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Product design progress #2


After analyzing the first draft, our product had to be redesigned.

The problems we had to solve were:

  • Placing the LBB inside the handle would take up too much space…
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Episode 25 - Kenwood Sonoma County Zinfandel

Kenwood Sonoma County Zinfandel

In this episode, Rob, Scott, and The Superstar sample a wine that is as charismatic as it is well priced, Kenwood Sonoma County Zinfandel.   35 mots de plus

Wine Vault

Product design process #1

First draft

Before the actual options for building the product were researched, I made an initial concept.


The concept is a device that replaces the original bicycle handle, and is operated by turning the buttons up and down. 496 mots de plus


Hi, I'm Rob! Or Pan Rob? But Call Me Rob!

There was a time when my Polish was awful, but I was carefree and could confidently speak to anyone. That has all changed. Now my Polish is better, but I’m terrified when speaking to other people in Polish. 972 mots de plus


360 video VFX research

The 360 video is going to take place in a forest, where the camera is filming from a static position. To keep a consistent style with the other video, the surroundings have to be altered digitally to get a forest with large rocks that you wouldn’t find in the Netherlands. 295 mots de plus