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Political Repression Beyond The Baton

Mike King’s new book, When Riot Police Are Not Enough, describes how movements are repressed when overt police violence is unsuccessful.

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Irish Water struggle: stand with the Jobstown defendants!

Over the course of 2014, the Republic of Ireland saw a mass struggle against the imposition of water charges, with one of the most dramatic moments coming on 15 November 2014, when a car carrying the Tánaiste (Deputy PM) was held up for two and a half hours by a community protest. 280 mots de plus


The Frontlines Are Everywhere: Grand Jury Resistance Tour

Coming to Durango, CO on April 11th…


From pipelines to courtrooms to prisons

Building strong movement defense

This Spring #NoDAPL… 218 mots de plus

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“If we operate inside the myth that we must squelch, kill off, lock up, and hide all of the qualities that make us interesting and unique, we forsake our right to experience passion and peace. 340 mots de plus

Support for the Allegheny County Jail strike

On 18th March, about 80 prisoners at Allegheny County Jail launched a 24-hour strike, with the following demands:

1. Permit the Justice Project to have immediate access to the ACJ as volunteer interns, with designated areas within the jail to conduct inmate interviews and generate reports.

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Calls Rise For Full Scottish Spycops Inquiry as Police Admit Holding Secret Files

Police Scotland has confirmed the existence of 1,168 files linked to the policing of protests in 2005 against the G8 in Scotland, including one described as holding “intelligence briefings” on spycops — prompting campaigners to raise new calls for a Scottish inquiry. 610 mots de plus

Rebel Yell

I have lived

Too many years

In eloquent silence

Playing something into


For the


Of others’

Gold-leafed memories

Denying myself


Into the house… 59 mots de plus