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In the News: Rob Pearson, CSTD President

Canadian HR Reporter recently caught up with CSTD President, Rob Pearson, to find out more about CSTD’s plans for 2015. Here’s what Rob had to say in the February 23, 2015 issue. 341 mots de plus


The Spot Writers - "Hugger-Mugger Eyes" by Cathy MacKenzie

The current prompt is to write a scene: You (or your heroine) are in a house alone. The night is dark and someone is breaking in. 704 mots de plus

bipolar and cognitive impairment

I’ve been reading a little about the effect of bipolar on mental functioning, especially the effect of bipolar depression on cognition and the potential for dementia in bipolar patients as we age. 516 mots de plus


The Unmasking Begins?

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding The Archers increasingly hard to listen to. I fell out of love with it a few years ago when Ed and Emma were having their money problems. 313 mots de plus

The Archers

Little Comets Interview

Armed with a mass of dedicated fans and a unique sound that splashes Little Comets into an indie infused cocktail. The northern rockers release their third album ‘Hope is Just a State of Mind’ this week and commence a tour across the UK. 1 740 mots de plus

Former State Treasurer pleads guilty to two counts of attempted extortion

Pennsylvania’s former Treasurer Rob McCord (D) pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted extortion on Tuesday in federal court in Harrisburg. McCord acknowledged he said, « You’re going to have the state treasurer looking to screw you. 250 mots de plus