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On Betrayal

Your eyes —

so full of peace —

as you watched

me fall.

Your hand


as my fingers slipped

and I made my way… 12 mots de plus


Describe nearly drowning. 

My eleven-year-old lungs were practically conditioned for long periods underwater.

Having been a swimmer since the age of six, I loved water. I was more graceful in a pool than I was on a sidewalk. 442 mots de plus


The End Of Romance


If you
Only say one thing to me
For the rest of my life
Would you say


She said… 108 mots de plus


Love in 10 sentances: A Challenge

It is with great pleasure that I accept the challenge given me by, Lisa, author of the REAL MOM OF LONG ISLAND blog.

What is the challenge? 249 mots de plus


April 13th Session of the Guild

The Guild will meet at 7:00 pm – Monday, April 13th in the BAPA Community Room – 11109 S. Longwood Drive, Chicago

Writing Prompt:

He/she/I saw that the gate was closing and started to run even faster.

See you there,


The Irish Papists - The Irish Papists swimming out to food, dropping into water to wade out ...

The Irish Papists swimming out to food, dropping into water to wade out to a way out, to realise full bellies in other parts.
A hunger for those caught in purity, not pulling up their deep anchors from a deeper religious bed. 258 mots de plus

Poetry & Prose

House Cleaning

Lady bugs flit up into the vacuum cleaner hose. One after another, husks of refugees seeking warmth from the cold winter winds. They all died from lack of food. 198 mots de plus