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Market Your Business like no other Business in Your Marketplace

Getting your business, your products and your enterprise ahead of the competition can be hard, and this goes for any field or services that your provide.  970 mots de plus


Visual Communication

Brief:                                                                                                                                                Part/Stage One                                                                                                                                                           You will undertake a primary research exercise at Plymouth Aquarium and gather observations in the form of notes, drawings & photographs.

Secondary research should then be conducted to back-up and influence you initial findings. 443 mots de plus


« Rain Gardening » by @noellemonade

Print available at http://bit.ly/2nJoxO9


Gift Set for the Brand

These are two different worlds to me: Art & Creative Writing. I didn’t think I could do well at both at the same time. I feel like two different people. 593 mots de plus


« Mark of the Rebel » by @ninjamuffeen

Print available at http://bit.ly/2n7rXau


« Styracosaurus » by Shaun Keenan

Print available at http://bit.ly/2n7oFE4