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What if? The Madden Way - Ugly truths.

There has been more and more discontent among the Colts’ players. You could feel the atmosphere getting more and more intense so the Week 4 match up against divisional foe, Jaguars was very important for the team. 247 mots de plus


Running tools within sysdiagnose individually

sysdiagnose is a shotgun approach, which runs almost all performance monitoring tools in succession, and generates a huge amount of output data. What if you know which of those tools you want to run, but are not sure how is best to do that? 780 mots de plus


Quais transportes públicos?

António Costa mandou os portugueses andar de transportes públicos. Agradecemos o incentivo moral. Agora só falta o estímulo material de dar transportes públicos aos 5 milhões que vivem fora das áreas metropolitanas e às (centenas de milhar) que ou vão de carro para o trabalho ou levam 2 horas em 3 transportes a chegar ao trabalho, gastando 4 a 5 horas por dia e 130 euros em passe «social» – faria se não fosse social…- ou 1 hora e meia ou 1 hora e 200 euros em gasolina. 232 mots de plus

One Month PS + Giveaway

Over the course of the next week, MONG is giving you the chance to win one month of PlayStation Plus to kickoff its hopefully recurring monthly Twitch show, « PS + You and Me » where select members of the Middle of Nowhere Gaming staff play a recent multiplayer-centric PlayStation Plus release for your amusement. 298 mots de plus