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Moneypenny, Week 5, Part 2

Dear Mum,

We went back and forth for ages about Tiffany’s aspiration. Really, it should be Whiz Kid, but there’s just no way we can wait for the A grade in school to come in, and the Social Skills boost she’ll get from Social Butterfly will definitely help her out later in life. 542 mots de plus


Moneypenny, Week 5, Part 1

Dear Mum,

Look! A monstrosity! I swear the week only gets better from here.

Tiffany hit toddlerhood only a few hours into Sunday. She’s full of energy and enthusiasm. 702 mots de plus


Goodnight, Week 5, Part 3

Okay! Back to the uncomfortable smooching! Don’t worry, we only had a few hours left in the week, so you’ll get a bit of a breather after this. 251 mots de plus


RDC - Joseph Kabila Révoque De Nombreux Magistrats Ayant Obtenus Leurs Postes Illégalement

RDC – Joseph Kabila a révoqué un grand nombre de magistrats ayant obtenus leurs postes de manière illégale.

En effet, lesdits « magistrats » révoqués sont accusés de corruption, d’incompétence ou d’avoir intégré la magistrature de manière illégale et/ou frauduleuse. 133 mots de plus