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April 6 Healing Thought's 'The Twenty-Third Psalm'

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

He makes me lie down in green pastures;

He leads me beside still waters;

He restored my soul. 85 mots de plus


Daily Reading, Daily Bread

Reading the scriptures daily and on Sundays in the lectionary is one of the great reforms begun by the Catholic Church after the Second Vatican Council. 281 mots de plus


Humble Calvinism by J.A. Medders

Having a book titled « Humble Calvinism » is sure going to make a lot people do a double take.

In his short book (~160 pages, 8 chapters), J.A. 315 mots de plus

Book Review

What I used to think

Last week, he sat quietly in our waiting room, tears silently slipping out of his gentled eyes and down his weathered cheeks. He sat, hands folded and eyes lifted up, his mind deep in memory, or prayer. 1 412 mots de plus


A Review of 10 Discoveries in Archaeology Confirming the Accuracy of the Bible

Scott Lanser and Bryan Windle of the Associates for Biblical Research highlight what they consider to be the top 10 archaeological discoveries that confirm the historical accuracy of New Testament accounts in this 26-minute video released on June 16.


It's Chaos. Be Kind.

Title from Michelle McNamara, as told by husband Patton in his Netflix special Annihilation. 

We buy cookies. Every time. Fat ones, from a bakery we have delivered. 853 mots de plus


Living Dead

Imagine if you will this. You’re dead but wide awake at the same time (no, you’re not a zombie) and trapped inside of a coffin. Now imagine this, this coffin is sent far far away into the far reaches of the universe. 1 295 mots de plus