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Garry - #185

Garry – Thinking so far ahead that the future dictates your present. Thoughts that so masterfully navigate their way three or four steps ahead like time travelers who never get tired of their adventures through time. 27 mots de plus


Closed Dialogue

you know what’s fascinating
no I won’t wait for you to guess
my impatience betrays me as I blurt out


I had a cut on my finger, small yet… 283 mots de plus


Like A Star

You are so far, but I see you from my car.

I miss you in the morning, most especially when it’s raining.

And lately typhoons are on the dot, making my country a tourist spot. 33 mots de plus



You filled my heart with confusion
and set my mind into dissolution.
Was our past only an allusion?
or was it my mistake, was I an intrusion? 190 mots de plus


A Story In Seasons


Cold winds, dark skies. His was plaid button-down and mine was floral. He crossed the street and I continued walking. In a sea of faces my eyes picked on you.  302 mots de plus


When I Was Little, I Didn't Like Shining my Flashlight into the Sky

Shining a light into the sky showed me how small I was in the infinite, and at the same time showed me my ability to influence space and travel through time. 23 mots de plus