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No, Obama, Muslim Heroism Means Reforming A Decrepit Faith

President Obama has chosen to partner with the most repressive strains of Islam in America today rather than challenging them to upgrade.

FEBRUARY 4, 2016 By… 754 mots de plus


Bloomington, IN (USA): Banner hung in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Sean Swain

Received on 05.02.16:

We hung a banner in solidarity with Sean Swain’s struggles against the prison system in Ohio. Despite repeatedly being transferred and having his communications cut off, Sean remains uncompromising in his pursuit of freedom, putting his life on the line in struggle against the state. 56 mots de plus


Demonstration 6th February 2016, Berlin Friedrichshain (en/de)

Demonstration, 6.2., Friedrichshain

« Es ist Razzia im Chaotenbezirk »

Leipzig, 12.1.: Zwei bis drei Hundertschaften organisierte Nazihools aus dem Bundesgebiet erzeugen Glasbruch in Connewitz. Kleine Warnung für ein Viertel, in dem noch und wieder einige Chaoten wohnen. 644 mots de plus


Avrupa Konseyi Genel Sekreteri Thorbjørn Jagland Türkiye'deki akademisyen gözaltılarıyla ilgili endişesini dile getirdi

Çeviren: Translators for justice


15 Ocak 2016

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Türkçe Metinler

Hallelujah (ad infinitum)


Hallelujah to the groom

oh, a beautiful man taken too soon

taken by the best man

in the back room.

Oh, hallelujah, for the groom… 83 mots de plus


China’s Silk Road ventures carry financial risks as well as political rewards

Cary Huang says “One Belt, One Road” may be a largely sensible strategy for China’s government but making investments in unstable regions clearly has its dangers… 656 mots de plus