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Representation, why does it matter?

Growing up I didn’t see faces that looked like mine in my favourite popular media. Whether it was television shows, magazine covers, music videos or films. 811 mots de plus

Thoughts on "Carry On"

I just finished reading Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. And I have some things to say about it that are gonna read as kinda critical, but let me get this part out first. 1 980 mots de plus


Trans People Aren't Mythical Creatures

In research we often provide what is referred to as a positionality statement. It helps our readers understand who we are, how our experiences and identities effect our understandings of the subject we are writing about. 1 863 mots de plus


Scholar: Cultural Insensitivity Calls For More Representation At ASK

The opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints expressed by the various authors and columnists in this section do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints of The Catalyst. 572 mots de plus


Why Watching Bad Films is a Good Idea

Cinema and films can produce some truly novel, beautiful and exceptional pieces of entertainment, writing and general narrative. Let alone, entertainment, action and fun. But they can also produce god-awful bits of poor casting, bad CGI, and overall bad decision-making. 556 mots de plus


Bodyguard shows drama cannot be truly subversive unless those creating it are

The controversial ending to The Bodyguard has divided opinions, Tashmia Owen explains why so many people felt disappointed (spoilers)

Anyone tuning into the attention-grabbing, ratings machine Bodyguard on BBC one lastnight won’t have missed the conversation it has created. 813 mots de plus


Gabriela's Take On: Crazy Rich Asians

This film was one of the most anticipated of 2018.
Based on Steven Kwam’s novel of the same name, this film features a completely Asian cast, and that is something that had never been seen in Hollywood. 755 mots de plus