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(Bad) News From #Bure, #France

In Bure on the 15 August 2017, around 800 people set off on a demo (numbers like this had never been seen before for a non-declared demo in Bure). 1 416 mots de plus

#Hamburg: Support the #NoG20 Legal Team (EA)

The #NoG20 team is doing a great job and is taking care of the 33 people who are still imprisoned. They need our support. Visit the link at the bottom of the G20 legal team statement to go to the Firefund page in order to donate. 462 mots de plus

#UnitedWeStand: Free All #NoG20 Prisoners! Demo at September 3

On Sunday September 3 there will be a demonstration to the JVA Billwerder prison in Hamburg. Today we publish the call for the demo and a statement by the legal team (EA) Hamburg. 1 319 mots de plus

#Chicago: Call for Court Support of #Antifa Comrades

Tuesday afternoon, outside District 18 courthouse where a local white supremacist’s preliminary trial was held, community members had gathered to denounce and expose white supremacy in Charlottesville and in Chicago. 727 mots de plus

I don't want to think about my trauma anymore

Anon CN: PTSD, suicide

When will it end? How do I know when I’ve thrown myself into it, embraced my emotions, and felt it enough? 937 mots de plus


Far From Satisfactory

Far From Satisfactory

monoliths erected on
the foundations of those that were
laid down as foundations for
monoliths being
erected now …. fortresses where 111 mots de plus

Do we really need Free Speech?

James Damore was fired by Google for a memo he posted at work giving his views on why there are so few women at his workplace. 735 mots de plus