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Did You Know there is a Fintech revolution in Africa

Africa is going through somewhat of a Fintech revolution. M-pesa was the starting point, but then many other similar services popped up across the continent. Then services that enabled cross platform payments like… 746 mots de plus


(R)Wandarer Diaries: 5 must-see places in Musanze (North)


Let the journey continue. To the North we go!

Musanze is a cosy agricultural town in the Northern part of Rwanda. Compared to Kigali, life is more relaxed and the inhabitants of the town are friendly and accommodating. 801 mots de plus


Communities of Compassion Launched!

On Tuesday, February 7, we kicked off the very first Communities of Compassion group! This month’s primary focus was Uganda and CrossRoads’ partnership with International Needs. 448 mots de plus

My Rwan-devous with Rwanda ...get it?

During my time in Rwanda, I was lucky enough to volunteer with Musicians Without Borders, an international nonprofit organization that facilitates community music projects in areas that are suffering or recovering from political or social unrest. 791 mots de plus


The Fix by Jonathan Tepperman (Part 1)

How Nations Survive and Thrive in a World in Decline

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it, and then misapplying the wrong remedies.

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Weekly Update | Geocaching and New Friends

This week in Rwanda has been awesome. We’re becoming friends with all of our students in the Discipleship Training School, and getting to know them better and better. 498 mots de plus


Golden Monkeys of Volcanoes National Park - part 2: Nikon D4S & 600mm f/4E FL combo

Usually there are a good couple of weeks between my posts, or (unfortunately) sometimes even months: as I’m only a part-time (pro) photographer I do need to spend some time earning enough money to pay for that (too) expensive Nikon equipment… In this case I went through all my Golden Monkeys, both shot with the D500 and the D4S in one go, so therefore the short timeframe between my previous post and this one. 697 mots de plus