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Burnt and Dirty

Today was the leg of the trip that has been making me grit my teeth for months. Any way I mapped it, I still had to get across some square states, and the best way to do that seemed fast. 428 mots de plus


The Road Ahead...

When certain things don’t  turn out the way it was  planned , there is nothing but the open road ..and what lies ahead …. what you carry with you  is what you have learned …and what  you leave behind is the past.


Ride Report. PCH - Mulholland - Stunt Canyon. Hot hot hot.

50.5 miles, 4:06 moving time, 5,453 elevation, 44 Strava trophies.

With a heat wave across SoCal, PTC headed out to the beach to escape the heat. 315 mots de plus


Video showing the hardships of taking PNR ride on rush hour goes viral

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Image capture of video by flowershop guy via YouTube Account

A video showing passengers who were forced to squeeze themselves inside (and out of) a train amid a heavy downpour emerged online… 6 mots de plus

Here comes the sun

An early start this morning felt wonderful. Leaving Marion Arkansas behind I rode west and watched the sun come up in my side mirrors. I could easily do this because the road was tightrope straight. 318 mots de plus


New Ride activity on Strava

Activity name: Morning Ride
Distance: 20123.5
Elapsed time: 1 hour, 1 minute, 40 seconds
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Field Trip

I was fortunate to be a favorite with the nurses. I’m nice to them. They are nice back. It makes life so much easier. I learned to be nice and polite as an intern. 139 mots de plus