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Memories In Death

You are imprinted along the folds of my memories,

What is life but the transience of a waning breeze?

You are etched across the markings of my scars, 120 mots de plus


Yearning For Home, A Place Where I Aspire To Belong

I wish to travel the whole world, traversing the expanse of its width.

I wish to live under the shades of ancient trees while roaming among solitary hills. 65 mots de plus


Ze Blogging

« Oh god, » she said. « I hate blogging. »

I used to hate blogging too. I used to hate the name of blog. 56 mots de plus


The World Lasts for Two Days

Nothing ever remains constant in life, or in the world.Just like the seasons change and day turns into night, you are not the same as you were say a year ago today.

86 mots de plus
Self Reflection

My Promise.

Too many moments end with the slamming of the car door and my proud middle finger viciously pointed up at some god I refuse to believe in. 156 mots de plus


Somewhere in the Greater Antilles

“The storm is getting closer,” Suki thought nervously as she gazed at the soot stained clouds dancing slowly in the distance. Dark shapes appeared to hug the shoreline as the tide violently beat the backs of sturdy boulders built to withstand the sort of destruction that lay ahead. 616 mots de plus


Conversations over Whisky

“So what’s happening with Linda?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, nothing. It’s this stagnant thing. I’m probably gonna end it.”
“Yeah. When we’re not sitting quietly next to each other she’s crying through another bout of depression or threatening to kill herself via text message. 398 mots de plus