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Where I stop to reflect on the coming weeks and what I plan to do, knit, read or other.
Ma petite pause pour rassembler mes projets et mes plans de tricot, lecture et autres pour les prochaines semaines. 2 116 mots de plus


Airfreight operations - Cargo Aircraft

The focus for this month is on airfreight operations. A number of our clients favor the use of cargo aircraft in order to provide a rapid response to their immediate operational requirements. 342 mots de plus


Renewable energy arrive in Mauritania and will generate 35 MW through the new Nouakchott wind farm consisting of 15 wind turbines.

Mauritanie Logistique has become one of the major players in this project, undertaking the challenging role of transporting wind energy components which is recognized as one of the most sensitive operations in the world of logistics. 223 mots de plus