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'In a corner of my mind, I store all the memories I don't want to remember.' // Repression

In a corner of my mind,

I store all the memories I don’t want to remember

And all the things I don’t want to deal with. 358 mots de plus


Mato Grosso, Brazil: Mundukuru People Defending Their Land Welcomed With Bombs and Repression by the State

Received on 17.10.17:

Mato Grosso – On Friday, October 13th, about 80 Indigenous Munduruku People landed at the construction site of the São Manoel hydroelectric plant, after a seven-day trip on the Teles Pires River, to demand compliance with agreements that were closed – and not met – with the companies responsible for the construction of the São Manoel and Teles Pires… 1 161 mots de plus


Mato Grosso, Brasil: Pueblo Mundukuru es Recibido Con Bombas en Defensa de Su Territorio

Recibido el 17.10.17:

Mato Grosso – este viernes, 13, cerca de 80 indígenas Munduruku desembarcaron en el cantero de obras de la hidroeléctrica de São Manoel tras siete dias de viaje por el río Teles Pires, para exigir el cumplimiento de acuerdos cerrados – y no cumplidos – con las empresas responsables de la construcción de las usinas  São Manoel y Teles Pires, en Mato Grosso, firmados en julio pasado. 1 198 mots de plus



My life is like an attic

There’s a skylight in the roof

But the corners of the room

Remain in shadows


You are welcome in my attic… 186 mots de plus

Poem (maybe)

Michoacán, México: Brutal Repressão Policial Contra Estudantes Normalistas em Tiripetío, 74 Detidxs

14.10.17: Companheirxs da Escuela Normal Rural Vasco de Quiroga foram brutalmente reprimidxs enquanto preparavam atividades para comemorar o 5º aniversário da repressão que ocorreu na escola em 15 de outubro de 2012. 256 mots de plus


Michoacán, Mexico: Brutal Police Repression Against Normalista Students in Tiripetío, 74 Detained

14.10.17: Comrades at the Vasco de Quiroga Normalista (Student Teachers) School have been brutally repressed while preparing activities to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the repression that took place at their school on October 15th, 2012. 257 mots de plus