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Rob & Chyna: But More So Rob

I’ve been watching the E! channel new show Rob & Chyna. A show that I never thought I would watch since I don’t like watching the Kardashian’s show. 454 mots de plus

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The next chapter begins

I wasn’t expecting this. So much so I only entered the British Open NOGI as a blue belt only a few days ago. Guess I’m competing up a level. 167 mots de plus



Rob ended the way he was always going to end

He was not strong or substantial enough to be brave

His love for me became jealous… 71 mots de plus

Season 2 Episode 12 - They'll Be In Their Bunks

Whether they like it or not
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Raiders Rumble 2016 – Raiders vs Storm Week 3 Finals Preview

Sudden Death Mega Destiny Edition! 


Raiders Fans! Come in, sit down. We need to talk about some things, things that may be hard to hear. 1 128 mots de plus


An opponent who prevailed

On Saturday night a slight woman of enormous international stature let a Harvard audience in on a perk of her position: When she is asked to give a speech, the leader of Myanmar said, her staff provides her with talking points. 1 035 mots de plus

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