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Copernicus, the Printing Press and the Reformation

Some secular writers need some  education on the realities of history. As we can see in looking around us, neither good nor bad « religion » suffered at all from Copernicus’ theory, and neither did God, any more than it did from the pagan mass murders of the Roman emperors, or at the hand of the atheist and secular mass murderers of the Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, or Maoist regimes. 498 mots de plus


My Key

I wear a key,
around my neck,
Next to my cross it lies;

A reminder for me,
To open my heart,
And let The Lord inside. 70 mots de plus


Olaf Stapledon - Star Maker (1937) & Last and First Men (1930)

Perhaps no book has ever been written with a greater sense of scale than Olaf Stapledon’s Star Maker. Many esteemed people of the day were impressed by it: Jose Luis Borges, Virginia Woolf, Bertrand Russell and Winston Churchill. 870 mots de plus


The Magical Belief of Religion

So then, the perseptual after thought on life. The fear of creationism actually being real is just that, a belief based on fear. Fear that there isin’t a happily ever after. 805 mots de plus


Juan Cole, Antisemitic Professor At U Michigan, Blames 'Far Right Wing Jews' On Charleston Shooting — A University of Michigan history professor is blaming the Charleston church shooting on “Islamophobia” being spread by “right wing Jews” such as Pamela Geller and Daniel Pipes. 88 mots de plus


Enigma മ്യൂസിക് സാത്താനിസം ആണോ ?

Enigma Music എന്ന് കേള്കുന്പോള് തന്നെ ക്രിസ്തൃ൯സിന് പൊതുവെ ഒരു ഭയമാണ് « അത് സാത്താ൯ ബാ൯ഡ് അല്ലേ ? » എന്നു ചോദിക്കും. ഞാ൯ പൊതുവെ പാശ്ചാത്യ സംഗീതം ആണ് കേള്കുന്നത് അതുകൊണ്ടു തന്നെ ഒരുപാടു പേ൪ ഈ ചോദൃം ചോദിച്ചിടുണ്ട്. 52 mots de plus


Science isn't democratic: nor is religion

‘Science isn’t democratic — nor is religion.’ These words need to be engraved on the hearts of all law-makers, everywhere.

‘Science isn’t democratic.’ Clearly it’s not. 726 mots de plus