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The Behavior with Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Arab Islamic American Summit

Firstly, purpose of this summit was to collaborate the whole Islamic world on one international forum. For this, project of International Armed Force of Islamic Countries:  153 mots de plus

Views About Things Happening In Life!

Good Morning May 23

We had a great blessing in our family yesterday. The adoption of two year old Will was finalized for our daughter Rebekah. We all went to court yesterday morning, sat in the court room while the formal legal procedures were dealt with, and heard the judge make his final decree. 157 mots de plus

Good Morning

Gautama Buddha (2014) Review

When looked at from a rational, unbiased perspective, Buddhism and Christianity share many similarities. Now isn’t the time or the place to discuss them all, but allow me to touch on a few key points. 361 mots de plus


A Conversation of a Mother with a Saint

As I sit down after a long day…  tiredness prevails and my mind wanders…

« Father Francis? » … I say as I sip my cup of tea, « being a mother can be very challenging at times. 861 mots de plus


Stop It

A few recent events have got me thinking about how we treat each other, most especially the strangers we come near to, but don’t interact with and the internet we use to show our ugly side. 1 129 mots de plus