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Ugh, We Have to Talk About The Shack

Note: For the regular viewers, this week’s post is fucking huge.

So The Shack is a Christian book that got read by heaps of people and then got heaps of blowback for doing theological things that were interpreted in a particular way. 4 466 mots de plus


Hack Live - Is Male Privilege Bullsh!t?

I started this blog because I wanted to talk about scripts. When I read, and then when I write about them, I learn. I reflect and I get better. 1 583 mots de plus


Interview with Marc Jordan Cohen, Writer, Producer and Creator of "Daddy Issues"

The bio from the Instagram page of « Daddy Issues » reads: « It costs a lot to live in New York. Is it worth selling yourself? 1 596 mots de plus


COMICS: Riri Williams and the Limits of Representation

Like most mainstream entertainment companies, Marvel has long had a diversity problem. From the publisher’s prioritization of white, male characters in its comics to its favoritism of white, male creators on its staff, it feels almost redundant to list the many ways Marvel has historically failed to reflect the multicultural realities of the world – and most importantly, its loyal readers and fans. 2 208 mots de plus


Reflection notes: Representation, methods and reliability

The other night I attended an evening dedicated to exploring Motor Neurone Disease through short lectures, poetry and a  play, including art by Sarah Ezekiel, the woman who I discussed in an earlier post who has lived with the disease for 14 years. 876 mots de plus

Assignment 1 Reflection And Research

Workplace Demographics

The staff meeting had devolved into a conversation about the relative pros and cons of getting amniotic fluid out of industrial carpeting.

Pro: it’s clear. … 301 mots de plus

Life In California

Representative Governance

It is taken for granted that the American Republic is a representative system of governance because that was the intention behind its creation.

The truth is that representative governance in the United States died on the Federal level many years ago.

Article 10