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The Key To Respecting Religious Groups We Don’t Agree With, According To Reza Aslan

Source: Huffington Post

By Antonia Blumberg

It’s easy to write off belief systems that may seem strange or foreign. But perhaps there’s something even the most devout among us can learn from exploring the unknown. 218 mots de plus

The Muslim Times

Rest After Death?

Many have had the notion that there is more sleep after death and so work tirelessly without giving themselves a break. Well, is that true? Are they right in what they are thinking? 499 mots de plus



WE ARE NOT THE SOURCE OF THE WORDS WE SPEAKS, it is the spirit of God or the Devil in the flesh of us, that speaks. 255 mots de plus


sometimes I wonder if

I haven’t found love because I don’t believe in god

or if I haven’t found love

because god doesn’t believe in me

The True Religion

The first thing that one should know and clearly understand about Islam is what the word « Islam » itself means.

The religion of Islam is not named after a person as 3 618 mots de plus


Common misconceptions about Islam


Misconceptions # 1: Islam is a religion only for Arabs

Of the two billion Muslims worldwide, only 15% to 20% are Arabs. There are 1 509 mots de plus


What Drives People to Convert to Islam?

The nature of religious faith is quite mysterious. As part of their religious faiths, people believe in a variety of deities. There are people who have 1 630 mots de plus