner

The use of contrasting visuals Dave Lefner uses is an aspect that directly inspired me develop further and into an image of my own.

In order to continue developing within an urban theme I discovered the compositional layout a street post leaves to be quite of interest. 63 mots de plus