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dare you to dabu

We recently enjoyed an outstanding dinner at dabu in downtown Lorain!
They have a new menu that is out-of-this-world good!

kali-flower naan-chos

pad thai with tofu… 12 mots de plus

Lorain Ohio

Tendon tenya (天丼てんや)

Description : tempura

Status : (Personal observation) – 11/02/2016
– Di menu tertulis mereka menggunakan 100% vegetable oil
– Allergy list (link), sebagian kecil produk mengandung ayam, babi dan gelatin (special caution untuk udon san soba) 26 mots de plus


Yoshinoya (吉野家)

Description : Beef bowl, gyudon, 牛丼

Status : Dikutip dari Halal Foods in Japan (link) – 20/10/2015
« 1. Japanese famous food chain store like yoshinoya, sukiya, etc They did not use Halal certified meat. 88 mots de plus


Sushiro (スシロー)

Description : Kaiten sushi

Status : Dikutip dari Halal Foods in Japan (link) – 31/05/2015
« We called the company customer service directly, asking about the sushi they served, unfortunately the sushi rice may contain pork and/or gelatin and alcohol. 68 mots de plus


Sukiya (すき家)

Description : Gyudon, 牛丼

Status : Dikutip dari Halal Foods in Japan (link) – 18/10/2015
« please be aware that Sukiya restaurant Beef Bowl did not use Halal meat and it contains pig/pork extract, gelatine and alcohol in the process. »



Description : Sandwich, roti

Status : Dikutip dari Halal Foods in Japan (link) – 26/05/2015
« Based on allergen information from the links below… 83 mots de plus


Hap Chan

Hap Chan is chinese restaurant chain that has been om Manila gor a while and has just recently arrived at the new Robinsons Galleria in Cebu City. 208 mots de plus