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Fluffy Crepes

Making crepes is our favorite thing to do every Saturday morning! I usually make the batter a few hours before starting to bake them and let it rest which results in a much more smoother batter. 232 mots de plus


Fermented Beets and Pink Sauerkraut #2 \\\ Betteraves fermentées et Choucroute rose #2

(version française plus bas!)

I like making sauerkraut and fermented vegetables because it’s like magic occurring through time. You start with the simplest of ingredients and get amazingly good-for-you-pickled-like goodness. 972 mots de plus


Lazy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes \\\ Patates douces farcies faciles

(version française plus bas!)

I love sweet potatoes! They are so delicious and simple to prepare. I really enjoy their colours, and they are a definite staple in my kitchen. 664 mots de plus


Japanese Burdock Rice \\\ Riz japonais à la bardane

(version française plus bas!) 

The other day, I stumbled upon some burdock root at my favourite produce store. I was really curious to see it sold as a root vegetable, as I am more familiar with the dried root that I use in herbal tea blends. 844 mots de plus


Vegan Nut Bread \\\ Pain de noix végan

(version française plus bas!)

A few days ago, I mentioned that one of my friend came over and shared some recipes. One of the recipes she was really excited about was the nut bread from the blog… 698 mots de plus


Christmas Spirit Banana Bread

Hello there !

My hubby is a big fan of Banana Bread so for Christmas I decided I will make one that gives all this Christmas feeling :) 247 mots de plus


Pain perdu

Bonjour à tous !

Un (trop) long moment s’est écoulé depuis le dernier article et j’en suis navrée. Me revoici avec une recette de mon enfance, parfaite pour le petit-déjeuner, la collation de 16h… Le célèbre pain perdu 😃 103 mots de plus