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Before I ever had the chance
to take a chance,

You found my eyes, You stole my glance,

Helplessly, Longingly, I fell to you, 50 mots de plus


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June's 10

This is a series where I will highlight 10 poetry pieces from the previous month.

Thanks for all the love and support. Hope you enjoy seeing this pieces again. 739 mots de plus


~My Beauty~

Don’t claim my beauty as yours~
I share true beauty in moments of Silence~
Windows left open~
Regard left unspoken~
The world at large suffocating~ 53 mots de plus

Bipolar Disorder

Blood Red Passion: Nocturnal Lovers

The mist lay like a falling blanket across the fields

As I walked out into the night’s first hour,

Though my world was in its turmoil, the air was so still, 154 mots de plus



Letting go on this free-fall back to reality.
It’s the point you release the high was false.
That your heart wasn’t getting what it needs. 151 mots de plus


Blood Red Passion: More Than Mortal

​Often I have thought this,

should I await her to come to me

or just sit here in dread anticipation

of the morning sun?
I foolishly believed that with this power… 110 mots de plus