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World Bank: Malaysian digital asset law is pragmatic

The Capital Markets and Services (Prescription of Securities) (Digital Currency and Digital Token) Order 2019, which comes into force today, is a pragmatic approach by the authorities to regulate digital currencies and assets, says the World Bank. 63 mots de plus


Ottawa Talks Housing

Back in November of 2018, I visited Ottawa for the CMHC’s National Housing Conference and presented preliminary results from my working paper (co-authored with Jens von Bergmann and Douglas Harris) on Who lives in Condos? 213 mots de plus


Bears Have Feelings, Too!

When we discuss feelings and emotions with young children, we often start with facial expressions.  But we know that the whole body gets into the act:  when we feel angry, our bodies are usually tense; when we feel sad, often we slump and « curl into ourselves ».  593 mots de plus

Gross Motor Skills

This share goes against our Community Standards on hate speech

What was this hateful post? On what taboo subject did your humble blogger post?

Did I promote wiping Israel off the map? No. I am pro Israel. 630 mots de plus


Malaysia to Issue a Legal Framework for Digital Securities Offerings in April 2019

According to the statement published today, the Malaysian Securities Commission will work with the country’s Central Bank to issue a full legal framework on digital assets by end of the Q1 2019. 152 mots de plus


What’s Sunoco been doing at Marcus Hook?

Judge Bernard A. Labuskes, Jr., of the Environmental Hearing Board (EHB), recently ruled that a series of Sunoco projects at Marcus Hook, which the company said were all independent, were actually all part of one project. 1 729 mots de plus


#NPRSource: Victor Pineda

Victor Pineda is Senior Research Fellow and visiting scholar at the Haas Institute of the University of California, Berkeley His expertise lies in the areas of disability rights, urban planning and human rights. 29 mots de plus