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Young Man Beaten For Wife's Mal-Veiling

A young man was severely beaten in public by the police in Bandar-e Anzali in north of Iran.

The man was beaten due to his wife’s so-called mal-veiling.  56 mots de plus


Rozaya -- Actions, Communication, And The Lengths We Went To Protect


what you are about to read is the result of many voices blending as one, when Cooperland’s illusion of unity still enforced the idea that those who wrote this piece were one person, that one person being Rozaya. 3 272 mots de plus

Life Stories

Diverse Approaches; One Goal

Another individual, Renaud Bernadin, Minister of Planning and External Cooperation, came to the Hospice to meet with us. His physical presence was that of a caged lion. 426 mots de plus

If Najib wins big, an era of more repression awaits: US thinktank

If Najib wins big, an era of more repression awaits: US thinktank

GE14 | US thinktank Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has predicted a more “repressive” Malaysia should caretaker prime minister Najib Abdul Razak and BN win again in the upcoming general election. 426 mots de plus


David versus Goliath: the Campaign against Barclays Bank 1969-87

In the period 1959-69 there were boycotts of South African goods and sport. Boycotts included not buying South African fruit or playing international cricket. Universities boycotted academic jobs and conferences1. 550 mots de plus


The State of My Mind: April 19, 2018

My anxiety hits me like a sack of bricks coming down hard. It’s unannounced and unplanned and sometimes makes it hard to think about anything else. 1 322 mots de plus


Mistakes Abound in Austin: Reflections on Recent Events

The past few months have been complicated and messy. Conflicts have broken out between formerly allied leftist formations and new lines & allegiances have been formed. 4 904 mots de plus