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Breathing till the End.

He dreamt as she gently caressed his hair. After so many months he had felt that kind of serenity- while lying on his mother’s lap. He had always been the most favorite child of his parents. 413 mots de plus



The ringing was subtle at first. Almost unnoticeable. The lighthouse’s guardian believed it was the kettle before it came to a boil. But the ringing was not drowned out by the screeching kettle that she pulled off the stove. 309 mots de plus

Strong as Roofs

I imagine breathing the air

breathing the air without you in it.

I imagine silence on my phone,

just the time.

I imagine you dead… 58 mots de plus

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You and I

Promise me we’ll meet here in another life. You and I. This place where we first met and fell in love in this life. Promise me. 77 mots de plus


To My Future Love...

The clock is ticking faster
Can’t you feel it?
We are running out of time
Can’t you see it?

We shouldn’t be wasting these moments- 175 mots de plus



I wish for you the highest place

But then again, you already create heaven