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Treasure...Chapter 1 Geoff Brookes

© Geoff Brookes

Spence followed Valerie into the big room of the cottage. Sunlight streamed in through the screen windows. The heavy glass frames had been lowered into the slots, into the walls of the cottage – except for a few where Don and Valerie had not yet pulled off the sheets of mottled clear plastic winter covers. 680 mots de plus


Forest Fires

She was fire
And he was the wind
She ignited his world
He spread her flames.
When they met,
forests were set ablaze.

The trees watched as they burned, 47 mots de plus


generations of exploitationism

past generation prey on the present generation

present generation prey on the future ones


don’t speak ill of young things

you’d probably living off by

annihilating some of their lives


segregate us, pleeeease

if that makes us safer

segregate us, please

ghettofy every nation,

every city, every district

if those ‘undesirables’ are contained

we all shall be better off… 32 mots de plus


golden turd

let us buy them

golden mouthpiece

as the job of elected officials are


lip servicing

with words emitting from

their assholes


Dear Darling... || Chapter 1 ||

This is the truth : people are going to keep judging no matter what you do. You have this whole life in your hands but you don’t know what to do with it. 25 mots de plus


Love as warm as summer

I felt it as it struck my skin.

Love should be like a 4:12 pm summer day sunlight.

Raw as it was, it didn’t burn. … 89 mots de plus