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Autism Stereotypes in Film

In today’s generation many people understand that autism is rapidly increasing among our youth. When someone’s child is diagnosed with autism, their parents are normally  fear that their child will lead a dependent and unfulfilling life. 168 mots de plus


Badass or Bad: Represent

Badass: We want to start out this installment by recognizing some of the BAMFs who’ve spent yesterday fighting to save the ACA (Obamacare) on the floor of the U.S. 1 379 mots de plus

Last Minute DIY Mother's Day Gift | Mum's Survival Kit

Looking for a last minute mother’s day gift idea?

I got the idea for this little kit from a present I received previously from an ex partner. 384 mots de plus


Why it took me 2 hours to make my Mass Effect: Andromeda characters

I love video games, but sometimes playing them sucks. When I look at my favorite franchises or even just the popular games, none of the protagonists I get to play with, experience emotion with, and grow with look like me. 659 mots de plus


Refugee Film Festival

In May we will host a series of events, art projections, feature films, documentaries and accompanying talks including film-makers exploring the experiences of refugees.

What are the rights of refugees? 53 mots de plus


The Secret Effects of News Media

By Kimberly Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

Tune in to national news and you might find a segment about a new immigration order. This segment might feature clips of Hispanics in handcuffs and people crossing the border. 558 mots de plus

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