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Super RSEs: Combining research and service in three dimensions of Research Software Engineering

by Daniel S. Katz and Kenton McHenry

We typically think of Research Software Engineers (RSEs) as working to support one or more researchers, either one-on-one or through a university’s centralised RSE group. 641 mots de plus


Lark in A Park

As well as facilitating Sex Ed workshops in schools for the last month, I’ve been involved in a few events aimed exclusively at adults.  Although the style of presentation has been different, these have all involved using an arts & crafts or D.I.Y approach.  236 mots de plus

Sexual Health

What even counts?

I read a great book this week that got me thinking about penile-vaginal sex. Not in that way, you seedy beast, but in how much it rules what we do in terms of sexual health education, societal norms and perspectives. 1 189 mots de plus

Public Health

RSE DAY 2019

RSE Day (27 June 2019) is a yearly celebration of Relationships and Sex Education that educates children and young people about healthy relationships and positive sexual health. 516 mots de plus


Research IT Club June Presentations

Thank you to everyone who came along to the last Research IT club of the current academic year.  If you were unable to attend, all the presentations are now available at the links below. 167 mots de plus