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Inside of Me


I am not what you see.

I am what is inside of me.

Not what society chooses to believe,

but what life has made of me. 45 mots de plus


As Far As You Can Get Without A Passport

« Bray gave me the William Blake, the songs with the pictures, and that comes close. Descartes was supposed to help a bit but just made things worse. 145 mots de plus

Comic Books


I have been praying for revival and spiritual awakening for a long time. My Twitter profile says join me in praying for a world wide revival. 284 mots de plus

Here Is All You Need To Prove Bigots Wrong About 'Traditional Marriage'

This is worth a read, though most of the people you will try to get this information through to will say, « But this is America, not some other country. 284 mots de plus

Gay Marriage

Modern He-Art.

I will curl
My cone-shaped
Like modern day art
In the corner
Of this carti-rib cage
And try to hold on to
The little soul the world hasn’t taken yet. 243 mots de plus


How to Read Genesis for All It's Worth

One of the most tragic and confining cages is the outright rejection of our God-breathed reason in favor of a bastardized human certainty of biblical literalism.  40 mots de plus


Pope Francis Visits A Declining Catholic Church

by Rabbi Allen S. Maller

A new Pew Research survey of 5,122 U.S. adults, (including 1,016 self-identified Catholics) finds that the Catholic church’s share of the religious marketplace is down from 23.9 percent in 2007 to 20 percent in the new survey, conducted in May and June of 2015. 455 mots de plus