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Champion by Marie Lu (2013) Review

Marie Lu has a way with words, there’s no doubt about that. Sure, we all have our favourites whether that be genre or authors, but you can’t deny the spark that allows some books to shine brighter than the others. 354 mots de plus


Jungle Explained: "It's not earthbound, it's more outer space"

What you see above is a picture of me, taking a chance. Or playing with time portals, possibly, but anyway – here’s the story:

I have made The JUngLE calendar for two years in a row now. 1 181 mots de plus



I’m not sure if it is just me, I mean, of course it’s not just me, but I am drowning.

Being one of those kids that were told they were gifted, you know, smarter than the average, yet no child prodigy, my life has been one where my biggest competition was other kids like me, but mostly my parents expectations. 269 mots de plus


Hurricanes, Puppies, and a Drippy Sink

It takes a lot to get me to stop quilting to organize my quilting space, let alone my home.  A few  months ago Hurricane Hermaine came through causing a lot of damage as trees fell down on neighborhood homes.   177 mots de plus


Review: "Prodigy" by Marie Lu

You can check out my review of Legend before you read this (scroll to the bottom). Unless you’ve already read this series then go forth! 539 mots de plus


From Reading to Rising as a Music Prodigy: The Premier of Alma Deutscher's Opera

« While toward the lowland I was falling fast,

the sight of one was offered to mine eyes,

who seemed, through long continued silence, weak. 457 mots de plus