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House in Istria by Ksenija Djordjevic Architect

Location: Fažana, Istria, Croatia

Year: 2014

Area: 374 m2

Architects : Ksenija Djordjevic, Danijel Pavic, Milan Grbic

Ksenija Djordjevic

Principal Architect

Vlajkoviceva 7/9

Belgrade, Serbia… 480 mots de plus


Renovation update

Powder room, almost done! The electrician has some more work to do.

The crown molding for the kitchen, along with two other pieces we’ve been waiting for a long time, are finally here. 203 mots de plus


Eighty days

  • 80 days of dust and dirt (renovation)
  • 44 days taken to furnish the house (blinds, wardrobe etc)
  • 170 days of independence! cooking, cleaning, grocery shop etc ON OUR OWN…
  • 8 mots de plus

Dining Room Re-Do!

Our dining room was a hodge podge of items that looked fine, but lacked cohesiveness.  We had a dining set that we loved because it belonged to Todd’s great grandmother but….it was definitely showing its age.   774 mots de plus

Before And After

Sailboat Update (1980 O'Day 28)

So I haven’t done a formal update (the reason I started writing this blog), so here it goes.  I’ll try to post as many pictures as I can about what I’m doing and why. 161 mots de plus


O Gra-na-da!

I suppose a ceasefire is out of the question, yeah? 957 mots de plus


Cleaning, Shoe, and Wall Prep

The shoe has been installed and everything looks mostly good.  There were a few pieces that didn’t appear to have poly on them, and a few noticeable gaps between the shoe and the floor/baseboards … and our contractor has been great and is totally willing to work with us and send someone out to remedy those items.  668 mots de plus