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“Court ruling won’t stop us”, say Egyptian rights activists

A prominent investigative journalist, a campaigning lawyer and an education rights activist saw their assets frozen on 17 September by an Egyptian court, as part of a long-running attempt by the government to stifle human rights activism in the country. 324 mots de plus


U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression

image: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/U.S.-Police-Routinely-Travel-to-Israel-to-Learn-Methods-of-Brutality-and-Repression.jpg

When McKinney, TX police officer David Eric Casebolt brutally took down a teenage girl at a pool party in June, he was using a form of martial arts called Krav Maga in which he trained exclusively. 976 mots de plus

Daily News

US prison strike update: Guards join prisoners on strike in Alabama, uprising and lockdown in South Carolina

Two pieces of news from the ongoing strike and wave of rebellion inside the US prison system:

First, guards at the notorious Holman prison, a facility in Alabama that holds many… 381 mots de plus


All that an "ordinary" Munich girl reveals

When I reconnected with Germany as an adult after living there in the early 1960s, I wanted to understand more about that nation’s experience during WWII. 790 mots de plus

Creativity And Spirit

Sexual Reality and How We Dismiss It


In the play Harvey, Elwood P. Dowd declares that he struggled with reality all his life and finally overcame it. I think he was speaking for all of us. 11 263 mots de plus

How Violence and Uncertainty Can Deter Displacement

Guest post by Justin Schon.

Between the end of 2006 and the end of 2008, two-thirds of the population of Mogadishu fled amidst fighting between Ethiopian forces, AMISOM, al Shabaab, and dozens of other armed groups. 660 mots de plus


The Greatest.

Flatulent rump
Hanging on a cross

Like Christ himself,

They do something different

In the second coming



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Means of con(power)trol… 30 mots de plus