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God, Salvation, Evil, and Hell.

Can people who do not believe in hell be offended at being told they are going there? And if they are, do they have any plausible reason to be? 771 mots de plus

Christian Faith

Sunday Is For More Than Coffee In Bed

When you wake up on Sunday morning what do you do? Do you lie in bed, drink coffee and read the paper? Or do you do nothing and just laze around for the day? 217 mots de plus


The War They Invented

As I was walking through a parking lot the other day, I spotted a bumper sticker on the tailgate of a large white truck. « Keep Christ in Christmas. 600 mots de plus


Luther: Scripture is Clear

In Erasmus’s On Free Will, Erasmus says that we probably shouldn’t be all that bothered about the debate between free will and predestination. We could spend ages pouring over the Bible trying to figure out which is which, or we could just accept that it’s maybe not something we’re fully meant to know and get on with our lives. 1 140 mots de plus


Iran’s Other Generation Gap, 40 Years On

As the Islamic Republic enters its fifth decade, keeping the revolution “alive” will depend on the ability of its image-makers not only to appeal to a younger population that wants change but also to build consensus among members of the younger generation within the regime’s own ranks. 40 mots de plus


1,000 WORDS (2nd attempt): DAY 6: Being Aware of Being Aware.

I had a really powerful experience a few months ago on an acid trip on one mere blotter tab. I’ve had higher dose trips, but the point was not to get insanely psychedelic that night, but to examine a bit of what is lurking just beneath my mind’s surface as I enter this technically new stage of life which I am just settling into. 1 114 mots de plus