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Victoria (ITV 2015 and PBS 2016)

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While researching my own English ancestry, I found this quote from the local newspapers.  It indicates the deep love England held for Victoria at her death in 1901. 1 021 mots de plus


New promotional photo of Rupert Friend from Homeland 6.07

Well, I’d like to know when they’re going to stop hurting Quinn. Please, enough. This episode, « Imminent Risk, » takes place after a rather extreme event at Carrie’s house, in which Quinn is obviously involved. 79 mots de plus


New promotional photos of Rupert Friend from Homeland 6.04

4 episodes before having a promotional photo of Quinn this season… wow… From Homeland 6.04 « A Flash of Light » (and probably related to… 19 mots de plus


Homeland Season 6 Premieres on Showtime On Sunday January 15th 

Picture Credit: Homeland/Showtime

Any Homeland fans out there? Hello? I sure hope I have company because I am a rabid fan of this series. I love the production, the actors, the script, the pacing and the incredible research that goes into this extremely popular series. 424 mots de plus


'Homeland' in NYC: Season 6 filmed in Greenpoint, Bed-Stuy, more

Article by Meghan Giannotta for amny.com, photos by Showtime/Jojo Whilden. Jan. 13th, 2016

Homeland is bringing the action to Bed-Stuy… and beyond. The sixth and latest season of the Showtime series, which is primarily set in Brooklyn, filmed at various locations across the city.

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