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One foot out of the grave

The first edition of Weird Stuff in Gina’s Office

Ritual horse burial is nothing new. Mankind has shown their reverence for horses by trying to take them into the afterlife with them for centuries. 894 mots de plus

Fun On The Farm

Deadpool 2

Out May 15. RATED 15. This hilarious sequel to Marvel’s Deadpool is aimed at older audiencesDeadpool is a very humorous character, but the films are violent and rude. 228 mots de plus

New Film

Raiders Rumble! Raiders v Dragons Round 11 Preview


I’m back! Many thanks to Dan for holding down the fort while I was busy with other things ( I thought he did very well!). 654 mots de plus


REVENGE (2017)

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French thriller finds rich, handsome and married Richard (Kevin Janssens) spending a couple of days at his desert retreat with his pretty young lover, the vivacious Jennifer (Matilda Lutz) before a hunting trip. 816 mots de plus


Bank Robber

« When you have a gun, you can rob a bank. When you have a bank, you can rob everyone. » — Anonymous

Money Matters