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Short Introduction of this Site

Hello friends, my name is Abdul Aziz. Learning, knowing something new is my passion. I always try to know something new. I wanted to make a site which will contain all the elements of my study. 21 mots de plus


Holiday for Rebels

I love this season.   A few tenacious colors still hanging to bare trees, the flurry of feathered flight, the calm hours between storms, the energetic storms themselves, the bright crescent moon in a clear night’s sky, tipping toward planets and stars, a quiet forest walk with bubbling waterfalls. 369 mots de plus

Trump's Education Pick Wants To Use the Public School System for "greater Kingdom gain"!

Fantastic news for those of you who want to drain public school funding to support Christian education!

Politico got ahold of an interview that Betsy DeVos, Trump’s pick to be his Secretary of Education, gave at a Christian conference back in 2001. 166 mots de plus

Meet and Greet

I welcome anyone to visit the Meet and Greet HERE or the link below. It is a great catalog of various bloggers that can be found on WordPress and makes it easy to find new connections. 50 mots de plus


The elections are over, thank God.

So its been about three weeks since the election, we all know who won.
I have been around long enough to say « I have been around long enough to remember… (fill in the blank) » I have seen a bunch of Popes come and go, 12 presidential terms,never mind the names, just the 4 year terms. 548 mots de plus


The new you . . . knows that with every problem comes the solution.

« Often, when you are on the spiritual path,
there is a war that goes on between the person you once were
and the person you are becoming. 44 mots de plus