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Using book design elements in your marketing

Any marketing bod will tell you that branding is important.

The trm brand coves all sorts of different things, but one of the main visible aspects is a consistent image. 73 mots de plus

Resources For Authors

Embracing audio books

This week, I’ve found a piece about whether you should make an audio book of your work.

And if you agree that the answer is yes, here are some links to previous posts to help you create one: 31 mots de plus

Resources For Authors

Publishing poetry in the digital age

In all the discussion about self publishing, the main focus is usually about novels. The theory seems to be that everyone has a novel in them. 40 mots de plus

Resources For Authors

How to respond when a reader claims there is an error in your book

I suspect we all dread this situation, and as this post points out, it can be difficult whether the error exists or not.

Read about one author’s way of… 15 mots de plus

Resources For Authors

How to impress an agent or editor in 15 minutes or less

They say public speaking is people’s most common fear, even more than dying. So I suppose it’s not surprising that most writers fear pitching to agents and editors more than any other aspect of the writing and publishing process. 765 mots de plus


Writing opportunities in May and June

This week the emphasis is on opportunities for writers.

Some of these competitions are quite specific, and will need some work to refine an entry. Others will just be right for that piece that only needs a final polish. 68 mots de plus

Resources For Authors

Characters Rule! Writing Tips

Once authors know their characters and have their plots outlined, it is time to write. Below are some resources with writing tips specifically focused on characterization. 52 mots de plus

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