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TV Review: Psych

By Natalia Rincon

7th Grade

I love this show! It is very funny, and all the characters are full of charisma.

It takes place in Santa Barbara, California, a few years ago. 79 mots de plus


Pretty Lightning: A Magic Lane Of Light And Rain LP (black w/ yellow speckles)

Haha.. I mentioned this album on my last post (yesterday) and surprisingly this arrived from Cardinal Fuzz today.. ahah! Fuzzy garage/psych/blues rock and there certainly is something magical on the atmosphere this album provide. 81 mots de plus

New Ones

Take a Walk on the Wild Side — and let me tell you what this is all about


/ˈwikid’/ – evil or morally wrong; intended to or capable of causing harm to someone or something.

I am by no means a perfect person.

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Tropicália, or why you should quit psych rock

Say what you want about the new psych revival, but it’s fucking boring.

Sure there are a couple of standouts in the new bunch (what’s his name from Thee Oh Sees may be an asshole but he makes some good records) but for the most part it’s just a bunch of California kids wanting to play pretend with a prepackaged, repackaged, and recycled version of everyone’s favorite novelty era. 281 mots de plus


Tuuune! - BEARS

Melbourne Neo-psych lads Bears have just dropped their new single ‘On Our Way’. It’s a blend of psych-neodelic pop, with some dreamy guitar tones and true to self lyrics. 128 mots de plus


Psych stuff about addiction

I have had to go to a Narcotics Anonymous and an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for class. It was interesting and it’s really wonderful that these organizations exist. 1 153 mots de plus


Psychology of Love

             Love is an innate ability all humans share in order to procreate and send genes to the next generation. Even if love is just for the birds and the bees, it makes life highly enjoyable and more worth living. 178 mots de plus