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Poem: Let It

Let It

Like the waves of the sea

Let it wash away

Like the last leaf of autumn

Let it fall away

Like the first ray of sunlight… 27 mots de plus



If you’re born this side of Thatcher, there’s a strong chance you’ve heard of resting bitch face. Well, today I present you with resting pi***d face. 394 mots de plus


Frazier Chorus - Typical

There isn’t a lot I would choose to change about 1989, a year which I will always consider to be one of the greatest in all of pop history. 1 016 mots de plus

Pop Music

Ray Rig (FREE)

The Ray Rig is a free Maya rig useful for dialogue scenes and performance offered by CGTarian


Playing with light

19/02/2017 ….Whistler, BC

I woke up early in the morning for a day of skiing and ran outside with my camera to capture the beautiful morning glow.