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Jesus, "The Opinion of Truth"

We have become a society full of « opinions, » have we not?

Cut on the news there is an « opinion. » 

Have a discussion about Holy Scripture, and you will hear more… 805 mots de plus


Science Madness

The problem these days is not so much « mad scientists » as people who are mad at science.

Where did the Mad Scientist come from? 725 mots de plus


La Belle Sauvage - again...

If you think about it, the Dark Materials trilogy is a self-contained work that cannot itself be added to or extended: the events of those novels span multiple universes, made possible by the operations of Lord Asriel, and also by the use of the subtle knife, and when the novels end, the doors between the universes must all be sealed up, and the knife broken, so no further movement between worlds is possible: this is what makes the separation of Will and Lyra at the end of The Amber Spyglass so moving and painful – as well as necessary. 636 mots de plus


"Prophet TB Joshua Is My Boy" – Witch Doctor Strongly Alleged

Akomadan-Afrancho based fetish priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam claims the founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Prophet TB Joshua is his boy.

According to him, he has on countless occasions supported the man of God to perform miracles in his church in faraway Nigeria indicating that he is one of over… 74 mots de plus


Small natural wonders

If you currently go into nature, to get in front of him, as in a great painting. Different shades of color light up a counter, fresh green, plain green, dark green, yellow, orange and orange-brown. 71 mots de plus


Early Sunday morning, town gathering at

 the rumor mill

waiting, like God, to forgive

your bang.

For years he kept you around

to bang pots and pans… 119 mots de plus