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Connaissez-vous Elaine? Oui? Non?

At this point in the semester, my brain’s at about 99% mush with everything getting tangled with each other. But I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that the Autobiographical Self’s Principles are not too different from the Habitus and how it’s defined. 770 mots de plus

Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra ~ Pathways to Unknown Worlds

« Pathways to Unknown Worlds was originally issued on LP in 1975 as part of Sun Ra’s ill-fated and short-lived ABC/Impulse! Records partnership. ABC offered an ambitious deal that promised dozens of remastered editions of Sun Ra’s Saturn back catalog along with a slew of new titles. 115 mots de plus


Mirror, Mirror... Wait, what?

After much introspection and psychoanalyzing myself to near-death after we’ve covered Freud and Erikson, it was a good little reprieve to have someone else do it for me.  515 mots de plus


The Throwdown: Freud vs Erikson

Two psychologists, one goal.

Psychodynamic versus Psychosocial.

Ego development versus Epigenesis. 549 mots de plus


Magmakammer release new EP 'Bloody Diamond'

The Norwegian doomrockers Magmakammer released their excellent album ‘Mindtripper’ back in September on Kosmic Artifactz. The album was very good received and ended up on my… 60 mots de plus

New Music

Papir : VI

Papir are one of the premier three-piece rock bands working today. The trio of Nicklas Sørensen, Christoffer Brøchmann Christensen, and Christian Becher Clausen have been working their sound into a tight, ethereal crunch for close to ten years now. 630 mots de plus

Music Reviews

No Man's Valley: Outside The Dream LP (green marbled)

Recently I went through some « monthly list » I came across while surfing around the net. Checked all the bands mentioned (well, I knew some of the bands already but then there were bands I had never heard before). 93 mots de plus

New Ones