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Jackson Diehl: A Drug Cartel’s Power in Venezuela

Washington Post — Venezuela is afflicted with the world’s highest inflation, its second highest murder rate and crippling shortages of food, medicine and basic consumer goods. 141 mots de plus


Leopoldo speaks through the cracks

For the first time in more than a year, Leopoldo Lopez spoke to Venezuelans in a video smuggled out of Ramo Verde prison. In it, he announced the  731 mots de plus


All These Feelings in a Cup of Coffee

I need to clear my mind

I need something to calm my heart

My anger is raging

and my tears can’t stop from falling

I am starting to hate the people around me… 152 mots de plus


Frige de fackliga och politiska fångarna i Iran!

Solidaritetsuttalande från Bergslagens Lokala Samorganisation av SAC syndikalisterna
Situationen för fackligt aktiva i Iran har länge varit mycket svår och förtrycket har ökat ytterligare under president Rohani. 208 mots de plus

International Solidarity

False Memory Syndrome - Is it possible?

When memory is distorted or confabulated, the result can be what has been called the False Memory Syndrome. 3 223 mots de plus


Still building internationalism! Conference 13-16/8

SAC syndikalisterna

This summer, 13-15/8 we will meet in Gävle, the birthplace of Joe Hill.
2015 marks a hundred years since he was murdered.
We gather in his memory, not to mourn- but to organise. 565 mots de plus