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It is near impossible to believe 20 years ago this 15 year kid made this album(I bought it) and I still love this tune as much today-mainly because the Jonny Lang was 15 years old! 111 mots de plus

Fresh Press

The Secret Origins of Prodigy

Recently I was asked: « Where did you come up with the idea for Prodigy? »

I thought it was an interesting question and that others would like to know, so here is the tale of how Prodigy came to be. 672 mots de plus

Matilda by Roald Dahl

TITLE: Matilda
AUTHOR: Roald Dahl

One of the best stories put into moving pictures. Matilda was a very young super genius who experienced the power of telekinesis. 113 mots de plus


Review | Prodigy by Marie Lu

Day is literally Edward Elric.

*proceed to squealing at totally unnecessary FMA reference*


Day and June, now fugitives of the Republic, seek safety with the Partriots, a rebel group intent on recreating the once great United States. 555 mots de plus


Wifey Swimming

The last time she swam was in this pool before yesterday.

Let’s put that in perspective. She hasn’t swam or done laps since we were in Santa Fe at the Genoveva Chavez Center sometime back in March. 335 mots de plus


Family of achievers !

This family proves the fact that talent doesn’t see the family income and educational excellence helps poor families to emerge out of their poverty. This story again proves that ShikshaDaan’s focus is right and helping students from the underprivileged families to complete their higher education helps the families too. 455 mots de plus


A peek into the life of 16 year old singer, songwriter Rohini Maiti

And my tears are like a hurricane,
Washing away all your happiness;
And a smile becomes a miracle,
In this land of despair.

Few things make life seem worthwhile like listening to Rohini Maiti sing.

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