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"Type Pictures".

One panel of a folder for a tea merchant. This is an amazingly creative piece of work, with letters formed from « printers flowers » and border elements, and the letters made structural parts of a scene constructed in Oriental style metal type elements: … 178 mots de plus

Bookmark Faces

With the first of the offcuts that I had left over from the small portraits, I decided to create a bookmark-shaped face print.

I liked the outcome- the shape and size of the lino meant I could work quite simply and free, and it was quick to cut. 71 mots de plus

Hello Again

I am getting less creative with my titles as I work towards midterm. I’m hoping to photograph everything since it’s displayed anyways and show you all but… I’m sure you’ve noticed by now I have big dreams and little time. 415 mots de plus


You and Me, A Zine, produced in collaboration with Emma Finucane.

Rosebud curated by Alison Pilkington & Cora Cummins. The Library Project, Dublin.

The title of the show Rose Bud references the famous media baron Charles Foster Kane’s final utterance / statement in the 1941 film Citizen Kane (Dir.

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Higher volume and speed with MakerBot Replicator+

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

The MakerBot Replicator+, which was launched last month, is the sixth and latest addition to MakerBot’s Replicator line of desktop 3D printers. 656 mots de plus


Roxy Womens Roxy Beach Rider Top - Women - Xl - Pink Migration Print Xl

Your eyes may be on the finish line, but everyone else’s are on this top’s incredible sunset shades. Styled with a deep v neckline and extra supportive back straps, its comfort fit and stability is second to none. 58 mots de plus

Etching Workshop

This week one of the workshops I attended was an etching workshop, which is a process I did a lot of in college and really enjoyed. 204 mots de plus