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If I can’t become clearer, I’ll become more complicated.

College Life

Acting, Writing and Directing, Episode 011: Ryan A. Brandt, Part 2

Ryan and I continue to talk about writing together and separately, filmmaking, film festivals, handling pressure and how to treat people.

Halfway Point: 52 Things in 52 Weeks

Happy July!  The seventh month of the year!  We’re done with June and officially halfway through 2015, so it just feels right to take a look at my… 442 mots de plus


Summer Resolutions

Typically the beginning of the year is considered the appropriate time to construct a list of resolutions, and the summer is the time of year to construct a bucket list. 466 mots de plus



I’ve mentioned it briefly a few times but my major New Year’s Resolution for this year was to BE BRAVE. In fact, when we took R to see… 460 mots de plus


Happy New Financial Year resolution!

Long time no see!

Surely this has to be the second best day to New Years day – a day to make new financial resolutions, or in my case, just to make new resolutions. 126 mots de plus

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Accept it.

Two college friends, who bonded over the course of a particularly brutal organic chemistry class, stood in the hallway outside of their classroom ten minutes before their final was slated to begin. 557 mots de plus

Living Well