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Rob Kardashian Is Stepping Out

It seems as if Rob has been missing in action for quite some time but we may be getting close to a sighting soon. Rob recently shared that he ran into little sister Kylie and boyfriend Tyga while working out. 28 mots de plus

Killing Rob 4: Rob's Dead

I think it finally happened.
Rob, the dumbass, continued to call or text me on occasion. This is even after I discovered he was a bullshitting kleptomaniac. 1 481 mots de plus


Happy Belated Birthday to Rob Halford of Judas Priest

Happy belated birthday to Rob Halford of Judas Priest. On August 25th, sixty four years ago, the ground opened up and the heavens shook. On that day a leather rebel was born who rocked the world of Heavy Metal for the better part of 42 years. 48 mots de plus

Heavy Metal

Only Fiscal Discipline Can Eliminate Level Crossings

The Social Justice bench of the Supreme Court asked the Indian Railways on August 7 as to why it can’t keep the promise it had made while enacting a law in 1986 to do away with all the unmanned level crossings in the country. 1 031 mots de plus

Raiders Rumble! – Raiders vs Panthers Rd25 preview



Sport is a fickle entity at best. Just a month ago Raiders fans were still entertaining fantasies of a late eight run. Now they are terrified that the dreaded spoon could loom up from below and drag them down screaming for mercy. 576 mots de plus