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July playlist, Psych.

Acid trips. Tie dye. Music. Dance. Vibes. Energy. Psychedelia takes over the mind and body with fuzzy dreams and inner peace you cant buy with a million dollars. 107 mots de plus


Not so Krazy Quotes - Inside Voice

When I see deceased loved ones in dreams I am sure it is a “visit” not just a product of REM sleep and a late night cheeseburger, because it couldn’t be that all of the answers I seek are actually right there in my own head. 700 mots de plus


Merchandise, Flower of Sex

The latest from Merchandise brings back late 80’s dark wave.

Flower of Sex is the first track from the Tampa trio’s forthcoming new album, A Corpse Wired For Sound… 25 mots de plus

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SO...I'm An ENFP

Almost two years ago, I took a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test with my career counselor to determine my personality type. I’m not one to take these things… 345 mots de plus


Ruby Empress

Tom, Axel, Melker and Gustav are all now 22 years old and are the embodiment of DIY. They write, record, and produce themselves. They make films, design clothes, and even book their own shows. 1 950 mots de plus

Interviews 2016

Album Review: Salem's Pot - Pronounce This!

Salem’s Pot were born from horror films, bong hits, and boredom — quite literally. “That’s exactly how we started the band, just watching horror movies,” 523 mots de plus

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