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Interfaith Service Invitation World Peace Day

Dear Friend:
Encouraged by the success of our interfaith service honoring Earth day last April we are planning another interfaith worship service in Ellensburg celebrating World Peace Day.    169 mots de plus


DXPR Pagadian 603 kHz RMN Still Number 1, Listen to Live Streaming

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RMN in the Crossroads City of the South remains to be the leading AM station in the market, lording DXCA, the station owned by political clan of the Cerilles in Zamboanga del Sur. 131 mots de plus

Philippines Radio

Defence: Exercise ANGSA 12/17 To Go On As Planned

Despite lesser budget, the annual joint exercise between the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) and the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) dubbed ANGSA (short for ANGkasaraya and SAmudra) for 2017 will be executed as planned. 163 mots de plus

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Happy Birthday, Me...I Wish For...

Happy Birthday, Me!  Today I’ve lived 59 years.  While it is a personal day of celebration, it is also a national day of mourning.  Too many deaths.   179 mots de plus

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