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The Challenges of American NGOs Abroad

By Sarah Bush

It isn’t easy being an American non-governmental organization (NGO) abroad these days. In July, the Russian government banned the National Endowment for Democracy, an American political foundation, as “undesirable.” Though this decision was especially headline-grabbing in the context of the general deterioration of American-Russian relations, it is part of a general trend ( 473 mots de plus

Foreign Policy

"Dear fat People" video is just letting off steam repressed by PC censorship.

The recent « dear fat people » video that has been attacked, is just an explosion against politically correct censorship. for so long there has been excessive political correctness, and people dont like having their free speech repressed. 15 mots de plus

What I'm Up To....

It’s been a long time since I wrote about what I actually do here in Albania. I’ve filled you in on what life is like in Albania and on what it’s like (for me!) to be a Peace Corps Volunteer, but I haven’t said much about the activities that keep me… 3 153 mots de plus


Could Cultural Repressions Spark Next Russian Silver Age?

William Echols

In a Russia increasingly hemmed in with swearing bans, neo-Soviet censors and more, will a new generation of artists rise amidst a growing sense of cultural repression? 72 mots de plus

Love's Last Litany

I have never known alone
as when I lie next to you.

I have never felt orphaned,
as when cramped within our zoo. 118 mots de plus




Then one day a nixie-niggle descended

from the cold branches of a towering fir

with a proposition for the disenchanted man:

May I forever dye your thick, chestnut hair… 189 mots de plus


Trauma, Needs and Letting Myself Be Held

This morning I woke from broken, hardly formed sleep, knowing I could not move. I could not get up and face the day, my body would not allow it. 554 mots de plus

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