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What is God, and how can we know Him?

God – an ocean of all consciousness

God is described as the one supreme being, the unmanifest-manifested, the eternal verity, the conscious spirit pervading all forms that emanate from Him – He upholding all creation, but is immanent in every form. 8 691 mots de plus



Human rights are universally valid and indivisible, regardless of culture and religion.
Alice Schwarzer


Paganism Introduction

Hey, all. I figured that for the first entry of the blog, I would talk about a topic I know a lot about: Paganism.

Despite what many people think, Paganism is an umbrella term. 174 mots de plus


Commentary on Saint Patrick

Reasoning behind understanding Patrick as a Roman-Briton Invader at War against Pagan Ireland

If many of us as modern commercialized Americans consider ‘The Confessions’ of St. 359 mots de plus

Kebersamaan menurut Alkitab


Mazmur 133    

1. Nyanyian ziarah Daud. Sungguh, alangkah baiknya dan indahnya, apabila saudara-saudara diam bersama dengan rukun! 2.  260 mots de plus


08/09/2009 This article looks at Sawm, which is fasting. it examines why Muslims are required to fast and why it means more than just abstaining from food. 511 mots de plus


Introduction To The History Of Religions TXT

Read the full-text online edition of Introduction to the History of Religions (1913). Home » Browse » Books » Book details, Introduction to the History of The history of religion refers to the written record of human religious experiences and ideas. 411 mots de plus