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practicing for blindness

when  practicing for blindness. there are spaces of patience
you must come to know
watchful and self securing see
green lightning flash in another’s eyes… 73 mots de plus

I Did A Good Thing

Hey everyone, welcome to day two in the life of me – The Girl In The Mirror!

Today I did a good thing. That’s not really me bragging…it just is true. 252 mots de plus


Mysterious Clouds - Lunar Duel EP

We really dug My Head Is Going Round from Mysterious Clouds the other year,

Starting off 2019 strong, they return with something a bit darker and heavier than their last offering, bringing different shades and nuances to their sound #LloydbraryLikes

Here’s Raincaots


The Telescopes release first track from upcoming album

The Telescopes are now on route to release their 11th studio album. The album is going to be called « Exploding Head Syndrome » and will be released February 1 on Tapeterecords. 36 mots de plus

New Music

Deep Cut - No / Alarm Button

New single out by Deep Cut is a wonderful slice of something in the sweet spot between dream pop, 60s influenced pysch, shoegaze and garage rock #LloydbraryLikes

Here’s No


Take these 5 things into consideration when you’re trying to find your calling

The researchers found that people who believe that passion comes from pleasurable work were less likely to feel that they had found their passion (and were more likely to want to leave their job) as compared with people who believe that passion comes from doing what you feel matters.

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