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Petite trendy en sexy schoenen

I <3 van schoenen!

Mooie trendy en sexy schoenen met stiletto hak. Echter, ik ben niet groot en heb dan ook kleine voeten (petite feet). Wat te doen? 1 125 mots de plus


Hmm... OL?

I don’t see myself working a desk job but well, you never know. I do hope I’ll become a researcher, or wind up doing something in fashion, but just in case I don’t, I need a backup plan. 285 mots de plus

Fevrie: I'm Edgy Skirt

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Cinderella's Shoes by Repetto

When I was kid, a new Disney movie meant a new McDonald’s toy.

Kids these days go for high fashion merch, I suppose.

After Stella McCartney released a special kids collection with the Maleficent theme, the stakes are higher.  114 mots de plus