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Autumn training opportunities for Cochrane contributors

The following training courses are available in Autumn 2016. Follow the links for more information: 476 mots de plus


A Curious Expressive Juxtaposition

Intentional or not, there is a strange coming together of art at the Fundatie Museum in Zwolle in the Netherlands. Two quite separate exhibitions, one of Die Brücke and Der Blaue Reiter the German movement of expressionist art from the begininning of the twentieth century, the second by the Dutch artist Rob Scholte create this contrast. 591 mots de plus

Raiders Rumble 2016 – Raiders vs Sea Eagles Rd25 Preview


Two very important things happened for the Raiders of the course of Round 24. Firstly, the they maintained their winning streak in a come from behind win over the Eels and secondly, the Bunnies continued their resurgence to down the Sharks. 771 mots de plus


Season 2 Episode 10 - Ivy League

Don’t forget your party favors
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Don't let satan ROB you

Modern-day Christian believers are spiritually deprived, powerless against sin and against satan. They have been robbed by satan because they believe lies; they do not have the Holy Spirit, they do not have Jesus Christ. 1 642 mots de plus

Rob Chubb - Effective Sales Techniques

Rob Chubb is a former professional basketball player who is enjoying a career as a successful salesperson. He is currently working in the automotive sales field, but hopes to transition into a position in medical and pharmaceutical sales in the near future. 212 mots de plus