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Līdzīgi kā pagājušajā gadā arī šī gada izskaņā #mūzikassirds piedāvā atskatu par katru aizvadītā gada mēnesi. Svarīgākās un rezonējošākās ziņas, priecīgākie un bēdīgākie notikumi, mēneša singls un mēneša albums. 1 328 mots de plus




I got up at early o’clock so that I could go for a ride before the temperature started to rise too far. As I started off I heard a creak from the crank. 422 mots de plus

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Tallac +2 - TrainerRoad

Activity name: Tallac +2 – TrainerRoad Elapsed time: 2 hours
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Best tunes of 1990: #3 Ride "Vapour trail"

“Vapour trail”, the number three song on this Best of 1990 list, marks the second appearance here by Ride, the other being “Chelsea girl… 293 mots de plus

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Baby girl born during GrabCar ride in Singapore


Fazli, Andrew, Cindy and Reuben

Mr Mohammad Fazli Bin Omar picked up two passengers on 21 November, 2.42am but little did he expect the ride to end with three passengers. 451 mots de plus

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Lyft goes international with Toronto launch


Lyft has officially opened for business in Toronto, its first market outside the U.S. The Canadian expansion was announced last month, and December 12 is the first day of official operations with ride hailing services available in the city. 158 mots de plus


A robot cut through a wall to pass on the Olympic torch in South Korea


We’re less than two months away from the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea, and the Olympic torch has been making its way across the country through the hands of… 329 mots de plus