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Presidential Perspectives: Update on CSTD Rebranding Initiative

Living in Toronto as I do, I am constantly amazed by the rapidly changing skyline of the city. I believe that Toronto currently holds the record for having the most skyscrapers under construction of any city in the world: thirty-nine at last count. 519 mots de plus


to have bipolar, or be bipolar?

There is a thought-provoking article on the Bipolar Burble site titled “When Does Having Bipolar Become Who You Are?” where Natasha describes why she says “I am bipolar” as opposed to “I have bipolar”. 352 mots de plus


Web design- Rob

I started learning web design from Udemy, classes are taken by Rob Perceval.I would say that was my best investment ever.He teaches you HTML,CSS,JavaScript,jquery,bootstrap,php,and MySQL. 116 mots de plus

Dear Ricky, Why Do You Hate Me?


Ricky Stuart wants the Canberra Raiders to succeed. He wants it bad. You can see it in his face at the press conference after every match. 1 053 mots de plus


Rob Kardashian Disses Kim on Instagram.

Good luck explaining this one Kris.

Here’s the picture Rob posted yesterday with the caption, » this is my sister kim, the bitch from Gone Girl,,, »


Kirsty back for good?

I was really pleased this week to hear Kirsty make an appearance. It’s been nice to hear her mentioned, but since the wedding that wasn’t last May she’s largely been silent apart from a few brief scenes in the aftermath of the jilting. 235 mots de plus

The Archers