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Ah Shucks, Let's Go For A Ride





Hop on up

T’is my favorite mode of transportation

Pegasus is a good friend of mine

Come on now


Take my hand… 140 mots de plus

Love Peace And Freedom

GTA V's Missions Are The Ultimate Thrill Ride

(Source: kotaku.com)

The Grand Theft Auto series is the modern epic, encompassing American culture in all its decadence and corrupted glory. The humor is crass, the violence is shocking, and the game’s allure keeps us going mission after a mission as we follow a cast of conflicted criminals. 1 204 mots de plus


Into the woods

Since I have bought a bike yesterday, my husband and I decided to have a ride. Moreover I had to get acquainted with the rules and learn where I should ride and where I shouldn’t. 81 mots de plus


SmallBusiness Blog Post

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Rider’s Around,

It’s almost that time – the 2016 Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride is vastly approaching and Triumph of Westchester is ready to do our part to make sure our mate’s health issues are a priority. 560 mots de plus

Star Ride Kids Big Girls Tank Sleep Shirt (10/12, Pink)

These comfortable fitting tank-night gown shirt from Star Ride delivers style that she can feel great sleeping in. It also includes a matching eye-mask for a calm peaceful sleep she desires.
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Dirty Thirty

This morning I woke up to a text from my mom… »so happy I’m thirty » which I didn’t realize until tonight was an acronym for SHIT. 479 mots de plus

Women Riders