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None but You

Ya Mahdi,

That there is none in the progeny of Adam except you, that my eyes have looked for with such intensity. My soul shivers at the thought of meeting you, for if ever we do, Ya Imam, how will my unfaithful eyes be able to gaze towards the very love it has betrayed? 331 mots de plus


No equal

Trust, cherish, adore her.

She has no equal.

(Inspired by words from Kristopher James Byerly)

Written by ©Jesus Garcia II, Friday, July 1, 2016
Artist: ©Ibuki Satsuki


Fight for her

(Complex words)

Run,don’t stop,never be,you’re more than enough. She gave you her name,hope…pray to be worthy,to live open.ly, change into human skin. Be or. Be nine. 79 mots de plus


Give more

Fight until you’ve

tried (enough),

spilt (enough),

shed (enough),

had (enough),

till there’s nothing left…

and then some more.

Don’t (stop).

Can’t (stop).

Won’t ever (stop). 21 mots de plus


50 Words...

After my last post on the Scarlatti Tilt. I set a challenge to some of my favourite writers/bloggers, to write a story in 50 words. I thought it’d be a great way to showcase some of my favourite writers and their work! 554 mots de plus


The Hype

The Hype.
Love is the opiate of the masses and the fiction of true believers.
Anxiety-driven with maniacal abusers.
Easily fallen for the hype, two people engage the engine, 13 mots de plus


Six-word story: oo5

Your eyes
are not
fucking waterfalls

© 2016, Quiyet Brul