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176 days to go

3 weeks of walking finished and actually stayed on track….5 days each week of 2, then 3, then 4 miles a day. Tomorrow starts the 5 mile a day week, but I’m allowing myself to drop to 4 days now because hockey also starts this coming week. 79 mots de plus


Glowriding in the Kingdom of Heaven

Mennonite churches have been relatively successful at doing good for the most vulnerable in our society. Important work often seen as for our neighbours might include: building housing, serving meals, and sponsoring refugees. 658 mots de plus

Westview Christian Fellowship

Mourning in Judaism

this afternoon (saturday 21st), 3.15-3.30pm (repeated from tuesday 19th march), on bbc radio 4

mourning – traditions in judaism (presented by euella jackson) (in the… 28 mots de plus