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Missouri Lieutenant Governor Office Renovations Top $50,000

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Missouri has approved more than $54,000 for remodeling the Capitol office of new Lt. Gov. Mike Parson.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Republican lieutenant governor has spent about $8,500 on new furniture and more than $46,000 on updates, including new hardwood flooring, wall repairs, replacing wiring and new kitchen appliances. 104 mots de plus


Getting ugly: Excavation

4 February 2017

This is when things get ugly.

Today, the house spot started out coated in grass (albeit dead). Tonight, it is scarred the colour of rust. 172 mots de plus


Dry Solder Joints

Some parts in a power amp stage get very hot.  The output transistors of course but also some of the resistors in the output stage.  After years and decades of getting very hot and then cooling and running through this hot, cold cycle repeatedly, some solder joints can develop a hairline crack.   73 mots de plus


Finishing the Bathroom 

One thing I’ve learned about home improvement projects from fixing up my bathroom is that there is no hard and fast finish to these things. It’s not like those shows where they add one last touch, have a big reveal, pack it up and call it a day. 288 mots de plus

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Renovation update

Yesterday, these guys woke me up and said -We are coming to install the railing. And I thought ‘Wow on a Saturday’!! Then i realized it was Thursday :) 195 mots de plus


General update

Is this thing on? Hello? Hello?

I know I’ve been a little radio silent these days. The thing is, we’re just kind of trucking along. With the nice weather, we’ve been working on some outdoor cleanup around the house. 576 mots de plus