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Making it Real

Back when I was working theatre we often had to rig effects that would be operated by actors.  The basic rule was simple: if a tech could operate it three times in a row without problems, then there are no problems in the system and any problems could be blamed on operator error.   484 mots de plus

Seminary Life


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Don’t forget to download the book The Theory of Fate for free at http://www.thetheoryoffate.weebly.com… 49 mots de plus

Exciting New Podcast for the Theologically Minded Woman

Probably one of the most unfulfilled areas in Christianity where women are concerned is the area of sound, biblical theology.

Oh, sure, there’s people like Joyce Meyer and Paula White, but can we really call them biblical in their theology? 57 mots de plus


Metaphysics: Frequency and Calibration

It’s rare when a Mystic reveals the secrets of how they finally arrived – where they are.

Even when they do, they often disguise those secrets in lofty language.  123 mots de plus


Leaving Home for Home

Living in two time zones is surreal when it is literally night and day between my two homes at any given point in time.

Spending time between the United States and Singapore has become a new reality in the past year as I find myself traveling across continents and… 667 mots de plus


Praise Be To Lloyd

I’m thinking of starting a religion.

Not just for the tax advantages (although those are unjustifiably good), but also because the idea of enticing people to work against their own best interests as a species sounds fun and amusing as well as pathetically easy. 507 mots de plus