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Superiority is not a word to describe a religion

Many paths of elevation are available and desirable for reaching connection with God.

Solitary prayer unites divinity with creation for the moments the connection is true. 282 mots de plus

Energy Guidance Complete

If Allah had willed, He would have made you one nation, but that (He) may test you in what He has given you; so compete in good deeds. Al – Maida 5/48

One morning I listened to my musical volume where almost all songs of the Globe nations were recorded and I thought what a bliss that there are too many peoples, cultures, religions, races in our unrepeatable world! 18 mots de plus


Where'd I park my car? (or, Adventures on Asphalt.)

I’m notorious for forgetting where I parked my car at Walmart.  If you ever see someone wandering about in a parking lot, it’s probably me.  And to make it worse, since… 459 mots de plus

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Does God exist?

No. But for some, for the time being, yes.

No, because the name God is a human word and in Reality, where all things are perfect and known, there no names. 543 mots de plus


More than shamrocks: The story of the real St. Patrick

Parades, concerts, shamrocks and the « wearing o’ the green » mark the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, which falls on today. But the real-life fifth century man is even more colorful. 381 mots de plus