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Review of The Keepers first single on vinyl: "You're All I Need"

This year has been an exciting year for Northampton rock band The Keepers. Recently, they played their first show in Paris and next month they will be opening for 70s/80s mod revival band Secret Affair. 667 mots de plus


Something I never said.

I can’t tell you when it started. I don’t think anyone really knows. But looking back I can recall events that scream, « you probably should have seen someone about that. 778 mots de plus

Sounds x Album: The Refusers // Disobey

I thought the opening lines of « Playing with Fire » in The Refusers album Disobey was referencing ‘1984’, until I heard « Big Brother Is Watching » and I was like, HELL YEAH, The Refusers just get it. 147 mots de plus


On dating a pathological liar...

What’s wrong with me? I’m too trusting… too forgiving… and I definitely like to see the best in people…

So I guess that’s how I managed to let myself get hurt over and over again by one guy with serious issues. 916 mots de plus


Adventures in Car Buying + Weekly Wrap-Up

1. Okay, so I know I mentioned that I hit a parked car this summer, but did I tell you that I ALSO hit a pillar in the parking garage of my complex? 978 mots de plus

Adult Lit

La Luz Floating Features

La Luz Floating Features

La Luz Floating Features released on Hardly Art is their 3rd full length album, it’s the best to date and marks a new moment in the garage rock / Surf music genre. 412 mots de plus

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