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PS V1, Chapter 11: Luck

“Let me guess… Fusing two cards that are similar to each other, makes another card that’s slightly better?” Matthew put the Titanium Dildo into the deck and pulled out the two Qi Crystal cards. 1 299 mots de plus



Why don’t we love ourselves like we love our shoes?

My converse… these are shoes that have been places and seen things and carry on…. in my opinion they look more beautiful now that they are worn…. 43 mots de plus


PS, V1, Chapter 7: Michael

Once the doctor and nurse finished rebandaging Matthew’s face, they left him alone in the room. It was only 4:25 PM, but the sun was already starting to go down. 1 379 mots de plus


PS Volume 1, Chapter 5: Trash

“Wow, that was a lot to take in… But I think I get it. So even though I have these cards in my hands right now, I can’t actually play any of them?” 1 494 mots de plus


PS Plus for April 2018

Check out whats coming to PS Plus in April. Solid games!