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I'm going down

Five weeks ladies and gentlemen, I’ve made it five weeks into my no drinking in 2016 resolution challenge. Since i’m not drinking i’m also saving on the calories and that’s starting to show it’s progress as well. 255 mots de plus


Newfound Happiness

In Canada, this week was Eating Disorders Awareness Week. I try to spend the week, getting informed and expanding my knowledge on, not only, eating disorders, but self-care as well. 518 mots de plus


Break the Habit: Overcommitment

Sometimes it’s hard to say “No”. We are eager to please our clients, coworkers, and classmates. This means taking extra shifts, staying later for appointments, seeing that client after hours, volunteering for an extra on-call, etc. 241 mots de plus

Life As A Vet Student

3 Things for 2016

New year resolutions are something we often would describe as things we didn’t manage to accomplish. Maybe it’s just a process where we set out with a goal in mind, adapt to changes along the way and let God lead and mould us. 469 mots de plus


2015 - On Hindsight  

It’s February. My co-bloggers have already dissected the year gone by and enlisted their achievements of the year previous and resolutions of the New Year. I am lagging behind as usual. 1 764 mots de plus


More good intentions


Is the glass half-empty, is it half-full
Or perhaps there’s no glass there at all
Every event that I ever faced
Would have still taken place as I recall. 87 mots de plus


I never finish anything

There are two mistakes that one can make along the road to truth… Not going all the way, and not starting


It’s true, my life is littered with incomplete projects and half realised dreams.

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