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Simply Lippy Challenge Day 171 | Penneys PS Pro Ultra Shine Lipgloss in Shade 03, Femme Fatale Red

Many of you will know that I’m quite the fan of Penneys’ (Primark) beauty range which I think is such good quality for its budget price point. 169 mots de plus


Ps4 Slim Release Date Reviews

A slim PlayStation 4 was launched inside, two months ahead of the PlayStation 4 Pro’s The fall of unveiling.
The games console at first retailed, which makes a similar price as being the old PlayStation 4, nevertheless currently is designed to pay for save. 169 mots de plus

🍭 🍬 PS...Eye Candy 🍭 🍬

Primark/Pennys have done it again, they’ve hit the nail on the head with the amazing new release of their Eye Candy collection which is available in all stores now. 325 mots de plus



The sense that a fundamental change was coming had been growing week after week, after Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the French Presidential election last month.  Like tectonic plates shifting and crumbling around a new eruption pushing them apart, the left and the right, just as they had been edged out by Macron’s… 1 248 mots de plus

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 165 | Penneys PS... Lipstick &Gloss Lip Duo in Shade Brave

Today I opted for another lipstick and gloss duo from Penneys in a gorgeous, rich berry shade called Brave. Usually this colour would remind me of Autumn, but today I wanted something with a rich tone and this was the perfect choice. 265 mots de plus


Të gënjesh, si “job description” për politikanët shqiptarë!

Nga Ben Andoni

Duket se të 27 vitet e jetës në demokraci nuk kanë qenë të mjaftueshme për shqiptarët që të kuptojnë se gënjeshtra dhe fshehja e të vërtetës është gati një normë në demokracitë e brishta por jo vetëm. 1 802 mots de plus


Watch for new processes and list them only once


while true; do ps -ef | grep -iE "processname" | grep -viE "grep \-"; done | awk '!x[$10]++'


Top shows everything currently running, and updates every so often (default is 2 seconds). 176 mots de plus