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on a bus, I feel
so close to the symbolic —
the sacred, even
— otherworldliness a mere
breath away — next stop heaven

Not really so very pleased with this poem. 113 mots de plus



I managed a few gentle training rides in Lanzarote at the start of August (see previous post) and arrived back feeling rested but slightly unfit. And two days later it was the National Clarion Road Race at York Arena.   549 mots de plus


Huggalugs Baby Girls Pony Ride Cupcakes Leg Warmers Newborn

Thanks to baby carrier wraps, carrying your babies for journeys is not a pain in the neck. There are instances that people have also gone on hiking with their infants in the… 315 mots de plus

The Huggalugs Girls Pony Ride Cupcakes Leg Warmers 2 Pack

By default, the pony has a white coat color and yellow hair. The pony has a black leg and white hoofs. This online pet game features a blue castle as a background image. 198 mots de plus

Early risers who run, ride and swim

This morning while walking the dog I turned the corner and the view down the street was perfectly composed. A rising sun seemed to be following a course through the space between the trees. 1 172 mots de plus


New Ms Fit Feature: Melina Olivia DiPaola


 Everything!! Haha! Teaching about a dozen classes a week, and also trying to keep up with my own fitness goals and lifting regime. 636 mots de plus