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Mirna Hanna, the Iraqi child prodigy

When people think about Iraq, they remember Saddam Hussien, ISIS, suicidal attacks, bombs, terror and fear. But after every night comes a sun shine and after every winter comes a spring. 239 mots de plus


Cheap Adjustables Prodigy Adjustable Bed, Split, Queen

Adjustables Prodigy Adjustable Bed, Split, Queen

     With it’s breakthrough technology and abundance of features, Prodigy is quite simply the ultimate power foundation on the market… 1 523 mots de plus

Queen Bed Frame

Nature vs Nurture? what about passion and discipline?

A Wall Street Journal article (« The Perils of Believing That Talent Is Innate », February 7-8, 2015) asked why so few philosophy professors are women, less than a third, whereas in molecular biology and neuroscience, half of the professors are women. 596 mots de plus

Legend: The Graphic Novel and Prodigy: The Graphic Novel

Legend: The Graphic Novel and Prodigy: The Graphic Novel
Original story by Marie Lu, adapted by Leigh Dragoon, art by Kaari and Caravan StudioPenguin/
Penguin/Putnam… 684 mots de plus


Tekonsha 90885 Prodigy P2 Electronic Brake Control

Reverse battery protection for both vehicle and breakaway. Designed to work with electric over hydraulic brake systems. Numerous mounting options – including 360 degree vertical rotation. 113 mots de plus

5 Things I learned about Filming & Editing

The last two weeks have been full of valuable learning experience. After filming my first PDGA tournament, then editing the video, I am looking forward to the next time I can do so. 1 539 mots de plus