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This is a lament I wrote about the current state of affairs in the world. It’s called « Listen. »

Maybe now is a good time to listen… 90 mots de plus



Your encouraging
words prevent my
tears from falling.
They hold my
sorrows at bay
fastening the hope
in my heart,
as they give me
another reason
to live.


The last of the daily monastic offices

There was a problem with the house work I think. I couldn’t stop going between the laundry room and the den and lost track of who I was, I got covered in dog hair and slacks I wore across Europe and a wrinkled shirt. 306 mots de plus


Interview with Contributor Arthur Powers

Author Name: Arthur Powers

Contributions to Image and Likeness: « Venus If You Do, » « Claudio, » « MS, » « In the Death of Winter » 965 mots de plus

Theology Of The Body

The Hurting

I knew it would hurt

But I was not prepared for

Anything like this



January. This year <> 2017.

A direction for my life, a meaning to continue to live every day. And to be able to fill myself with whatever this Universe wants me to take and keep. 243 mots de plus


Holding your Hand

How can I make you understand,

When I myself am unable to?

How can I teach you what to believe,

When I myself am in doubt? 92 mots de plus