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Time or money?

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It was nearly 11pm on a recent Friday, after dinner with a friend, and we were waiting at a crowded taxi stand at the Esplanade, right after a performance had ended. 1 103 mots de plus

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Best iTunes Song Today: The Dark Ride by Helloween

#iOS #Music #iTunes The Dark Ride Albums: The Dark Ride | Song Tittle: The Dark Ride | Release Date: 2006-08-15 07:00:00 | Artist: Helloween Download The Dark Ride The post Best iTunes Song Today: The Dark Ride by Helloween appeared first on Apps.News.

Final Fantasy 15’s first 10 hours: A car ride that asks, “Are we there yet?”

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Ars Technica’s full Final Fantasy XV review is coming, but because the game is so large—and only showed up at our doorsteps on Sunday—we’ve splintered into two factions. 1 539 mots de plus


Enjoy the ride while you are on it!!!

« I think the thing to do is to enjoy the ride while you’re on it. » – Johnny Depp

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Planet Coaster Player Recreates Firewatch As A Roller Coaster

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Firewatch was a slow-paced, contemplative indie hit about people. So of course, somebody decided to turn it into a roller coaster. 152 mots de plus