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A Pre-Scientist Discovers Thumps

The one-year-old holds a small metal car in his small pudgy hand, while sitting in Mom’s lap during church services Sunday morning, with a lot of quiet people around and the car suddenly falls out of his hand and lands with a loud, startling thump on the carpeted floor… 99 mots de plus

A sideways look

The scene: It is August 1914 and two young men have travelled to Moscow to enlist and fight for Russia against the Germans, but before doing so they meet Varsonofiev, an enigmatic old man they have previously seen in a library, who invites them for a beer at a nearby Inn.  281 mots de plus



Yea. The dolls still cling to the floor of the dirty pool with perfect hair and genderless smiles. Little mistakes. A fat guy tries his luck with the elevator. 230 mots de plus


100 Books of Me Part II

This second set of books started about a year ago. Now into my course, the shift is obvious. Almost exclusively first novels, my notes are geared towards what I can get out of it from a writing perspective, rather than as a reader. 1 961 mots de plus


My 101 ways to tell you "I Love You" : 22. "You want a hug?"

22. « You want a hug? »

The only time you kept a promise, was when you promised me a hug the next time you saw me. 721 mots de plus


The long silence breaks...

I’ve been away for a long while. Away from writing. Away from the world. Not physically ofcourse. Sometimes you need to take a step back from the world to figure out what lies in your own deep silence. 664 mots de plus


Waiting for Apollo

—Come in, Apollo!

—Tweeeeeek…. crackle…. hisss…. spluttt

— Are you receiving? Over.

— Tweeeeeek…. crackle…. hisss…. spluttt

— NASA calling Apollo. Come in, Apollo. Over. 32 mots de plus