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Radicals & the December Second Round: Reasons of Defying the Dialogue “Made in Kodjo”?

For roughly two years ago, the socio-political context in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has currently been characterized by a tiresome debate around the November Presidential and Parliamentary elections. 1 037 mots de plus

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RDC: Vital Kamerhe exclu de la Dynamique de l’opposition

Certains partis politiques de l’opposition qui participent aux travaux du comité préparatoire du dialogue politique ont été exclus de leurs plates-formes. Il s’agit notamment de l’Union pour la nation congolaise (UNC) de Vital Kamerhe, exclu mercredi 24 août de la Dynamique de l’opposition. 234 mots de plus


Africa’s first Coltan separation plant to be built in Rwanda

The first industrial scale Coltan (Columbite-Tantalite) separation plant in Africa will be built in Rwanda by AB Minerals Corporation, and will become operational in mid-2017. It will bring much needed 425 mots de plus


DR Congo puts fighters on trial for civilian massacres

A military court in the Democratic Republic of Congo has begun the trial of 215 members of an armed group accused of killing hundreds of civilians in and around Beni town in the country’s northeast. 370 mots de plus


Bienvenue en DRC, á Kinshasa

DRC, Kinshasa. The home of my heart.

It’s not everyone who has the opportunity to travel to their beloved home town. Before my 2 week visit it had been a whooping 15 years. 481 mots de plus