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Families kept from visiting political captives in Rajai Shahr Prison

Families of political prisoners held in Rajai Shahr Prison were put thru a great deal of delay to meet with their loved ones this week at visiting hours. 149 mots de plus

Human Rights

Excerpts of Friday prayer by Khamenei in Iran, enrichment still a goal

They used to lay down terms and conditions for selling 20 percent enriched uranium to us. Unfortunately, some of our officials were gradually becoming ready to give those concessions but after persistence and resistance by our youth, the world witnessed we no longer needed the enrichment produced by the US, Russia, and France.  172 mots de plus


Antifascist and Anarchist Graffiti in Rome: Text on Text on Text

It has been a good amount over a year since I updated this blog, and while I’ve been meaning to post for a long time about the current state of my research (subsequent posts coming over this one), now feels like as good a time as ever to get back into things. 1 512 mots de plus


Have a dream, but within your limits,

Enjoy life, but not too much.

Your aspirations with mine make sure it fits,

You do have rights, but don’t think they mean much. 30 mots de plus


Where does Iran's law for no child labor below 15 exist?

Elham Eftekhari, a member of Tehran’s City Council, was quoted by the state-run ILNA news agency on May saying “Obvious grounds in the municipality facilitate exist of children exploitation in difficult jobs mostly collecting waste.” 344 mots de plus

Human Rights

Reluctant Lover

To those of you who ask me why I’m not in a relationship right now, this is the only answer I have. I don’t know if I’ll change my stance, but this is it now. 904 mots de plus