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And I slip-sliding to the nostalgia of love
like the slip-sliding road with watery cuffs
A bounded love with heartily hurts
like a surmountable life that rarely hurt. 133 mots de plus


Australian theme park 'will do everything' to support victims' families

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SYDNEY: Australia’s Ardent Leisure Group , the owner of a theme park where four people were killed on a water ride this week, said the company will speak to the victims’ families on Thursday (Oct 27) as it defended its safety practices amid intense criticism. 448 mots de plus

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Wings on the River

The orphan’s heart pounds,
Let me in!
Define me,
I must ride on your wings.

After all – I have none.

Unseen and undiscovered,
Reality obscured. 46 mots de plus

Juno, a ride-hailing startup, wants to kill Uber with kindness

Sixteen years before Talmon Marco set out to destroy what Uber Technologies Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick created, the two men briefly considered teaming up to face a common foe: Napster. 330 mots de plus


Hoi An to Hue via the Hai Van Pass

I was faced with three options when deciding how to get from Hoi An to Hue; I could take a 3h bus through the tunnel (boring), I could take a bus to Danang and a train along the mountainside (better), or I could go via motorcycle over the Hai Van Pass. 330 mots de plus

Wandering Eli

Doctor Who Childrens 6V White Supreme Dalek Ride In

Doctor Who Childrens 6V White Supreme Dalek Ride In

Authentic Dr Who 6 volt battery powered ride-in Dalek. Soft inflatable body with a plastic base unit. 18 mots de plus