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Starting Over

I know. I’ve been incredibly janky on this whole blogging and Youtube-ing thing. I don’t mean to make excuses, but my excuse is that I’ve been emotionally and mentally crippling over the past month or so because of SATs which I finally took yesterday and the pressure of keeping my grades up as a prospective college student. 611 mots de plus

A Nice Cup Of Latte

It is always good to have a break off especially with a busy and hectic lifestyles of today. Nice music, nice coffee and nice ambiance over the work. 101 mots de plus

Foods Trail

Random Acts of Kindness

For my New Year resolution I am going to do 365 random acts of kindness.  Not necessarily one every day, but 365 for the whole year. 114 mots de plus

Thoughts From The Human

How to Quit Any Habit FOR GOOD!

Hi everyone, my name is Tim and I am an addict.

(insert “Hello, Tim” in a monotonous, droning chorus)

It has been 2 months since I smoked my last cigarette. 1 580 mots de plus

Live Smarter

The Year Of Refreshment

Recently I have been sticking to my New Years Resolutions. Ask yourself, have you fully stuck to your New Years Resolution throughout the whole year? Well, 2016 I prayed to be more productive and that I was. 746 mots de plus


Suddenly it’s December and another year is almost over! I hope someone out there has achieved this year’s resolution!

Few years ago, one of my resolutions was to always talk positively and tell people what I or others think about them and to only spread positive and faithful words. 195 mots de plus


Monthly Resolutions

2017 is arriving. Along with it arrives the heaps of New Years resolutions from the young, the old, the athletes, the artists, and just about anyone and everyone aspiring for change. 243 mots de plus