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The light within us.

Sometimes when everything around us gets dark, the faces we once know are not recognizable to us any more, when we realize our whole life was just one big lie, the only resort, the only refuge we could  find is the light within us.  30 mots de plus

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Brutus - Wandering Blind (2016)

Norway/Sweden – May 2016 -Svart Records

01. Wandering Blind – 05:09 ~ M
02. Drowning – 04:25 ~ M
03. Axe Man – 05:32 ~ M… 20 mots de plus

LP Zone!


I have been working to get on a police agency for the last 15 months. Today I received a letter in the mail stating I had failed the psychological evaluation. 274 mots de plus


Loving You Was

Loving you was ducking my head against the stinging hail. Loving you was painful, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Loving you was… 350 mots de plus

3 Ways to Self Compassion

How can you practice more self-compassion?

Neff suggests that self-compassion is a teachable skill that is “dose dependent »—the more you practice it, the better you get.

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EP REVIEW | Tuath - Existence Is Futile.


RELEASE: Existence Is Futile

RELEASE DATE: 16/06/16


Nestled deep within the Irish Republic’s rugged northwestern periphery and held fast in a belief that sonic experimentation across many different musical genre’s is the only formula needed to express artistic freedom in todays overly diluted and increasingly crass home grown independent music scene, resides one of the best modern day experimental psych-gazing collectives to ever have graced this fair isle, led by the charismatic & multi-lingual Robert Mulhern and a rag tag bunch of instrumental geniuses. 624 mots de plus