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Discovering a Dislike for a Newspaper

And then realising you hate all of them would be an apt continuation of the title for this piece.  Though considering I haven’t read every word of every paper ever written, I’m probably not qualified to say that I dislike them all.   372 mots de plus


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Boost charities' engagement with people

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

While people are certainly aware of past negative incidents involving charitable organisations, we now see that charities are trying their best to ensure transparency and that public donors’ money is utilised ethically (« … 116 mots de plus

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'Dots' by Santino Prinzi

The Nottingham Review is proud to present our first print publication! This debut collection of delicate, precise flash fictions examines a diverse range of characters whose perceptions of everyday life are challenged by their interactions with those around them.  136 mots de plus

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