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STOP SAYING THAT! "Increased regulation hinders economic growth."

At best this is a half-truth. For example, consider a new regulation on industrial air pollution. This would certainly add a financial burden to industries that produce air pollution, e.g., factories, refineries, etc. 82 mots de plus


EU Standards, Canadian, Mexican, and Possibly USA Packing Plants

Please note: I do not and never have advocated for equine slaughter. I know that there are those that do and I fully understand the arguments pro and con. 446 mots de plus


Gorsuch and TransAm Trucking

This week, the nation bore witness to Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings. The hearings had little to do with the qualifications of Judge Gorsuch, whose past experience both as a judge and an attorney plainly qualify him for the bench. 1 339 mots de plus

Political Thought

Could reforming Dodd-Frank help small businesses?

by Ray Hayes

Pres. Trump has promised over and over again that he will be the biggest supporter of small businesses.  If this is true, I believe reforming the Dodd-Frank Act should be one of the top priorities. 252 mots de plus

Small Business

How to Earn More Money By Asking For a Lower Wage (Bypassing Overtime Pay)

(This post neither argues for nor argues against mandatory increased wages for overtime. This post assumes that calculating overtime pay is as simple as using the… 545 mots de plus


Crypto currencies and real (fiat) money

The technical term for real or physical money is fiat money. Fiat in this case derives from Latin and means « let it become » or « it will become »: money without intrinsic value that is used as money because of government decree. 529 mots de plus