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My Story Of Shame

It’s been a few months since I posted anything; I have been attempting to heal some very severe wounds that go back to when I was 7 years old. 1 083 mots de plus


Comfort Zones

Hello, Bethany here.

Before i start, i would like to say at times i am terrified at writing how i feel. I would rather spend time in my story of perfection than go in depth about the fact that regardless of my best efforts i at times still have a dark cloud over my head. 1 030 mots de plus


US prison struggles: latest calls for support

As the wave of revolt in the US prison system continues, more and more people are finding themselves targeted for reprisals by the prison authorities. These people are taking incredible risks to challenge an unjust system, and knowing that there’s people on the outside paying attention can have a real impact on the confidence of both the rebels and the authorities. 1 591 mots de plus


Czech Republic: Statement from anarchist prisoner Lukáš Borl

Statement to my arrest
On Sunday, September 4th, 2016, I was arrested by the police in Most and then taken to the remand prison in Litomerice. 1 618 mots de plus

Anarchist Prisoners

The Netherlands: Mobilization video for anti-repression demo on 19.11.2016

19-11-2016 Demonstration: Fight Repression! Stop repression against anti-fascists and anarchists!

On Saturday November 19th, there will be a demonstration in The Hague, The Netherlands, against the wave of repression that Hague anti-fascists and anarchists have been facing in the last year. 261 mots de plus


my defenses: my protection or my prison – a personal reflection on human behavior, part 7

Yesterday, I considered myself done, at least for the moment, in reflecting on human behavior. Yet, as oft happens with me, I had the proverbial second thought. 874 mots de plus

A Personal Reflection