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'The Death Of Stalin' Dated March 9 By IFC: WATCH Exclusive Teaser

IFC Films has set a March 9 U.S. release date for Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated writer-director Armando Ianucci’s The Death of Stalin. Scripted by Iannucci, David Schneider and Ian Martin, the film is a Soviet-era satire based on the comic book… 85 mots de plus

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The Death Of Stalin

The Death Of Stalin has reached the top with its fast-paced drama and punching one-liners

No filmmaker will ever be able to match the outstanding ability Armando Iannucci has at creating political satire. 320 mots de plus


Thoughts On: The Death of Stalin

I just wanted to quickly record my thoughts on The Death of Stalin, as it appears to be on its way out of cinemas (is it me or do films seem to fly in and out of the cinema at the minute? 354 mots de plus


The Death of Stalin ⭐⭐⭐½

Armando Iannucci casts his dry sardonic eye over Russian politics this time with his adaptation of a French graphic novel depicting the power struggle that follows the death of Stalin and it is every bit as funny, absurd and horrifying as you would expect from the mind that brought us The Thick of It and Veep. 184 mots de plus



« …it’s no wonder that every man and his dog is bowing, curtsying and generally dribbling in feeble deference, fearful of speaking out of turn or putting a foot wrong. 822 mots de plus