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The Rats have Taken over.

The monopoly of major parties on our democracy concerns me. We seem to have fallen into the trap of Republican v Democrat, Labour v Conservative, Labor v Liberal and not much else. 15 mots de plus

28 October ― 13 ‘Ilm

Briefly; the Blessed Perfection bore all these ordeals and calamities in order that our hearts might become enkindled and radiant, our spirits be glorified, our faults become virtues, our ignorance transformed into knowledge; in order that we might attain the real fruits of humanity and acquire heavenly graces; although pilgrims upon earth we should travel the road of the heavenly kingdom; although needy and poor we might receive the treasures of life eternal. 362 mots de plus

Bahá'í Calligraphy

"You Get First Dibs" by Dr.J.

« Mama I should come to you more often . « Son any time- you have first dibs! »

Parents, your children are listening and watching! 142 mots de plus


Blessed Virgin Mary - "If I told you depth of corruption in government circles, you be appalled"

Holy Love Ministry

October 27, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

« Praise be to Jesus. »

« When dishonesty becomes a character trait of a person, it touches and becomes a part of everything the person says, does or thinks. 158 mots de plus


Self-Righteous Politics

A few years ago, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints entered into a partnership with the Catholic Church based on the Manhattan Declaration.  Faced with the rising acceptance of humanist philosophies that reject the existence of God and deny the moral absolutes rooted in his commandments, the three major goals of this Declaration were to defend the sanctity of life, to defend traditional marriage, and to protect religious liberty. 91 mots de plus

Donald Trump


So hi guys. It’s been a while I know. I guess I should start with a little background to what’s been going on. After my grandpa passed away I really turned away from writing because I was just so upset I couldn’t do it. 176 mots de plus