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No Lines? No Checkout? Amazon Go

Amazon has done it again. From services ranging from Amazon Web Services to cleaning your house, now Amazon has provided a new take on convenience. 469 mots de plus


Long-Range RFID Leaflets

Pick a card, any card. and make sure that any card you pick will match their NYC art installation. « Replantment » is an interactive art installation which invites guests to view full-size leaf… 143 mots de plus

Wireless Hacks

Does your credit card need a tinfoil hat to keep it safe on the train?

Do you travel on the London Underground? The Boston Subway? The Paris Metro? Oxford buses? The San Francisco BART? Sydney Trains? Tokyo’s Yurikamome Line?

Perhaps you’re crushed up against other passengers right now on your morning commute as you read this very article on your mobile phone? 1 196 mots de plus


magicband what?

(not so) Breaking News: Disney released a new MagicBand color! Millennial pink – an absolutely stunning pastel pink. My reaction? « I need this. I  877 mots de plus

Disney Tips

Drones Connect with RFID to Catalog Inventory

A new application from MIT attempts to correct issues of inventory shrinkage ‘in the bins’ as they say.  They use a drone to read the RFID tags on items without sending a human out to scan the bins. 16 mots de plus

Supply Chains

ATtiny Chip Abused in RFID Application

One of Atmel’s smallest microcontrollers, the ATtiny, is among the most inexpensive and reliable chips around for small applications. It’s also one of the most popular. 215 mots de plus


RFID Transponder Market Trends, Drivers and Major Factors Affecting the Dynamics Over Forecast Period by 2021

Global RFID transponder market is segmented into Application and Geographical region and is anticipated to grow positively in the upcoming years. Paper systems offer RFID Transponder Systems solutions for retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, pharmaceuticals, defense, supply chain management, access control, event ticketing, parcel tracking, and the other industries needs. 433 mots de plus