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Round 2, Treatment 11

So Friday 12th was day 1 of bifrontal treatment. This means that the 2 electrodes are placed on my frontal bone (my forehead) instead of on my right temple and top of my head. 380 mots de plus

Mugstar Reveal Video For 'Flemish Weave'

By Kieran Webber

Liverpool’s Mugstar have revealed a new Steve Gullick-directed music video for ‘Flemish Weave’, the lead track from their forthcoming double-LP Magnetic Seasons. 46 mots de plus


just some songs. (2/12/16)

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the 10th installment of « just some songs., » a handful of tracks that have stuck with me as of late, with an accompanying blip about my thoughts and feelings, and an introduction to the artists who’ve composed them. 480 mots de plus


Psych project

So I was asked yesterday to do ‘homework’ by my psych, a project of my struggle with my body image, eating, yoyo dieting, bingeing, purgin, self harm, addiction, anything and everything that has landed me in the position I’m in. 307 mots de plus

February 11, 2016: Go Green Ranger, Go!

Sometime around seven thirty I wake up. I spend the morning watching quite a few episodes of Power Rangers. Before I switch to Psych, I show Power/Rangers to Robin. 285 mots de plus

A world with no smartphones?

This brilliant photograph was taken by Eric Pickersgill 

It inspired me for its poignancy.  How much time are we sacrificing online while we could be interacting with real human beings next to us?  245 mots de plus

Digital Love

February 9, 2016: 2 Hooker Night

Somehow I manage to sleep through everyone leaving and don’t wake up till nine thirty. I watch power rangers until Chris gets up and then switch over to Psych. 137 mots de plus