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Welcome to Bring it Back the place where I take a look at some of the games (and series and franchises) I want remastered, reimagined, rebooted, updated, upgraded, a long overdue sequel/prequel, or dare I say it – a remake. 790 mots de plus


Bullshit PSA: Sony ripping off its customers again...

So they weren’t content with simply charging for us. Nor were they content with promising free games only to get rid of them after your PS+ subscription ends with the hopes that their customers will never find out (which isn’t hard to do considering the gullibility of the masses these days) and now they’ve decided that because PS+ has become so popular (due to the fact that people actually paid for that crap) they have decided to increase the price tag. 736 mots de plus


Quotable Quotes #8

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. -Eleanor Roosevelt


Price Plus: PS+ Gets Price Hike Next Month

That’s right fellow PS+ subscribers, next month you’re going to have to shell out some extra cash to keep the monthly free games and multiplayer going. 92 mots de plus


PlayStation Plus Membership Price Increase Starting September 22, 2016

Bad news folks. Sony today announced that PlayStation Plus membership will get a price hike starting September 22, 2016. What was $49.99/year will now be $59.99/year for member ship. 279 mots de plus

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