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Oriente Occidente danza la politica internazionale

Dal 28 agosto al 6 settembre, nei Teatri e nei Musei di Rovereto e Trento, quattordici compagnie raccontano la vita e la biodiversità minacciata del remoto Oceano Indiano, i drammi del Medioriente e le conquiste delle primavere arabe, la forza dirompente dei giovani neri sudafricani, la fragilità e la liquidità della società occidentale. 621 mots de plus


On Seeing Red: Missed opportunities, stuff and nonsense

Robyn Orlin could do it. So could Steven Cohen. And the Doobie Boobies under the direction of Mark Hawkins held articulate and convincing sway on this too. 454 mots de plus

Performer Dudu Yende: icon, diva, sister: A tribute

Dudu Yende (pictured) larger than life actress, performer and contemporary dancer, was known and loved for her irreverent manipulation of the English language. A passionate outreach collaborator, a loving mother and a generous friend, recognised as an icon, a diva and a sister to so many, passed away suddenly on April 24. 629 mots de plus

Robyn Sassen

Mixed movement - we can break routine after all!

 I was photographing this event and was there to support fellow @_theFIELD members who were taking part in this improvisation dance live event of choreographic collaboration of different styles and skills. 267 mots de plus

January 20th, 2010: Robyn Orlin - Call it... kissed by the sun... better still the revenge of geography


I know, I said I would give up and stop going to her shows. But her moving out of South Africa had given me hope that familiarity was holding her down. 510 mots de plus


March 18th, 2008: Robyn Orlin - Dressed to kill... killed to dress...

@théatre de la ville

OK, third strike, I’m out. I give up on trying to get her work. I did like the first one I saw, but since then I have seen a wall rise higher each time. 137 mots de plus