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The Fate of Nyroth

The museum’s preservation enchantments have kept the colors bright on the scraped Freljordian vellum used to create this primitive map of Nyroth. When you squint through the glass, you can see the contrast between the carefully inked map and the rough charcoal smudges of the ancient Nyrothian’s pictographic annotations. 1 012 mots de plus

The place where you can wear your heart in red

The library was hanging from the cliffs touched by beaming rays of sun. Heavy with books but void of footsteps and hushed down breaths. I ascend and then descend to it through curvy alleys, gliding between beautiful shades and shadows. 340 mots de plus

Dying to oneself.

Walking down from Mount Olives is Palm Sunday road, a road that Jesus took riding a donkey. It’s downhill and I saw this man and his donkey. 253 mots de plus


Global Prostitution

A senior House “Democrat” has once again issued an “apocalyptic” warning that “climate change” will hit women harder than men, and that it could drive millions of… 225 mots de plus


Programme made!

I have had relatively good muscle memory due to training as a competitive skater since a very young age and disciplined in things that go with it. 110 mots de plus


Movie Review: The Primordial Art of Finding Your Soulmate, and SPRING...

Falling in love is a difficult thing to quantify. It’s almost impossible to explain it to someone who’s never had the experience. It’s the ultimate « You had to be there » kind of anecdote. 1 284 mots de plus