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Rwanda and Congo Republic, also known as Congo Brazzaville, have entered high gears of cooperation, following the opening of Embassies in both countries. Rwanda opened its Embassy in Congo while Congo opened one in Kigali three months ago. 36 mots de plus


A fiery weekend in Akagera National Park

A week and a half ago we decided to dig out our tent and go to Akagera National Park in the east of Rwanda for a long weekend (15th August was a holiday). 2 255 mots de plus


AMS Clothing, the kings of international football shirts

AMS Clothing have a reputation of producing some of the most eye-catching jerseys in international football. They’ve cornered the market in Africa for creating some excellent designs while Puma churn out the same old boring kits. 99 mots de plus

South Sudan

Entre 2 album review: Politricks

Track 7: Politricks

According to 1Key, Politricks is his “most dangerous song because it’s not politically correct.” In Rwanda it is unusual (taboo, even) to directly and publicly talk (or sing) politics, unless to reinforce the status quo. 1 866 mots de plus

Entre 2- Decoded

Speed limits & no-car days

Thanks to Lisa Marsden for alerting us to the fact the Rwandan government has introduced new speed limits on several roads. The Kigali-Musanze/Ruhengeri Road, for instance, has a maximum speed limit of 60km/hour while Kigali-Huye/Butare is 80km/hour. 83 mots de plus


Raoul Rogers Nshuti

There’s a limit to my sadness,
Method to my madness,
Crazy how you set the stage,
For a friendship not nigh to end,
Crazy how I can’t put words to your kindness, 195 mots de plus

Watu Wetu