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Inglorious Viewing

As I sit down to write this, I’ve already received (and watched) my two most-recent DVD rentals from Love Film. So, anything I write from here on predates the two discs currently sat beside my TV. 637 mots de plus

Amazon UK

Series Review: Homeland Season 4

Rating: 8/10

(I did strikethrough on plot reveals – BEWARE!)

Once, long ago, I was able to switch a show off and not binge watch it until two o clock in the morning. 1 278 mots de plus


Kat Dennings's New Movie Features Today's Hottest Musical Acts

A great way to know if you’re watching a movie about a girl who’s super deep is if she listens to headphones a lot and draws portraits in her notebook. 270 mots de plus

Film Drunk

Hitman: Agent 47

A few days ago while I browsed YouTube I came across this interesting little piece of eye candy.

 I remember the previous Hitman movie, starring Timothy Olyphant, and I was actually impressed with the over all quality. 414 mots de plus


What to expect from this blog, and some thoughts on the new hitman movie trailer

Hello everyone! My name is Zac and I am starting this blog today. I have never blogged before but I figured that I would make one because I have a lot of ideas in my head and my roommate is getting tired of hearing them. 990 mots de plus