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Linear Day

The lines primarily used were lines of thin strokes. However, through the addition of adding line thickness to certain images while making other areas completely black, makes those certain images or areas pop out in bold contrast throughout my piece. 199 mots de plus


Linear Day Book

For my linear day book I chose the day where I met my idol and my favorite band. For most of the day I was pretty nervous which explains the shaky thin lines. 189 mots de plus


Linear Day ~ Rohan

I use a uneven weight lines throughout my along with very fine even lines to give the composition formality and to unify the piece. These lines give my composition a consistent emotion of freedom. 143 mots de plus

Illustrated Journal

Bookworm of the Month - July 2016

The Bookworm of the Month is a book read and reviewed on Vicarious Bookworm during the month of July 2016. This is the first month we’ve held a vote for the Bookworm of the Month! 147 mots de plus

Lynne Matson

Review: Nil On Fire by Lynne Matson

Nil On Fire is the third book in the Nil Series. The story picks up right where the second book, Nil Unlocked, left us: in present times on the top of Mount Nil with the stationary gate having just closed. 361 mots de plus


4 Modern Narratives

A lot of people would argue that technology cancels out much of the romanticism of storytelling.

Dating sites replace real-life meet cutes, social interaction = social media, and the « narcissism » of the millennial generation is enough to send any reader in search of simpler times. 526 mots de plus


Review: Nil Unlocked by Lynne Matson

Nil Unlocked is the second book in the Nil Series and picks up right where the first book, Nil, left off. While it may be possible for a reader to enjoy this book as a solo, there were details in this book that could be much better understood and enjoyed if the series is read in sequence. 370 mots de plus