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"New Nationalist Revolt" new podcast only at Resurgence Media Network

On this episode of the New Nationalist Revolt, Mike Sledge talks about how the Resurgence Media Network is exploding on the scene. Mike also breaks down Trump’s latest foreign policy speech entitled “America First”, and how it relates to the former nationalist movement of the late 30’s and early 40’s. 26 mots de plus


Blonde Bombshell on Feminism

She gets it… AND she isn’t using the ‘muh job’ excuse; showing  her face and not being afraid of the system. If only more MEN would do what this women is doing; half our problems would be solved overnight.


It's Time. (Past Time, Really)

Dear General Conference Delegates From Around the World,

I’m writing you today about issues of LGBTQ inclusion, which will be before you at General Conference in Portland. 1 624 mots de plus

Angels And Pins

Cancerul, criminalul tacut al zilelor moderne..

Auzi tot mai des in ultima vreme de persoane care se imbolnavesc de cancer. Este subiectul tot mai des al scenariilor filmelor curente, sau filmelor mai vechi date in prezent la tv. 407 mots de plus


March Mission Focus: Reconciling Ministries Network

Reconciling Ministries Network mobilizes United Methodists of all sexual orientations and gender identities to transform our Church and world into the full expression of Christ’s inclusive love. 117 mots de plus


Unexpected Friendships: Scalia, Kagan, & Putting the 'United' Back in #UMC

Justice Antonin Scalia died suddenly on February 14, leaving a vacancy on the Supreme Court that could tip the balance. Of course, the usual suspects could not wait until he was buried to bandy about the political significance of his death. 970 mots de plus


Lent 2016–Ash Wednesday Supplement

Here is some additional reading for Ash Wednesday. And, yes, this post is a little more free-form than I hinted in the earlier administrative post… 168 mots de plus