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Les Wee socks

Je continue ma folie de finir les restes de pelotes qui trainent au fond de ma stash (même si c’est pas vrai qu’on voit le fond, elle est bien trop pleine !). 556 mots de plus


breton stripes

This is not really a res(s)emblance post, since there are so many patterns and clothes with Breton stripes everywhere, but I could not help noticing this picture in Pinterest, just after checking the preview of the Vogue Knitting Pre-Fall 2015 issue ( 132 mots de plus

Vogue Knitting

Popbasic November collection: Amélie

I know – Popbasic again, but this new collection with a French vibe is so cute I had to show it to you right away. And I’ll try to post as they appear so that you won’t see another one before a full month. 338 mots de plus


Amy's Thread: Thoughts on Yarn Substitution

Yarn substitution is always a gamble. There is a reason that the yarn was paired to the pattern by the designer and the pattern reflects the characteristics of that yarn. 421 mots de plus