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July 6, 2015: Pulley Bully

I wake up around seven thirty, but don’t get up till quarter after. I grab myself a bowl of Icecream Pebbles and make a cup of coffee before hitting the couch. 301 mots de plus

Dean McPhee: Fatima's Hand

« These five tracks retain McPhee’s distinctive, carefully-picked guitar lines that circle around selected phrases and motifs. But he has also added exotic touches to his playing, hinting at arabesque scales and the sinewy desert blues styles of artists such as Ali Farka Touré. 10 mots de plus

Bon Voyage Organisation – Xingye EP

I just discovered Bon Voyage Organisation, a parisian collective which just released their new EP « Xingye ». The band mixes funk, jazz and psychedelic influences to create a unique futuristic sound produced with 70’s hardware. 152 mots de plus


The Nature of History and the Childish Wish to Read the Names of the Dead


My nephew, M., who is aged six, raised an air of hysteria amongst the female denizens of my household lately. He declared one of his wishes in life: he wanted to visit a graveyard. 275 mots de plus


Reverberation Psych Weekender 2015 daily breakdown

The day-to-day breakdown for the upcoming Reverberation Psych Weekender festival at the Grand Social has been revealed. 

The first Psych Weekender will take place on Friday, August 14th & Saturday, August 15th and will include live music, DJ sets, visuals, classic cult movies, record & memorabilia stalls, a vintage Flea Market, food and lots more. 118 mots de plus


A Farewell To Psych

I always think you can learn so many things from various movies or tv series, wether its “Friends” or any Pixar movie. There is always something to learn. 668 mots de plus

New Releases: Week ending 10th July 2015

Hello Everyone and welcome to New Releases where we take a look at what retailers will be stocking on there shelves this week.

This week’s line-up includes a Triple pack of RPG titles, A Fat Cat who hates Mondays  (Like Me), Some Hidden Object games (One based off a TV Show) and a Simulator. 163 mots de plus