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« …Director, Marc Webb, uses his strongly-commercial touch to good effect here… »

Wayward Wolf.

On paper, Gifted offers nothing particularly new to the tug-of love emotional drama genre, but so well realised is this charming little film, that thankfully such a potential issue never really springs to mind, or if it does, it’s never really able to take root. 455 mots de plus

On This Day Mobb Deep Released "Murda Muzik" - 18 Years Ago

I’m a bit late to post, but it was quite a long day.  Nonetheless, one of my favorite albums of all time was released 18 years ago(August 17, 1999) in the form of Mobb Deep’s « Murda Muzik. 79 mots de plus


"I want you to have this job, of course sodomy is a prerequisite."

My prodigy is blowing my mind on a near daily basis.  She’s been having fun testing my memory.  I suspect she’ll grow bored of this soon.   679 mots de plus


What's with all the TBD titles on the Switch eShop? Here's what we know... [Round-up]

It seems there’s an increasing number of games listed as « TBD » on the Coming soon section of the eShop.

Many of these previously had dates attached to them but were expectedly pushed to the bottom of the list. 714 mots de plus

Upcoming Releases

eShop updates, 11th Aug 2017: Troll and I, Piczle Lines DX, plus more TBA titles

Some more updates to the Switch eShop:

Troll and I: Priced £24.99, 1-2 players. Release date has changed from 15th August to 14th August. 124 mots de plus

Upcoming Releases

Series Review: "Legend" Trilogy

I’m here to do my first ever series review on this blog! :) I recently binged the « Legend » trilogy and so I thought that this would be the best and concise way to share my thoughts on the trilogy as a whole! 648 mots de plus


Late Rapper Prodigy’s Cause Of Death Revealed As Accidental Choking

Late rapper, Prodigy, a part of the rap duo Mobb Deep, died at 42 last month. The cause of the sickle cell warrior’s death has now been confirmed as accidental choking. 37 mots de plus