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Minor Meetings: How four strangers changed my life pt. 4

The final person on my list of minor characters was perhaps one of my most pleasant surprises. I met Daniel on a trip I took with my Living World Religions class to Chicago. 1 209 mots de plus


Library of Kirpal Sagar

Dear friends,

Here some more information about the library of Kirpal Sagar.

I send my greetings from my heart to all of you

Library… 276 mots de plus


Is Islam a Religion?

Islam has been mentioned for centuries in Christianity. But is Islam a religion or a sect? Addressing the way in which the Catholic Faith has viewed Islam from Vatican Council II onwards,  103 mots de plus


Would The World Be Better Without Religions?

Every religion started with the word of God and just us, people manage to create them differently. If we get rid of them, nothing would be different because we are doing the right or the wrong. 294 mots de plus


Christian Evangelism Of Hate: Defame Anything Of Islamic Faith 

Mr Ovo is a Christian lawyer. He is one of those few Christians who openly shown the Violent Evangelism; Evangelism Of hate, by the Nigeria Christian. 1 273 mots de plus

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