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Annabelle: Creation: A Film Review.

Last week Friday, I watched Annabelle: Creation with a friend of mine.

Now, my friend and I watch a lot of horror films and I can say hands down, this was the scariest one we’ve seen to date in the cinema. 859 mots de plus


Audiobook Review: M Train by Patti Smith

ashley | I’m a big fan of Patti Smith and I really enjoyed her book Just Kids. I don’t know if I was expecting something similar from  266 mots de plus

Book Reviews

I don't want to call this piece 'sometimes' but I don't see another option

Sometimes I stick my hands in the freezer to see how quickly they numb. It doesn’t take long because I have bad circulation. My heart will take any old excuse to put in less effort for my extremities. 633 mots de plus


Outside my body

I hold my arm up to the light

From the cheap unscented scented candle

And the pain of that night has almost faded

And the feelings that dripped over the edges like wax… 150 mots de plus


Prose - The Perks of Being a Wallflower

December 19, 1991 Dear friend,
I have since received thrift store “slacks.” I have also received a tie, a white shirt, shoes, and an old belt. 300 mots de plus


Schubfachprinzip Bar, #1 (Fragment #024)

I felt like a boiled rag. That’s why I’d decided to weasel out of all this bookish bullshit and have a stroll around instead. Aimless walks have always helped me to… 184 mots de plus

Tetiana Aleksina


Life on the road may not be easy, but then again, why should it be? It must be chewable; something flavorful to swallow and digest; something with nutrients to sustain us. 127 mots de plus