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To enhance the body’s physical condition and meet yourself in an experience of a
newly awakened wondering
to master the own self
it will take place in the space between the body, feeling and thought,                                         to convey the genuine presence in the simple existence… 46 mots de plus



enter ye my courtyard
with finger trace
and tender brace
be soft and have regard

-wes el dahabi | inside

And, I’m always too heavy, 145 mots de plus


Alka Seltzer

And now it’s me who can’t fucking sleep despite exhaustion ’cause I’ve been sick all day, probably been sick all my life, there is definitely something wrong. 522 mots de plus



She was tired from the fire. Tired of having no name. No eyes. Just a silhouette of a prisoner sighing in the night.

People make me feel so small, she whispered to Talib. 85 mots de plus


The Wailing Wall...

​I took a picture 5 years ago by The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. I covered my head, wrote down two short prayers, folded them up and placed them into the cracks of the wall. 201 mots de plus


Slap Some Bacon On A Biscuit

By Katherine Johnson

The Cowboy Grocer – 1411 6th Street – Umatilla, OR 97882

A core part of my American mythology came to me through Hollywood westerns such as… 437 mots de plus


Losing You Meant Finding Me (So Thank You)

The beach has always been my calm, my safe haven. Every year my family and I would go on vacation there, and like many, we would spend lazy days soaking up the sunshine and swimming in the ocean. 1 019 mots de plus