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Riset FEI> (riset momentum news = RMN, Studi Kasus Open Market USA malam ini): 18 entri berurutan menjadi bukti peluang SELL di Area Parabolics Trend!

Riset Momentum News (RMN) dapat mengukur tingkat kontraksi optimum harga saat news dirilis (studi kasus Open USA Market malam ini).

Riset dengan pengujian 18 entri SELL berurutan di beberapa titik Parabolics Trend yang terbentuk akibat kontraksi optimum news tadi, menunjukkan peluang terbukanya pergerakan harga. 31 mots de plus

Riset FEI> (riset momentum news = RMN) 5 Entry BUY berurutan saat Open Market Eropa!

Riset RMN sangat penting, untuk menguji reaksi news yang bakal terjadi.
Riset ini melibatkan unsur fundamental dengan mempertimbangkan resultan forecast.

Riset FEI> (riset momentum news = RMN) 5 Entry BUY berurutan saat Open Market Eropa!


Veterans for Trump

We support our vets here at RMN, and we support Trump, who supports our vets.



Against all the odds, guided perhaps more by folly than bravery, in the Islamic Caliphate of Sadiq Khan that is now known as Londonistan, England, Great Britain, those sneaky bastards at PTD:UK have held an initial meeting to lay the groundwork for REAL WORLD action in the UK chapter of PTD. 721 mots de plus


PTD:UK Contact Us

For the next few days, this post, with contact details for PTD:UK, will be stickied on the front page of the site. Any and all UK PTD’ers get in touch NOW. 317 mots de plus


Abandon the Constitution

Conservatives often praise the Constitution and its importance, yet their dedication to this document is their weakness. Our enemies don’t adhere to the Constitution, but they are more than glad to use it to browbeat conservatives back into their bitch corners. 397 mots de plus


What's happened to my church?

I clearly remember one of the worst days of my career. 9 years ago I sat in the auditorium of Lake Junaluska Assembly, gathered with all the ordained ministers and laity representatives from my annual conference of the United Methodist church for our yearly meeting. 942 mots de plus

Societal Issues