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For a short while I’ve stopped watching American shows, because there was not enough time and the shows were on winter break anyway. I’ve picked it up again! 461 mots de plus


Better Than Hollywood: Hitman

Hollywood is a great behemoth capable of delivering culturally defining films, franchises and wholehearted surprises … but, every so often, the machine churns out something disappointing, terrible or repugnant. 916 mots de plus


Movie Review: Hitman: Agent 47

Hitman:Agent 47 hit the theaters in August of 2015. I was a huge fan of the Hitman movie starring Timothy Olyphant which released in 2007. Hitman: Agent 47 follows a different storyline to that of the previous movie. 284 mots de plus

Movie Review

Let's Compare Hitmen

So first off I am a fan of the Hitman franchise, I say that with a barcode on my neck and the Olyphant movie playing on my xbox. 1 390 mots de plus


"Homeland" Season 5 (2015)

Grade (9.5/10)

This latest season rivals the intrigue of the first and weaves a compelling plot without a wasted episode.

« HOMELAND » season five takes place two-years after the events of the last and follows former CIA agent Carrie Mathison played Claire Danes, who now splits her time as a mother and working for a philanthropic security organization in Berlin, The Düring Foundation. 717 mots de plus


Review - Hitman:Agent 47

Hitman : Agent 47 is the second film born from the computer game franchise, and is also the directorial debut of Aleksander Bach (previously having worked in music videos). 283 mots de plus

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