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Hareton Salvanini - S.P. '73 & Meta Ep

Έρχονται στιγμές που σκεφτομαι ποιο είναι το είδος μουσικής που μ’εκφραζει περισσότερο, και -κατ’επεκταση- θα μ’ενδιεφερε να εστιάσω και βέβαια να εμπλουτίσω, η σκηνή της Βραζιλίας σίγουρα δεν είναι στις πρώτες θέσεις ενδιαφέροντος. 27 mots de plus


New Music | Cannibal Animal - Grand Theft Manual

By Alex Platt

‘Grand Theft Manual’, the latest single from Hull based three-piece Cannibal Animal, is a spooky heavy hitting blast of fuzzy anarchic post-punk. 137 mots de plus


Below the Bloat

We’ve all been there. (51% of us anyway). It’s that time of the month, and for some awful, horrible reason, your stomach has decided to duplicate in size. 195 mots de plus


Netflix: Oh How You Play With Our Hearts

Each month Netflix announces its list of additions and removals and the announcement is met with an abundance of emotions. There’s joy that a movie or tv show has been added and there’s the sense of dread when a show or movie is listed on the removals. 631 mots de plus

Song Of The Week | Moses Gunn Collective - Dream Girls

By Kieran Webber

This weeks SOTW comes from Australian freakout psych group the Moses Gunn Collective whose sugar coated psychedlia is deliciously addictive. Their most recent release… 30 mots de plus


Lithium side effects 

Lithium is an interesting drug with some important side effects. It’s one of those drugs that has a very narrow therapeutic window (0.4-1.0mmol/L) and above 1.5mmol/L you’re at significant risk of developing toxicity. 171 mots de plus


A gradient of childhood self-control predicts health, wealth, and public safety

A gradient of childhood #selfcontrol predicts health, wealth & public safety http://www.PNAS.org/content/108/7/2693.full From following 1K kids from 0 to 32 yrs