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Episode 31 The Murder of Grace Hayden, the Capture of Kevin Thomas Ford, and the Robeson County Connection

Episode 31

The MURDER of Grace Hayden

The CAPTURE of Kevin Ford

and the

Robeson County Connection


This is the story of the brutal rape and murder of an elderly woman in California, and the capture of her accused killer in the notorious Robeson County, NC. 163 mots de plus

Buy designer and unique quilts online

If you are searching for stylish and attractive quilts online you have so many options available to choose. You can go through different websites and select the one which is more suitable for you. 224 mots de plus


Sewing: robes

John Michael Greer‘s open post this month included a lot of comments from people either looking for places to buy robes, or looking for people to make robes for them.   587 mots de plus


Two Things | Wedding Day Signs and Delicately Printed Bridesmaids' Robes

These small but lovely touches are often what makes a wedding special.  Giving your guests prompts such as these wedding day signs is a thoughtful way to show them that not only the big things, but also the small things matter.  63 mots de plus