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despre egoism sau cum poti strica o prietenie de o viata

pun aceasta postare pentru cele care fac crize de isterie nejustificat, pentru a arata cat de nocive pot fi acestea, in conditiile in care nu exista motive serioase de isterie. 1 309 mots de plus


Overture with a Demo

Always hard to find something to say for a first article on a new blog but here it is: THE DEMO IS OUT!

Not that you wait a long time for this but it has been somehow of a crazy ride for me since a year now: learning the engine, producing the content, implementing it, setting it,… then testing and making it tested just to redo all of this again because you just can’t do well on the first time. 260 mots de plus


Methodist LGBTQ leaders respond to General Conference Commission meeting

The Commission on The General Conference of The United Methodist Church, a body of leaders planning the 2016 General Conference in Portland, Oregon, made a special invitation to representatives of Good News, MFSA, Love Prevails, Reconciling Ministries Network, and The Confessing Movement to their April 20TH meeting. 462 mots de plus



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I have had more than 40,000 consultations with over 5,000 very troubled people cursed by every kind of Mental Health Distress Malfunction and Addiction there is. 931 mots de plus


Spending on Agency Nurses soars from £327m to £485m

A report by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) says spending on agency nurses has risen from £327m to £485m across 168 trusts in England in just one year. 22 mots de plus