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Every Day Mindfulness

Throughout life, one must deal with every kind of hardship, every moment keeping one’s attention on the situation ably and intelligently.

You might ask, « Then how are we to practice mindfulness? 175 mots de plus

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Should have done a quickie post about this sooner, because there aren’t many days until it expires, but if you’re seeking a 60-minute psych-out curated by an insider – and who isn’t? 212 mots de plus

What? Odds, Sods, Bits

Nature vs. Nurture in Integrative Thinking

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.  541 mots de plus

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Hot Border Special - Thriller

Oh we love to hear from these chaps, one of our favorite afro soul funk rock bands, Hot Border Special. It’s been a minute, but no worries, it’s well worth it. 289 mots de plus

Flea Market Funk

Fuzzy psychpop Weird Owl

Weird Owl has released their album « Bubblegum Brainwaves ». It is their sixth release and it is an beautiful one. let your mind wander on this synthpsych dream. 6 mots de plus
New Music

Day 3 of...what was I doing? Oh yeahhh, that's right, kicking Cymbalta's ass!

I am not going crazy.  I am not going crazy.  I am not going crazy.

Like the little engine that could, I’ve repeated this mantra to myself several times today.  277 mots de plus

Psych Meds

Healthy Critique

A healthy critique is one of the most helpful messages a person can have.  A parent, boss, or even a good friend can be very destructive to someone by using an inappropriate critique approach, creating helplessness, anger, and rebellion.  558 mots de plus

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