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Evidence of Economic Change: Tin Roofs

Economics is essentially a scientific analysis of the individual choices made by large numbers of people. Each statistic represents hundreds of thousands of personal stories: families struggling to make ends meet, parents deciding where to send their children to school, farmers deciding whether to plant crops or sell their land, car owners deciding to wait another year to replace their vehicles, business owners deciding to take out loans to expand their companies, homeowners choosing to renovate their houses. 324 mots de plus

Basket Weaving in Rwanda

The art of basket weaving in Rwanda is passed on from generation to generation. I have got to be honest at this point; It was never passed on to me.  289 mots de plus

Beauty Of Rwanda

Closing Chapter

As my time here in Rwanda comes to an end, I cant help but feel so thankful for being given the chance to live here for a month. 573 mots de plus


My top 5 restaurants for Valentine’s Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, am bringing you some places (restaurants to be specific) to be, wine and dine with your better half at these following places. 375 mots de plus


Book Review: Be You. Do Good

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed reading this book. It looked okay, but as I got into it, I found more and more excellent food for thought. 73 mots de plus

Book Review

Plutselig forstår jeg hvordan Holocaust var mulig

”Hvordan kunne de,” har jeg undret mens jeg har hørt utallige foredrag om Holocaust. Jeg har lest bøker. Jeg har sett filmer. Jeg har grått. Jeg har ønsket at det jeg har lært ikke skulle være sant. 799 mots de plus


Kigali Genocide Memorial

The most amazing travel experience I have ever had was visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial. In the center of a beautiful, clean, growing city is this representation of a horrific past. 146 mots de plus