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«Papy aux Fourneaux »: a lovely place to go to enjoy authentic, tasty and friendly cuisine like at home!

Hello fooders!

Last week, I discovered a wonderful restaurant in Pernety district, Paris 14. Papy aux Fourneaux is the story of Grandpa who kicked Grandma out of the kitchen to revisit traditional dishes in his own way! 154 mots de plus


Eat Out: The Cousins Trattoria, Cape Town

Tucked away in a quiet alley in Cape Town CBD is the best Italian restaurant in town.

The best!!

The Cousins Trattoria, as the name suggests, is a small restaurant run by three Italian cousins. 335 mots de plus


El Segundo Fish Co

Walking around El Segundo, I saw a sign that said El Segundo Fish Co was celebrating 15 years, so I stopped in to taste what has kept them in business for 15 years! 402 mots de plus


We Moved to Mallorca to Open a Sandwich Shop

I’m back to my roots – not the familial ones, but the culinary roots. Back to the kitchen; back to mise en place; back to herbs and produce for hours – picking apart dirty basil and chopping my way through piles of tomatoes, each time figuring out how to do it a sliver faster. 1 431 mots de plus


How To Make The Perfect Sweet Tea

Everybody wants to throw the perfect summer BBQ. There’s nothing better than the smell of burgers hot on the grill, a cold beer, maybe the pops of fireworks being set off especially when enjoyed after a long cold winter. 364 mots de plus


The Rise of Pepper the Robot

Hey there! Thank you very much for tuning in. :)
I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in Japan, trying to establish a lay of the land of hospitality robotics currently in use. 553 mots de plus