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To change the whole a mosquito

My mind races. I want to improve the world. Around me I see potential. I see struggle. I see love. I see pain. I see hope. 735 mots de plus

My Journey

"This is not a daycare" Commentary

Warning: Political/ social issue post about the “This is not a daycare. It’s a university!” gentleman. (President of the Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Dr. Everett Piper.) If you don’t like reading political or social commentary, skip now. 746 mots de plus

Why do Muslim terrorists attack non-Muslim cities?

Retaking the issue of Islamic terrorism, anti-Muslim bigots and conservative war hawks ask the following: if colonialism is really what causes terrorism, then why are Muslims the only ones who perpetrate attacks on Oceanian, European and American cities? 1 132 mots de plus


Jesus shrinks from his new notoriety

He declines to be interviewed.
A glimpse, only,
a side-long breath, let out

too late, swallowed in haste,
not to appear too gullible,
too eager. 59 mots de plus


The Southern Yankee: 20 vital tips for someone who plans on moving from the North to Dixie

Molly Randles
The Oxford Eagle

A « Southern Yankee » – oxymoronic right? That’s exactly what it feels like to move from the North to the South.  616 mots de plus



What took place in Paris may be the future for rural New South Wales, Australia. Foolish talk? Well, perhaps not as; « THE sleepy rural town of Young in the cherry-picking heart of NSW has undergone a radical transformation. 94 mots de plus


No Peace In The World Without Peace Among the World's Religions

First of all, let me thank Fr. Jason Parkin and the planners of this event tonight for inviting me to be part of this interreligious Thanksgiving Service. 1 653 mots de plus