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My Day Job

Having, in almost 2 years

of blogging,

Attained a level of success, only

within a very small circle,

of friends, almost not visible

to the naked eye, 23 mots de plus


A Friend is Born

Even after the hardships and status differences,

He said to him, « Stay with me ».

For the first time in history, a slave became a friend of the owner that day.


10 Minute Tantrums: Part II

10 Minute Tantrums is Ed’s new series where he clears his head and gets it all out on paper (and then shares it with the world!) Check out his first tantrums… 409 mots de plus


The Morning Sun, Cause and Effect

The morning sun

caused my dog to seek shelter

rolling over avoiding

lying in its glare, caused

my morning coffee, dark and hot

to chase… 104 mots de plus


The Last Nail in the Coffin

-Of my former marriage
turned out to be the a single wisp
of imaginary hair,
belonging, no doubt
to the other woman, found
lying about in an obvious place,
where my then-wife saw it……


"how much do you love me?"

…your voice is quieter, now that it’s over. you said she still loves you, and while i believe that once you love a person you can never really stop loving them, i don’t understand how someone could hurt you so badly. 484 mots de plus

*unintelligible Muttering*

Felix Culpa

do we care? you ask me, looking at the floor. we broke the jar or rather you broke the jar and i am an accomplice in determining the wickedness of this action. 142 mots de plus