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Live review: Scott and Charlene's Wedding / Ohmns @ The Continental, Preston 20th October 2016

A new venue in a new town for me tonight. Quite a few times I’ve seen gigs advertised in Preston and thought « naaah, that’s too far away! 1 690 mots de plus

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Horse Cult's Debut, "Day Dreams & Night Mares," Is Destined to Become a Poetic Dark Folk Classic

The world in which we live has been perpetually perceived by mankind as both wondrous spectacle and indiscriminate beast; ultimately a regal and formidable force which we both adore and fear. 804 mots de plus


Stoner rock - novi retro zvuk

U poslednje vreme jedan podžanr rock muzike sve više zaokuplja moju pažnju i sve češće slušam grupe koje muzički kritičari nazivaju imenom – Stoner Rock… 1 148 mots de plus

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Of course over the weekend we had quite a few birthday celebrations for the Kid, resulting in quite a few presents. She received gifts related to the following fandoms: 105 mots de plus


The Cyrkle - Neon (1967)

Thought I had seen all the weird psych-spelling bands out there. CYRKLE. I’ve seen it all now.

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Shana Falana, Cloudbeats

Kingston, New York psych dream pop rocker Shana Falana released her new album, Here Comes The Wave, last Friday. Definitely digging it, it’s much in the vein of her awesome debut, … 21 mots de plus

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Mindfulness Meditation: An Overview


Since I started college to get my degree (and even way before that) the concept of mindfulness has exploded. When I first started my degree program, I hadn’t heard of it at t all. 771 mots de plus