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University Occupations, Autonomous Zones, and Direct Democracy: The Student Movement of Macedonia 2014-2015

By the Autonomous Balkan Informbureau / March 2015

From October 2014 until 2015 a massive and militant student movement took to the streets of Skopje, occupied several universities and declared them autonomous zones and eventually forced the government not only to revoke their hated educational reform but also to draft a completely new Higher Education Act – with the involvement of the students. 4 643 mots de plus


Why feminism matters more than ever.

Page Three. The glass ceiling. Cat Calling. Female Genital Mutilation. Child Marriage. Complete Repression. In whatever form, and in whichever part of the world, it is evident that women are still repressed, they are not equal and it is disgusting. 860 mots de plus


The Red Shame

Fasten your seat belts in case you jolt back and find it hard to maintain inertia, because I’m going to talk about what most people find pretty offensive to speak about in people- no it’s not terrorism or anything- it’s simply Periods. 1 905 mots de plus


Federal Court Orders Newmont Mining to Turn Over Evidence to Peruvian Wounded in Protest

Federal Court Orders Newmont Mining to Turn Over Evidence to Peruvian Wounded in Protest

March 19, 2015

New human rights tool will shed light on the events leading to the paralysis of Peruvian Farmer paralyzed during repression of 2011 protest… 465 mots de plus


I feel what I feel

I’m sick of this idea that there are good and bad feelings. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, there’s this belief in society that each gender has a list of acceptable feelings and a list of things you shouldn’t feel or, in case you do feel them, you shouldn’t say it out loud AND you must feel guilty for feeling them. 471 mots de plus


'Safe Space' is the antithesis of liberal anarchism

The censorship policies of political forums are a bit like those of casinos and private video gaming servers. Some users are banned because they don’t abide by the rules, but the majority of those who are banned, are banned because they cannot be defeated, and no one wants to attempt to contend with them. 6 648 mots de plus

Steps to the river

The temple was open to the bright noon sun

soft winter wind near Ganges

Desires so many veiled desires dancing with the wind in this small temple… 84 mots de plus