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Is religious fundamentalist violence real?

In a recent post on The Atlantic, Caner Dagli argues at length that fundamentalist Islam isn’t real Islam. And in fact, it is dangerous to non-fundamentalist Muslims to put them in this position: 542 mots de plus

Homily: Second Sunday of Lent [B]

…not just as another preacher, but rather as the next step in the history of the Jewish people—truly, the successor, or even fulfillment of the law, represented by Moses, and of the prophets, represented by Elijah.

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an die menschheit

Wir versuchen zu leben

wir versuchen zu streben

alles zu erziehlen

sind jedoch nie ganz zufrieden.

alles der welt scheint uns nicht gut

denn es scheint immer etwas zu fehlen. 116 mots de plus

Roman Catholicism vs. Independent Bible Church

As you can see, big topic! Like really big. I’ve been raised Roman Catholic. I did the usual Sunday school, vacation bible school, and was very involved. 786 mots de plus

False Prophets

Any teacher or prophet who does not genuinely wish, encourage and enable students or adherents to ultimately learn and discover beyond what he has to impart is really no teacher or prophet at all. 54 mots de plus


Millions live their lives
Knowing that, Muhammad, Krishna, or the Buddha are the way
Still some believe it’s right
To say in the name of Jesus when you pray 231 mots de plus

"What The World Needs Now.........

…….is Love Sweet Love »?   Close, but not quite according to physicist supergenius Stephen Hawking this week.

In an interview with California student Adaeze Uyanwah, she asked him what human trait would he most like to change.   678 mots de plus