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Erno's Bistro, Frankfurt, 4/25/14

A small bistro serving French style food in Germany, Erno’s was a tasty and comfortable place to have lunch. The lunch menu allows you to try a special set of choices at a much more reasonable price point, with all the elegance you’d receive in the evening. 107 mots de plus


Plate #2 - Oasis Buffet

Snow crab, Hawaiian pizza, shrimp, California roll and tuna roll. Seafood buffet $24.99
Oasis Buffet, Palm Springs CA

Ugh, this snow crab was gross! It was dry and and didn’t have much flavor. 21 mots de plus


Lohninger, Frankfurt, 4/26/14

A pretty little restaurant at the end of one of the pedestrian bridges crossing over the river. The patio seemed filled more with coffee drinkers at noon but a few diners ventured inside. 273 mots de plus


That new restaurant next door - The Humble Quinoa

Been so busy on organising going away parties, packing up things for my move and of course working. Can you believe it, I worked 7 days a week in September… Hallelujah those days are over. 683 mots de plus

The Little Moments

Margarete, Frankfurt, 4/ 26/14

This is one hopping place! A lot of people and not enough staff makes the service a little slow but no problem as the tables are set with an interesting peppermint and lentil spread which was unique and tasty. 163 mots de plus


26 Grains

Given that one of my all time favourite meals is porridge, and today happens to be World Porridge Day, I wanted to share with you all a review of one of London’s most stylist pop up restaurants: … 287 mots de plus


Geranium, Copenhagen, 5/30/14

This is your more typical Michelin starred restaurant, with all the service perks and a choice of a long or short tasting menu. The folks bringing the trays from the kitchen all wear toques but unfortunately we were facing the window and all my photos of them were too dark. 521 mots de plus