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Playing Around

After researching the reflections of bubbles and the colours they make I have decided to explore colour a bit more. I have scribbled these 3 patterns out of highlighters and intend on creating mash ups with them with my sketch up models and photos from the site. 104 mots de plus

Damn this saying is so relevant... plus a great blog post :)

As soon as the southwest monsoon flows over the air there was an occurrence of a vague loneliness I cannot explain. The moisture-laden wind carries with it a painful sensation I do not even want to go back to.

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Instrumental psych

Toy hail from Brighton, England. « Conductor » is the opening track from their sophomore album. It’s on front foot trance inducing krautrock at its finest. 206 mots de plus


Mephistofeles: Whore LP (silver haze)

And yet again one great, dirty & filthy psych/stoner/doom album but this time from Argentina. Fuzzed and groovy, that’s the way to do it. I found out about this band via… 87 mots de plus

New Ones

Review | TinnedFruit - Weird Candy EP

Rating: 8.5/10

By Kieran Webber

Falmouth, Cornwall is known for its stunning coastline, Pendennis Castle and of course its University but tucked away in this quaint little town is the energetic and explosive band… 211 mots de plus


Helping or Enabling?

Helping OR Enabling??
Is there really a difference between helping and enabling? What is enabling? What are the causes and effects of this behavior on both the “enabler” and the person being “helped”? 826 mots de plus