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i undressed my soul,
made myself bare,
laid it all and more, gave you my key…
here i stand at the cross roads of leaving my best friend… 8 mots de plus


curtain call

Smiling with tears

Running down my lips,

I move your hands

Away from my hips.

I cannot stay

Longer than right now,

And so, my friend, 44 mots de plus


Leaving China

Chapter 3

The thriller that was the misty land of China did unfold for me as we explored the country and it’s people. One of the most unique experiences I had was during our last trip within China. 1 964 mots de plus



How many times will I forsake you?
How many times must you save me?
Because I’ve grown so very tired from the fall
Yet I continue to run. 202 mots de plus


Little Spy

The haggard man of indiscriminate age slumped over, then lay on the wooden seating as he did every morning. He had had his pint already. On a regular green bench three women who acted as if they were glued together were a newer sight, had taken to coming here with a mangy little dog held tight on a wide lap. 3 002 mots de plus


Over Educated

You can never be overdressed or over educated.

– Oscar Wilde

29 mots de plus