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Lower right kitchen cabinet

Our lower right kitchen cabinet has a really nice looking and nicely made filler panel that covers the hole to the lower tub plumbing in the bathroom on the other side of that wall.  746 mots de plus


Oh, the life of a builders wife...

It will not surprise you that when I married my Mr Builder 28ish years ago I knew very little about the building trade and much less about what life just might be like married to a one. 1 336 mots de plus


Front Yard Walkway -- Setting the Step

Charlie and  Sug spent much of the day finishing the cedar border for the stone walkway.

Sug packed the centers of the blocks with dirt and Charlie secured them with rebar. 105 mots de plus


Week 36: Kitchen Worktop

Last week, after the excitement of the kitchen units going in, we couldn’t wait until the worktop got installed…

We went with (another) marble effect, but instead of matching with the bathroom tiles, we chose a less ‘busy’ style. 157 mots de plus