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I was browsing through some blogs and I found this Would You Rather questionnaire I just HAD to do it because I mean the questions were calling out for me anyway lol. 493 mots de plus


I think a lot, but I don’t say much.

                                                                                                                             – Anne Frank


Remember that New Year's Resolution?

We’re a little over two weeks into the new year, like hello 2016. But what about that resolution you made for this year… have you ditched it already? 339 mots de plus


Pen & Paper vs. Electronics

Writers let’s talk…

Today I got into a heated debate about writing tools. I’m usually very open minded about things and I expect others to be as well ( I know that’s my problem right there) anyways, everyone is entitled to their own opinion *gives side eye* but it becomes a problem for me when you think your opinion is a known fact or better than the next person’s. 348 mots de plus



Hi there you, and welcome to Pens, Pencils, & Paper Cuts!

On today’s….lol okay enough with the cheesy talk show opening and on to more pressing matters (not exactly pressing buuuut bare with me). 415 mots de plus


New Year, New Books!

Everyone gets crazy excited when the start of the new year begins. Maybe because it’s a time to reinvent yourself, try some things you’ve never done, or really work on that project you’ve been putting on hold for the past three years; I don’t know. 701 mots de plus


Meet Our Mammoth Models

We’ve had the very difficult task of picking 5 girls to become our official Mammoth Models, its a tough job, but someone’s got to do it! 121 mots de plus

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