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Russia Will 'Never' Consider Bitcoin Legalization, Says Minister - CoinDesk

By Sujha Sundararajan    November 21, 2017

The Russian minister of communications and mass media said yesterday that the country will not consider the legalization digital currencies like bitcoin. 92 mots de plus


FCC Looks To Loosen TV Station Ownership Cap In Potential Boost To Sinclair

Extending a string of 2017 de-regulatory moves, Ajit Pai, President Donald Trump’s appointee to lead the FCC, has formally begun the process of reviewing rules limiting the number of TV stations a single owner can control. 470 mots de plus

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Your Money or Your Life?

Amy Kapczynski – 

High drug prices are a major problem in the United States. In the Washington Post today, Aaron Kesselheim and I have an… 1 157 mots de plus

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Budget 2017: No Direction Home

Another Budget: another opportunity to criticise government. Inevitably some will pay more to, or get less from, government. The Press have predetermined that this is a “make or break” Budget for Mr Hammond who must try to fit a large square peg into an impossibly small, round hole.  796 mots de plus

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Health risks associated with energy drinks can outweigh short-term benefits

— By Tania Fitzgeorge-Balfour

As energy drink consumption continues to grow worldwide there is a need to thoroughly examine their advertised benefits, nutritional content and any negative effects on public health. 598 mots de plus


Uber fined $8.9M in Colorado for driver screening failures

Uber has been slapped with an $8.9 million fine in Colorado after state criminal investigators found it had allowed 57 individuals with past criminal or motor vehicle offenses to drive and pick up passengers on its platform over the past year and a half. 1 024 mots de plus


Notes from Policy Innovation Summit: Japan's Economic Woes are a Cautionary Tale

Japan tried stimulus after stimulus, more and more regulation, higher and higher taxes. The result: economic woe.

Tokyo —  John Fund writes: Following the House’s passage of a tax-reform bill, critics have denounced it as being everything from “selfish” to “destructive.” But if they’re honest, most of those critics will admit they want to expand government and… 353 mots de plus

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