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Temporary amusements within Tuileries

One of the temporary tourist attractions found within the Tuileries Gardens during the warmer months.

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Happy Thanksgiving and 209 Days

Happy Thanksgiving.   I hope everyone has a wonderful day with friend and family.    I am visiting my folks and will enjoy a « small » dinner with only 28 family members here…  (I have 12 siblings, and some won’t be here, so 28 is a « small » number for this year).   52 mots de plus


Subway Diaries IV

I know. I know very well how I love the subway. I first saw you there. But I also journey on different routes. I did not stay in the sidelines waiting for you. 79 mots de plus


On Track

This weekend I competed in my first ever proper cycling race on the track. All of the training I had been doing through the winter and the intense work of the last couple of months was leading to this point so to say that I was excited would be a massive understatement. 975 mots de plus


MTC - My Travel Companion

Integral mode of transport, cheapest, squeezing (itself) public transit plying to corners tad lesser than its own size. Welcome to Madras Transport Corporation buses, where destination is yours and the route plied is theirs. 844 mots de plus