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Rob Tips and Tricks

Rob is a good character to play if you’re good at maintaining advantageous position. His advantage state is strong, but a Rob in disadvantage state is as threatening as a wet paper bag. 372 mots de plus

Smash 4

Participatory Media

Prior to our project critique on Tuesday, we thought it would be important to look into the importance of audience participation in relation to our ‘Home Invasion’ test. 498 mots de plus

I Played That Right, Didn't I? (Part Two)

Part One of « I Played That Right, Didn’t I? » described a two online poker hands where I was all-in and way ahead, only to see the villains hit a 2-outer and 4-outer, respectively, to win big pots. 736 mots de plus

Bad Beats

Copyright and Google

It’s important for us to understand the issue of copyright and one’s ownership of imagery online, especially in regards to Google maps. Google require attribution, in order for one’s content to be shown. 709 mots de plus

Using Flexify 2 in Photoshop

From our first experiments using the 360-degree camera it became apparent that we were finding both the tripod and ourselves in the photographs! However, it wouldn’t just be a case of opening up Photoshop and erasing the unwanted parts. 69 mots de plus

Recurring Story: Twenty-Four

To everyone’s surprise, Rob spoke first.

« Jakob. Mina, » Their father began. « Your mom and I love you very much. So, we want to make sure you know everything going on. 634 mots de plus

Serial Story

Short trip to the Isle of Wight

Last weekend Rob came over again. It was a well-needed getaway for the both of us, so we decided to make the most of it by going to the Isle of Wight for two days. 497 mots de plus

My Journey