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Sunday 26.04.2015

I wonder if life is returning a little more towards normality ( the start of my comic routine Ha!) today. I woke up at 5.24 am after turning my light off about 1.00 am, it felt much more right. 7 035 mots de plus

Two Great Disappointments

I’ve felt rather let down by The Archers over the last couple of weeks and have had in particular, two big disappointments. The first involves everyone’s favourite abusive dairy farmer; Rob Tichenor. 215 mots de plus

The Archers

Eight Rounds Down: NRL Form Guide


With eight rounds of the 2015 NRL season complete the Sportress has taken it upon ourselves to review the progress of all 16 teams, from those who’ve excelled beyond their normal standings to those who’ve crashed and burned. 2 304 mots de plus


anxiety and bipolar

This is a little bit of a sidetrack from bipolar talk, but really it’s not. Anxiety disorders, or at least significant anxiety symptoms, often appear in people with bipolar disorder. 629 mots de plus


Kris Humphries apologizes for the Bruce Jenner diss

Yesterday, Kim K’s ex-husband Kris Humphries tweeted that he was glad he got away from the family when he did. Most of the men in that family eventually act out, i.e. 18 mots de plus

Ent Gist


“Human path array
The consequential moments

Chasing contentment
Surveying epoch crossroads
Misperceived options 38 mots de plus


Raiders Rumble: Raiders and Rabbitohs Round 8 Preview


A third of the way through the season finds two teams playing a game in a place where footy isn’t generally played a whole lot on a top tier professional level: Cairns. 455 mots de plus