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The Day After

You wake up, and the hangover hasn’t drained its way from the parched fabric of your brain to the top of your head yet and your body feels strangely at home on this unexpected surface, like a warm embrace, and you remember. 996 mots de plus

Madrid: A Letter from Sonoma Grove

Madrid: A Letter from Sonoma Grove

Dear Bruce:

Cat’s on the window seat. Sun’s there too. A warm photon bath. Sebastian loves his quantum of light lounging, restoring his proportional energy. 373 mots de plus

Community Enhancement

do less evil , live fast, die soon

do less evil



1) there is no ‘be + adjecive’

be + (certiain trait) is illusion

one is never static like one adjective… 191 mots de plus


love for state

eat healthy exercise more

this way is good way that way not

it is called nanny state but

it’s more like master owning slaves;

you… 42 mots de plus



In winter when the temperature drops low enough, the canal begins to form its first delicate veil of wafer thin ice. Pockets of air cling to the underside and bid farewell to the light that slowly fades as ice grows thicker and swirling feathered patterns deliciously arc and sweep across the whole of its surface. 237 mots de plus

Creative Writing

The Emporor of the Tabloid

Try some New Clothes

You Emperor of the Sun

You Emperor of the New Way

You Emperor of the Sound Post and the Sign Post… 38 mots de plus



if you’re powerful enough

you may rob murder while

liberating them from agony

ain’t it grand to be powerful?