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My final assignment of the semester. Having to work around the idea of « eaves dropping » I decided to look into slang from different places. 34 mots de plus



On another note, Dernhelm has nominated me for an award – Unique Blogger. Thank you Dernhelm. This time I thought I’d join in.

I’m going to nominate four blogs on the understanding that they can completely ignore it if they wish. 203 mots de plus


Mothers of Africa Blog Post 3 - Finishing My Final 20x20cm Patch...

From my last blog post, this sample below was my most successful print from my long, challenging day using the lazer cutter and stencils.

I decided to move ahead with this particular print as the sunflower stencils came out the clearest. 865 mots de plus


Artist Statement

My discipline is textile-applied arts using mixed media techniques such as print and embroidery. The varied scales of my work can present variety and different perspectives to the work itself and how it is developed. 95 mots de plus