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I met a genocide survivor in Rwanda... She is my role model and an epitome of resilience!

I went to Rwanda in December 2016 and the experience was adventurous, revealing and at the same time humbling. The biggest impact was to learn about the most recent genocide in world history and the resilience Rwanda has shown to overcome that dark past. 1 127 mots de plus


Day 161: Rusumu to Kibungo

Date: 24.03.17
Blog entry date: 24.03.17
Distance: 63km
Odometer: 8 419km
Avg speed: 16.7km/hr
Time on bike: 3h45min
Problems: Rain, Tear in back-rim
Flat tyre counter: 3… 434 mots de plus


the curse of the Congo

The Foreign Service lifestyle lends itself to eclectic acquisition. A couple of years in one country, several more in another – if one is really into original artwork, it’s easy to get carried away. 809 mots de plus


4k Peacekeepers to Juba

March 21, 2017 (JUBA) – South Sudan additional Regional Protection Force (RPF) will be deployed in the next few weeks, said the outgoing head of U.N. 302 mots de plus


the roads less traveled

“Why is it that every time we visit you something crazy happens?” mused D’s mom with a touch of fatalism. In Ecuador, where D served in the Peace Corps, protesters shut down the country’s major highway during D’s parents’ visit. 804 mots de plus


Refreshing Repentance

A value many Christians (and by extension, their churches) hold dear is « reputation. » It’s easy to see why this is NOT a particularly godly value. 949 mots de plus


21st Century: Genocide and the state of international activism

To millions of people across the world, the term genocide refers to the systematic decimation of a group of people. Yet genocide in and of itself refers to a much broader sense of subjection, one which is explained through the roots of holocaust that generally lies in interwar periods and sinks back into the history of rising tension between two distinct groups. 5 246 mots de plus

Human Rights