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1967 Monte Carlo Rally - no.91 Jean Rolland - Johnny Rives, Citroën DS / 1:43 Decal Set

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ALO Decals is proud to present to the collectors’ community its range of high-quality decals, which allow all modelists to create striking scale models of a variety of automobiles and aircraft, ranging from the better-known to the most obscure. 200 mots de plus

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3 Must Watch TED Talks!

Hey hey!

So as a bit of an introduction to me, and something you may find interesting, I bring to you 3 Ted Talks that I truly enjoy and revisit when I feel a bit lost, or a touch bored, or just because. 703 mots de plus

Bel Pesce

"The hour of the Wolf"

4 a.m. is a particularly dark time of the morning – I remember hearing someone described warmly as an « Hour of the Wolf friend » – someone you could ring at 4 am, when the worries of the world came thudding into your brain, all at once – and they would take your call and listen. 47 mots de plus


Livres de lecture gratuits Mémoires des deux rives. Biographie en ligne

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If I Controlled The Internet …

In one of the shortest talks of all time, Rives performs a three-minute poem about how he would change the internet. A sample: “If I controlled the internet, you could auction your broken heart on eBay…”


He learned the English alphabet in about twenty minutes.

Jethro, Nimrod, the Queen of Sheba, Saint Catherine, Hannibal, Phillis Wheatley, Toussaint L’Ouverture, Denmark Vesey … and Rev. Robert S. Rives. Rives was pastor… 54 mots de plus

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