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PSALMS: Psalms 88 And 88 by W. Robert Godfrey

From Learning to Love the Psalms

Psalms 88 and 89 conclude the third book of the Psalter with an especially intense expression of the crisis of faith that dominates this book.  1 318 mots de plus

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Disobedient Pride

The Disobedience of Pride

Saint Augustine stated that pride was the first and original sin, because pride falls within the realm of undue exaltation. When we look back at the foundational promise we gave ourselves, there can easily be a separation between reality and “self-proclaimed” initiative. 1 135 mots de plus

PRESS RELEASE: Yehowah to Save the Catholics First

The following information is for faithful Catholics everywhere. Once everyone possible is saved Yehowah will address the other religions.  This is not preferential but will clear his name of reproach and honor his Son, The Lord Jesus Christ.  2 792 mots de plus


Get On The Trump Train


Get On The Trump Train

Those who know me also know up front that I’m a flag waving, patriotic supporter of President Donald J. Trump. 628 mots de plus



About 60 kilometres outside of Barcelona the landscape transforms into a breathtaking mountainous range containing astonishing arrays of serrated pink peaks with patches of lush green trees. 415 mots de plus