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5-7-5 (take one-hundred-and-eighty-six : the seed)

let me sow myself

not only in your being

but deep in your soul

She Makes Me Crazy, You Know?

She makes me crazy
you know?
If anyone, anytime ever told me
that anyone, anytime would make me
want to…..

with someone like her

She makes me think of loving… 187 mots de plus



why do they try so hard to keep us alive when we can barely go swimming in the ocean without letting the tides wash us away and we can’t hold a conversation with anyone who isn’t a shrink. 58 mots de plus


Pretentious Prose

Wintertide At The Roundhay Fox

Parkland situ alehouse
Stout of porter and constitution
Thou comforting embers aglow
Warming soul and spirit from unwanted chill.Wintertide sanctuary from Theoi Meteoroi… 1 842 mots de plus


Story 4 - part 1

It was very early morning: a winter’s day. In the chill darkness the young teenager treads gingerly onto the cold floor feeling for her shoes. The air is clammy and from her lofty window she sees fog swirling in the streetlights. 421 mots de plus


The Only Words

The only words I have
empty are,
they have lost their meaning
while I have lost my way

My thoughts, distant
and not clear
deceive me… 29 mots de plus