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Toronto et les médias

Cette semaine à Toronto, un jeune homme a commis un crime. Il a tué des gens en fonçant sur eux avec un camion. Exprès.

C’est un crime. 1 145 mots de plus

Autism / Autisme

Bearing responsibility as the symbol of Berlin.

Despite being in Berlin over Easter, rather than searching for chocolate bunnies, I was hunting for bears (metaphorically speaking). Pictured below is my excitement of finding my first bear, the novelty soon wore off after realising around every corner there was another bear waiting to be found. 887 mots de plus

Design elements of IKEA adverts exam question

Explain how IKEA combines design elements and principles in its print advertising to communicate a message about the brand.

Refer to a number of examples in your answer. 679 mots de plus


Study Finds Diversity In Television On The Rise, But Not Representative Of American Population

EXCLUSIVE: As the landscape of television changes, there have been huge strides in the representation of people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, and marginalized communities. 554 mots de plus

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Tuesday April 24, 2018

What media have been most effective at capturing the “both/and,” always otherwise, always incommunicable truth of the psychedelic experience? It is, after all, only by way of a… 139 mots de plus