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'My wife will be home soon',

Orientation questions are a quick and easily administerable tool for assessing a patient’s cognition.

I initially had qualms with this one of the questions is the day of the week – I know for sure that there are some days in which I would answer this question correctly, and it’s made harder for patients as life on the ward is devoid of weekly routines by which one could orient themselves to. 443 mots de plus

Soeur on The Joyzine Radio Show #5

Bristol-based trio Soeur spoke to us ahead of their show at Thousand Islands in Highbury this week – check out what they had to say about their new EP  111 mots de plus

Garage Rock

Chill psych tunes by Wax Machine

On November 8 the UK indie/psych band Wax Machine released their new EP « Mind Palace ».
The band plays plays psychedelic jazz tunes and creates a happy 70’s vibe. 35 mots de plus
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It can be a lonely world without a lead vina in your life. I’ve always cringed at the overused word « bestie, » possibly because it insinuates ownership, you know, proudly wearing a badge displaying the words « she’s mine. 1 053 mots de plus


Sunday Singles: The Paupers -- Cairo Hotel

In the desire to update this more regularly, I’ve decided to revive a feature that I’d considered early on: every Sunday, I’ll recommend and briefly review both sides of an old seven-inch (or its modern equivalent.) One of my criteria will be that you can find them on YouTube and give them a virtual spin… I think it might be a great way to introduce people to new bands. 281 mots de plus