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In Praise of the Veil

On that edge, that fine precipice
where he might forgive us our trespasses
I’d faced an eternity of nothing
a real breath-taker, soul-shaker
and I’d determined to never to lift the veil again. 71 mots de plus

Creative Writing

A cheap pen and a few one sided pages | Tidbits

It’s been long since I wrote something good. By good I mean something that is heartfelt, something made up of my emotions, my feelings. A kind of writing which takes me into an another world,… 11 mots de plus


An Existentialist Exercise

Essence comes only after existence. You have life, but what will you make of it? This is what old white dudes like Sartre and Nietzsche thought about. 288 mots de plus


If I had a dollar for
every tear I’ve cried; a
quarter for each time
I’ve believed a lie; a
dime for every hard
goodbye; a penny for each… 65 mots de plus


Once You See It

The internet is full of « trigger » memes that mock the progressing sensitisation of the masses as a fad for « overly touchy liberal hipsters ». 681 mots de plus


Thoughtful rapidity

Good morning Dawn
my tender meting of the day
sweet teller of the weave
piecing together from the stray,
opening minds to new plateaus
for them who may be seeking… 35 mots de plus


She Will Be ...

Slowly, she awakens. Yawns. Stretches. Opens her eyes and take a long, deep breath.

The stench remains: rancid flesh, decayed heart, still festering wounds. Shattered pieces of soul remain where they fell, a field of diamonds sparkling beneath the sun. 189 mots de plus