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Been behind the past couple of weeks with getting my weekly shot for the 52 posted.  This was week 14, first ride of the season. Gearing up for a big trip to the Maah Daah Hey trail in ND in June, can’t wait! 7 mots de plus


We ride

In this life,
we ride the wild
horses of our bodies
through canyons
carved by fear,
over peaks
aglow with hope,
past temples
gilded by sacrifice, 21 mots de plus


I'm back, but so is my back... #cheggerschallenge

Training is now well underway for my 10 MTB challenges. I’ve been slowly increasing the distance by 10km each time and are now up to 55km (a long way off the 145km I need by the middle of July). 454 mots de plus


Nagaon trip with Jambekar's!!

I am already 2 weeks lates for this post. But thankfully the content is still fresh in my mind! So are all the memories!

We, all Jambekar’s, for the first time in our history or at least since I was born i.e. 178 mots de plus

Bucket List

The greatest, little pleasures

Strange as it may sound as down as both of us often get, worrying about the future…. It is Aysha’s autism that brings us the greatest joy… 256 mots de plus