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High school comedy GUIDANCE starts Friday, Sept. 11

David Gold (writer-director Pat Mills) is a 36-year-old pathologically immature former child actor, who has never been able to get over high school. Recently diagnosed with skin cancer, unemployed and with nothing left to lose, he fakes his résumé and gets a job as a high school guidance counselor. 99 mots de plus


Think You're Not Damaged From Being Spanked/Hit? Think Again!

There is a video going around Facebook from a mom who thought it would be funny to show the world that her little boy put on ten pairs of underwear to protect himself from being spanked/hit for, yes this makes sense, hitting his sister. 471 mots de plus

Corporal Punishment/Spanking

Desire despair destruction. Repression ruins sadness

Desire despair destruction. Repression ruins sadness.
When any girl stops dancing I always instinctively feel a bit sorry for her: « Oh she is not a star anymore ». 258 mots de plus

Repression and Revolution: The Ironic Hero in Mr. Robot

The reality that is presented to us in Mr. Robot is cruel, cold and capitalistic. It’s one where the invisible hand of E Corp controls the human species, in its grasp of the global economy and of the structures that control the human subconscious for rentability and efficiency. 1 801 mots de plus


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Police raid anarchist space Ruma Api

On 28th August (Friday), over dozen police with automatic weapons and K-9 unit attack Rumah Api (social center/house project in Kuala Lumpur) during concert on that night. 641 mots de plus

The Pain Is REAL!

So, my husband and I are grieving his mom who went Home August 8th, 2015 and it’s become more and more obvious how the United States wants to repress pain as soon as possible. 434 mots de plus

Parenting Using Gentle Firmness

Democracy - No Guarantee for Human Rights: Repression against Civil Society in the Philippines

« Democracy – No Guarantee for Human Rights: Repression against Civil Society in the Philippines »

When: September 21-22, 2015

Where: Brot für die Welt, Caroline-Michaelis-Straße 1, 10115 Berlin, Germany… 327 mots de plus

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