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"oh no", said the Fat Controller

You’ve heard of Thomas the friendly Tank Engine?
Meet Thomas the friendly rocket launching Tank.


0_0 Scary Marble Mountain Slide

Climb Liaojieling Mountain in Henan, and you get the opportunity to check out this sweet marble slide!  It goes about 3 city blocks down and immediately dead ends on a 2ft platform leading to a major 20 ft+ drop off. 23 mots de plus


When breaking a let doesn't bring you luck...

So… I fell down… I broke a toe and I didn’t want to leave my bike (even if it’s not that far away from home – about 25km away). 263 mots de plus

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The Ride Today : GO-JEK VS OJEK

I had another appointment for job interview in one of the biggest holding company in Indonesia this morning at 10.00 AM. In order to go there, I ordered an ojek from a company called GO-JEK (PT. 1 344 mots de plus


Joy Ride (the end result)

Earlier I showed you guys what I was working on with the whole Joy Ride transportation project. Everyone in the class was required to create layouts for desktop and mobile. 36 mots de plus

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Traffic Stories: The devil's ride

I have to take a van from the subway station to a place near my house. And tonight I almost got myself killed by a kamikaze. 37 mots de plus