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Scientific thinking

« Solving the Heroin Overdose Mystery: How small doses can kill. »

This is a fascinating article. (Short take: Getting messed up in unusual places prevents your body’s « conditioned » anti-intoxicating responses.)


RESCUE RANGERS: French rockers to release new album Join Hate this September

This September will see the official release of Join Hate, the explosive new studio album (and third in the canon) from French rock and rollers, Rescue Rangers. 274 mots de plus


That's Me: The Highly Sensitive Person

Yep, that’s me.

I knew I was sensitive, but since getting married I’ve noticed the extent of my sensitivity quite a bit:

  • I got so overwhelmed at Menards once, picking out flowers, because it felt like everyone with a cart was not paying attention to how close they were to me.
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NIGHT OWLS - Out Of My Head

Slackers. What an absolute bunch of slackers. I bet this lot couldn’t tie a tie properly even if they had a gun to their heads. Good. 214 mots de plus


Hydromag - I Need To Know

I need to know what this is. I mean, there are so many different influences combining for this beauty from Hydromag that I haven’t even begun to have a clue about how to describe it. 222 mots de plus


Radio Show - 25 June 2017 - Episode 326

Claude Mono presents a mix of musical explorations that form a strange beautiful bell curve of sounds from stillness through intensity and then back again….psych folk, dream pop, intense electronica and glitchy love sounds… 156 mots de plus