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Day-1 February 28 / Here I Go, a 12-Week Fitness Project!

What a vigorous foodie I’ve been, over the entire course of life. Yet I always maintained healthy and normal body until the third year of my university life, when my bio pattern got totally messed up and ruined. 508 mots de plus


35 miles, 18,185 words...

My title sounds a bit like a country song. « I’ve walked 35 miles, written 18,000 words, and I’m still not over you. » (I know a typical country song might have ‘ain’t over you,’ but I can only do so much. 147 mots de plus


The More I Seek You

This is for drive, for determination, for difference. Not to be contented with dry bones and old desires; unearthed dreams. This is a year for Christ. 614 mots de plus

Rebekah Vee

February on Review (2/12)

The second chapter of this 2015 has just passed. As an effort to improve the quality of my life I made a resolution to start documenting what has gone right and what goes wrong every month, also how it could have been improved. 351 mots de plus

Self Help

Dispute Resolution: Boundaries

Okay, you’re pissed at me and I’m pissed at you.  You destroyed my ten-thousand dollar Chihuahua.  The damages caused by your actions extend beyond the destruction of something with a certain value.   457 mots de plus


Brain Mush


As a recovering perfectionist, I hate when I can’t seem to form coherent sentences…or when the words that are on the tip of my tongue don’t form into the vocabulary I’m accustomed to. 522 mots de plus