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Top 5 Benefits of Using Tampa Bay Property Management Service

If you own a residential property in Tampa Bay area, it must be a significant investment of your life on which you always want great return. 626 mots de plus

Home For Rent

And Now THIS 📚 

More weight added 😩 A good friend just bought 65 acres and wants to do a farmstead. He needs me to design 3 cabins for him. Work Work Work🌹


So you're considering a 203K loan?

First response that comes to mind is, Are You CRAZY?

In all seriousness I started this blog as a place to help people like you & me ( a couple of months ago) who are searching desperately for more information on the 203K (full) loan process and what it is like for the home buyer. 660 mots de plus



My google search begins: « one bedroom house East airport, Ghana » (Find out all the parameters we are working with for this search in our previous post, TIME TO MOVE OUT… 549 mots de plus

Small Is the New Big: Home Size Preference Shrinks

First-time home-buyers are shifting housing industry standards when it comes to home design preferences—and, according to the latest Home Design Trends Survey by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), one of the most significant changes is the end of the era of expansive property and square footage. 66 mots de plus

Tips for getting ready to sell your home

If you’re starting to think about selling your home, there are some things you can do to get ready even before contacting an agent.  Attacking this list will benefit you when sale time comes! 173 mots de plus

Explainer: Capital gains tax

If you buy and sell an investment property, you may be required to pay capital gains tax (CGT) on that sale. It’s important to understanding this tax when buying or selling a home. 320 mots de plus