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I can. speak

Was I ever in control- wwas I ever in control
when my mouth slips and slurs
when my brain forgets the words
despite my heart knowing exactly which grain of sand… 273 mots de plus


Last Chance Cottage

I answered the ad out of desperation. It had been over ten months since we’d had more income than outgo and our savings was seeping its final sludge. 3 897 mots de plus

this moon

this moon is for lovers
and madmen
a mirror
for that which burns within
them all
gravity pushes
and pulls
their fragile emotions
their broken thoughts… 7 mots de plus

Wrestled Thought #2

If I were a shoe, I’d be part of the lucky, beaten pair he keeps for the sake of nostalgia. Forgotten mileage makes the sole appear capable to continue to pound the pavement. 30 mots de plus

Craving the Maserati

Keep on

Craving the Maserati

Go ahead


be the Vampire

of your nightmarish

work week

come true


to the shrill

 voice inside

no one hears… 50 mots de plus



To the East, the Moon was also set in the sky, reflecting a transparent white, and a single flickering star shone prominently from the grey of the North. 429 mots de plus

The Mothman, the Myth, the Legend

Who is Mothman?

Well, according to a clever text post circulating around the internet, he’s « half moth…half man…….100% boyfriend material. » Amusing, but not too informative. 544 mots de plus

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