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Expectation by Anna Hope

I’m very nostalgic.

Even at 23 years old, I look back at my life quite often and see how different I’ve grown, how far I’ve come (or how far I’ve fallen, in some ways). 984 mots de plus


Review: Soraya Mafi (soprano) & Adrian Kelly (piano), Buxton

Soraya Mafi was born in Manchester. Her mother is Irish and her father Iranian. She brings an interesting cultural heritage to her singing and performance. Adrian Kelly is in his first year as the Buxton International Festival’s Artistic Director and his impact has been immediate and positive. 225 mots de plus


John Wick: Chapter 2 - review

John Wick: Chapter 2, directed by Chad Stahelski is the sequel to John Wick, following the infamous assassin as he aims to carry out a hit to repay a debt, he then finds himself as a target. 545 mots de plus


An American Marriage: A Love Letter to the Black Community

“Georgia, this is a love letter. Everything I do is a love letter addressed to you.”

There are a few books that can be best described as books you cannot put down once you start reading.

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#BudX with Vinny Da Vinci and Culoe De Song

If you’ve experienced major #fomo upon seeing the pictures from Budweiser’s #BudX events, you were absolutely right to feel that way. Don’t despair though, I’m here to give you the low-down on how you can get yourself an invite and what to expect once you’re there. 594 mots de plus


Imaji Terindah: The bittersweet separation

Imaji Terindah (Hanafiah, #2)

Sitta Karina

Terrant Books © 2005 (first published)

Literati © 2016 (reprint)

ISBN 9786028740609


Goodreads synopsis

“Jangan jatuh cinta kalau nggak berani sakit hati.” 528 mots de plus


The Culinarium, Cunningham Road, Bangalore

This quaint bungalow on Cunningham Road is perfect for a lazy afternoon with its Parisian bakery, cafe and delightful artisanal icecreams!

Last Saturday afternoon I decided to crawl along Cunningham Road to visit Culinarium, which had long been on my list for its artisanal vegan ice creams. 395 mots de plus