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Meet The World’s New Strongest Man: Martins Licis (AKA King Dragon)

In what reads like an episode recap from Game of Thrones, we can reveal that The Mountain has been toppled by King Dragon.

Yep, American Martins Licis is now the strongest man on the planet after taking out the 2019 World Strongest Man event in Florida. 473 mots de plus

The Mountain

We don’t need no stinking badges. Oh yes you do, now

Panacea comment for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

23 May 2019

CMC’s are about to have some insights into what regulatory reality should be about.

The word from ‘Endeavour Square is that « … 250 mots de plus

Financial Services

Introducing Antitrust Basics

Often, a drips-and-drabs approach to learning an issue over a period of time is as effective as a single intense cram session. To that end, this post inaugurates a series to familiarize readers over time with the basics of antitrust regulation. 503 mots de plus


The Europeanisation of South American Football

« Few things happen in Latin America that have no direct or indirect relationship with football. Football occupies an important place in reality – sometimes the most important of the places – although it has been ignored by those ideologues who love humanity but despise people.

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Morning Report: Fed Funds forecasts and mortgage rates.

Vital Statistics:

Last Change S&P futures 2895.75 0.75 Oil (WTI) 51.89 -0.62 10 year government bond yield 2.11% 30 year fixed rate mortgage 4.12%

Stocks are flat this morning as we enter Fed week. 607 mots de plus

June 13, 2019: CMPs getting inflated again...

Under the Federal Civil Penalty Inflation Adjustment Act of 1990 (amended under the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 and the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjusement Act Improvements Act of 2015), federal agencies get to adjust their penalty schedules for inflation. 196 mots de plus

OFAC Updates

This Week in Ridiculous Regulations

Last week, a Canadian team won the NBA championship for the first time, while an American team won the Stanley Cup. This week brings us the Competitive Enterprise Institute  444 mots de plus