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In Books on Donald Trump, Consistent Portraits of a High-Decibel Narcissist

August 27, 2017

by Michiko Kakutani


Over the last year, we’ve been plunged into the alternate reality of Trumpland, as though we were caught in the maze of his old board game, “Trump: The Game,” with no exit in sight. 1 736 mots de plus


Turkey: Anarchist prisoner Şevket Aslan on hunger strike for 37 days

25.08.16: Istanbul branch of the Human Rights Association (İHD) has held a press conference about the situation of anarchist prisoner Şevket Aslan, who is on hunger strike at the Yenişakran prison in İzmir-Aliağa since 37 days. 234 mots de plus

Anarchist Prisoners

Iran: 40 youths arrested in Gorgan for having taken part to a "mixed party"

Source: BBC Persian

Iranian security forces in Gorgan, have arrested 40 between boys and girls, for having taken part to a « mixed party ». 48 mots de plus


US prison rebels in need of support

As the struggles inside the US prison system continue to heat up, and the planned nationwide work stoppage on September 9th grows closer, the administrations are increasingly cracking down on those prisoners involved in organising. 664 mots de plus


Call to join solidarity action in support of Aslı Erdoğan

Aslı Erdoğan — human rights activist and award-winning novelist whose work has been translated into fifteen languages — is facing charges of ‘membership of a terrorist organization’ and ‘undermining the national unity and integrity of the state.’ Erdoğan, a columnist and a member of the  141 mots de plus

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Chile: Prosecution lodges penalties request for Juan, Nataly & Enrique in 'Bombs Case 2'

Finally after nearly two years, the prosecution has closed the investigation stage and is sending anarchist comrades Juan, Enrique and Nataly to trial, accusing them under the anti-terrorism law of explosive attacks on subway stations and police stations during 2014. 143 mots de plus

Anarchist Prisoners

Greece: Update on anarchist comrades Kostas Sakkas and Marios Seisides

On August 17th 2016, Kostas Sakkas and Marios Seisides stood trial in Athens concerning the circumstances of their arrest in Sparta (August 4th).

During the trial, which lasted several hours, there was a constant presence of comrades in solidarity with Marios Seisides and Kostas Sakkas, who stated to the court that they are anarchists and explained their reasons for becoming fugitives from the law. 665 mots de plus