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Armed Protesters Occupy Oregon Wildlife Refuge

(Truth In Media) A group of armed protestors have occupied the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon, in support of two ranchers who are supposed to begin prison sentences on Monday for arson charges. 495 mots de plus


Should Christians Drink?

My personal conviction is to stay away from alcohol. To me, Jesus and « turn up » just doesn’t go together. Other people think it is absolutely okay to drink. 750 mots de plus


we're all just making it up

Every year for the last sixteen years, in the middle of February, I take a four day weekend, drive down to San Jose, CA and attend an event called Pantheacon.   361 mots de plus


The Monk's Regret

I tire of chewing and drily swallowing

This bread of life, praising gratefully

Even this first crust.

Some weighty meal is mine, this day-to-day.

I adorn the habit and the cowl, despite… 46 mots de plus



February has been a weird blur for me. My weekends have been consumed with traveling, bridal showers, and 500+ participant retreats. When I look at the calendar in the beginning of each month, if I don’t see foreseeable rest, I tend to put my head down and power through my days. 374 mots de plus

When Jesus Doesn't Meet My Expectations

Not What She Was Expecting

My wife and I were engaged a little over five years ago. Leading up to our engagement she had all the evidence necessary to know that I intended to propose to her: we had gone ring shopping together and actually purchased the ring, we had talked about our love for one another, and we had made plans for our future together. 818 mots de plus