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Album Review: Babel Trio - The Island of Cretal

Band: Babel Trio | Album: The Island of Cretal | Genre: Progressive rock, Stoner metal, Greek folk | Year: 2018

From: Crete, Greece | Label: 554 mots de plus

Album Review

Dear one,

Today felt… almost normal. You weren’t constantly filling my thoughts this morning. When I realized this, I was a bit surprised. I knew eventually that I would adjust, but I didn’t expect it to be this soon. 372 mots de plus


The Flange & Frigate #028 - Worro! Bostin!

Archive show now available. It’s the Midlands Special on today’s Flange & Frigate Show with DJ GeorgyGirl! So many great tracks and so much great music that she only has 35 seconds in between sets to talk! 313 mots de plus


Let's Introduce Ourselves

Who am I and why am I here? These questions tend to induce a great amount of existential anxiety at the core of a person and there is no doubt in my mind that you have thought about it before. 358 mots de plus


Sun Ra ~ Disco 3000 Complete Milan Concert 1978

« In the winter of 1977-8, philosopher, pianist and bandleader Sun Ra was to be found in Italy. He may have made two trips there, or made one extended stay: at this distance from these events it’s difficult to be sure. 207 mots de plus


What's New: Ponytails - "Just Yours"

Earlier this month, retro/psych-pop band Ponytails from Vancouver shared a new twangy single « Just Yours » along with a satirically dark music video. The video, produced by… 268 mots de plus

Artist Spotlight

Understood? (Culminating Blog Entry)


…In a military setting, this is the only acceptable answer. Anywhere else you’re given a bit of wiggle room. But realistically, nothing is ever as simple as « understood »— which is exactly how I feel now that our course in Understanding the Self is coming to a close. 312 mots de plus