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Sometimes it’s hard, fighting you for you.
Wrestling not against my error but against your fears.

Sometimes it’s hard, discerning thoughts you can’t verbalize.
Reading your mind without the gift of clairvoyance. 128 mots de plus


AT Prepping: A Women's Perspective

Life has looked a lot different for me the past few weeks. I often catch myself feeling overwhelmed by the constant influx of unstructured time I encounter, but as I have begun to settle into not knowing with confidence, I have also embraced opportunities in the near future with confidence. 1 302 mots de plus


becoming fearless.

there comes a time in everyone’s life when they wonder who they are and who they are going to be for the remainder of their existence. 1 842 mots de plus


I drink water

I drink water

because wine isn’t cheap.

I sleep with you

because neither is therapy.


When Carter Fell

When Carter fell,
he did so eloquently, treacherously, wretchedly,
while Elsie watched serenely,
(treacherously, wretchedly)
for she was the lone body who drove him over the edge. 197 mots de plus

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don't jinx it 

it’s not « too good to be true. »

it just is.

as simple and easy

as a blink

and the way your body

fits with mine.

Creative Writing

fill your goblets

-fill your goblets

I have been digging inside myself
for far too long
I’ve hit water

drink your fill


Once, I was not enough. 107 mots de plus