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American Bar Association Publishes Report on Digital Securities

The American Bar Association, comprised of some 400,000 members and over 3,500 entities, has just published an official whitepaper on security tokens. Titled… 216 mots de plus


Singing Bird #Senryu

Knowledge bounds forth cause,

Inmates on lockdown, cept for

The crooning bird’s cell

TheMiniTroubadoura 2019

Snitches get stiches……    

-Inmate 223454

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Asking Politicians to Order Doctors to Prescribe Cannabis is a Futile Quest

Last year, when Sajid Javid introduced the new regulations permitting prescribing of cannabis-based products for medicinal use (CBPMs) he went much further than anyone could have expected. 610 mots de plus


Most Companies Aren't Ready for California's Tough New Privacy Law

California’s tough new privacy law is coming, and according to a new survey, most companies still aren’t ready.

The California Consumer Privacy Act, which takes effect in January 2020, will significantly limit how companies handle, store, and use consumer data. 437 mots de plus


Three choices

As regular readers will know, in the UK, Government policies typically, or at any rate often,  emerge  in the following way: arising from events or a manifesto commitment a… 638 mots de plus


Hello mind? Can we start over?

Every one of us is born with an extraordinary mind.  To an extent, confidence is hardwired into us from the start. But external factors play a huge role in shaping our feelings of self worth. 918 mots de plus

Trail Notes

A visit to Union St.

The resumption of Spring in Vancouver found me biking down to Union St. to grab some delicious Portuguese sweet bread from Union Market (near Hawks Ave). 1 327 mots de plus