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The Ultimate Sign of Compassion

As many of you know, I consider myself more « spiritual » than religious. I have not attended a church, for various reasons, in many years. 78 mots de plus

Dear Readers

Judaism - Blood or Philosophy 

It’s extraordinary.

We’re extraordinary.

Because Judaism is the racist of all religions. Because if your mother’s a Jew, then you’re a Jew, no matter what you do; you can covert to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or Hari Krishna, and it won’t help you. 472 mots de plus


Life as a Jewish Utahn

By: Madison Butcher

Sam Winkler could be described as a husband, father, police officer, neighbor and friend. But living as a minority in a predominantly Latter-day Saint community separates him from most: Sam Winkler is a Jew. 781 mots de plus


From Mexico City to Salt Lake City: Conquering language and cultural barriers

By: Taylor Jaussi

Rising from the confessional after listening to nearly an hour of confessions — all in English — Rev. Jorge Roldán felt as if his head would never stop spinning. 1 222 mots de plus