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Quiz - What do your Money Quotes say about You?

Time for another special quiz! Today we’ll look at what your attitude to money says about you. Please read the quotes below – which one sounds… 375 mots de plus


May Day Challenge - May 5th

My friend and I got involved in the April A-Z blogging challenge and it motivated us to post 26 blogs. Now we find ourselves on April 30th worried all of that momentum will go to waste. 139 mots de plus


Stolen Elections of 2016...

Great observation piece by Jeannie Dean – Click on the photo for full article:


The war ends.

Dust settles.

No blood. No gore.

No winners. No losers.

Torn up soul. Scattered pieces.

© Abirami

My Obsessions

Gus, don't be Nic Cage's accent from Con Air.

In the geeky universe of fandoms, there are many so concerned with OTP‘s and the justification of our own preferences, (be it a popular opinion or not) within any given verse, that we often overlook the more important things. 952 mots de plus

"For We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood But Against Memetics and Mind Viruses"

It’s undeniable that there is a much needed societal change that has crept upon the doorstep of our collective consciousness. There is an all-pervasive tension in this country that is so palpable that you could slice into it as you might a loaf of bread. 2 311 mots de plus