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Enter the £10,000 award for a first-time writer

Bridget Whelan has found another good competition to enter if you are an unpublished writer. Well, nearly all unpublished writers, so read the small print carefully. 16 mots de plus

Resources For Authors

Fictional languages

Most of us are never going to need this information. But there are But if you need it, you can do without reinventing the wheel. 27 mots de plus

Resources For Authors

Using a memoir for the basis of a novel

There is a lot of talk these days about repurposing. Using one piece of writing for several purposes. For example, a blog post, a newspaper article, and a talk for a local group could all be based around the same ideas. 32 mots de plus

Resources For Authors

Would you like to write fiction?

If you are thinking about writing fiction, but don’t know where to start, now is the time to sign up for a free Open University course, which starts on 25th September 2017. 67 mots de plus

Resources For Authors

Getting pictures in to an ebook

Formatting an ebook can be difficult. Pictures in an ebook can be particularly temperamental.

This post explains how to use Calibre for an ebook with pictures… 12 mots de plus

Resources For Authors

10 Steps to Perfecting Your Writing Style

This post about the laws of flow might help you improve your writing style.

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Resources For Authors

Using leaflets to publicise your books

Now here is a book marketing idea that hadn’t crossed my mind: using leaflets. Remember to:

  1. Make sure the leaflet will appeal to buyers in your market.
  2. 35 mots de plus
Resources For Authors