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Personalised Gifts

Riley’s birthday falls on the 22nd December which unfortunately for him just so close to Christmas, so I thought I would spread his Christmas presents out over the year as he is still too young to know. 232 mots de plus

We got your #Secret covered!

Planing to #surprice your lover on your #honeymoon or #gift your friend something? we got you covered, here is the #perfect gift for #her and the perfect surprise for #him. 218 mots de plus

Woman Wear

Ready, Set, Go (Bag)

All our bags are packed and we’re ready to go…Or at least half of that is true. Bags are packed. The ready to go part? 1 344 mots de plus


Friday Favorites - Warm and Cozy

Hello all! This post is going to be a little different. I haven’t really worn makeup in quite some time due to the fact that my skin is FREAKING out because I stupidly tried to use some Melaleuca oil on it KNOWING that my skin is too sensitive for it. 668 mots de plus


White Kitty Pajamas

This is one of the many items I sewed for Christmas presents last year.  As you can see, it has princess white kittens with glitter accents and glass buttons.   22 mots de plus


Plus Size Gowns and Robes Make the Perfect Gifts

A friend is celebrating her birthday. Next month, your niece is getting married. The first gift stores that will cross your mind are probably the ones that offer elegant home pieces, but who can better appreciate this type of gift than the ever-present dust? 12 mots de plus