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Coyoty eats corn bread.

At Black-eyed Sally’s Southern Kitchen & Bar in Hartford, CT.



Last saturday night, i found myself stuck in alabang area ’cause of the sudden, ridiculous downpour. It was around dinner time anyway so I decided to revisit an old favorite. 205 mots de plus


Olivers Restaurant & Victoria Store, Clyde

One project that kept us busy in the Autumn, courtesy of Feast Creative in Queenstown, was the external and internal signage for the refurbished Olivers Restaurant… 157 mots de plus

The Alaskan Waiter

He was a waiter in a little cafe in Anchorage, Alaska called the Sandwich Deck. It was a small place, like one a native would stop in every afternoon for a cup of coffee and know all the staff by name. 678 mots de plus


Peaceful Dining Out with Kids

Stop kicking the table!…Don’t blow bubbles in your milk!…Quit banging the silverware!…Be quiet!…GET OUT FROM UNDER THE TABLE!!!

Sound familiar? Is dining out with your kids a pleasure or a nuisance? 1 395 mots de plus



I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Gondola Gondola – no one I know had relayed any goss’ to me on the place or the food. 503 mots de plus


the best soup is in shoo

It’s hotter than a preheated oven here in Japan so I know you’re not going to want to hear about soup but believe me when I say the soup lunch at Piatto Nono is the best I’ve ever had. 150 mots de plus