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The Bonds We Make

A young man, (early twenties perhaps?) obviously English by his attire. Height approximately 5’11’’. A hardworking factory manager (though a young one) who obviously exercised a lot more than the average Englishman in London somewhere between the years 1860 to the 1900’s. 6 306 mots de plus


Have you ever dreamed of having a supernatural power? 

Switched, by Amanda Hocking

This is a story of an extraordinary girl , who has the power to control people.

Wendy realised that she was different from everyone else , when she was nearly killed by her mother. 275 mots de plus


Radiance Book Review

Title: Radiance
Series: Wraith Kings #1
Author: Grace Draven
Publisher: Grace Draven
Publication Date: January 13, 2015
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 297
Format: Kindle eBook… 809 mots de plus


A Hazel Ocean

There have been very few people I’ve come across in life that capture my heart and free my spirit the way this one has.

I spend my free time thinking of the days of smiles that transformed effortlessly into the magical nights I shared with him. 279 mots de plus

Love On The Road

Documented Love

The pages in my diary hold our beginning memories
Our photos and love letters being our written documentary
Stories of us, our children’s children will hold dear to their heart… 84 mots de plus

Free At Last: A Scarlet Pimpernel Fan Fiction

By LadyBlakh

Word Count: 3086

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Percy and Marguerite collect themselves after escaping France.

The door creaked as Percy slowly pushed it open to reveal the small, squalid room where he and Marguerite would spend the night. 3 337 mots de plus


How Writing Makes Me Feel

A True Tale

By Whippoorwill

So I mentioned to a friend at work that I write, and upon further enquiry I revealed that I write queer horror/supernatural erotica. 324 mots de plus