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American Tribalism: Road to Rwanda Redux

by @zizii2

I have been spooked these last 10 days by the insanity that erupted here in the US since the Paris terrorist attacks. I wanted to give words to my thoughts. 2 241 mots de plus


Book Review: Road Trip Rwanda by Will Ferguson

Road Trip Rwanda: A Journey into the New Heart of Africa 

by Will Ferguson
ISBN 9780670066421
Viking, 2015

I never thought I’d read the words « Will Ferguson » and « book about Rwanda » in the same sentence. 517 mots de plus

Book Reviews

Ghana waives visa requirements for Rwanda

The republic of Ghana have waived visa requirements for Rwandans travelling to the western African country in order to allow them easier access to the country’s diverse offering. 133 mots de plus


Burundi: The NGO Vultures are gathering for the"feast".

« President Obama today issued a new Executive Order (E.O.) declaring a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by the situation in Burundi.

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Port Authority Bus Terminal Celebrates Rwandan Art, Culture and Reconciliation: "Pax Rwanda"

By Neal Buccino, Senior Public Information Officer

The picture shows a typical scene in Rwanda, filtered through an artist’s eye for elegance and detail.  It shows three women carrying baskets on their heads, including one with a quintessential Rwandan design called an agaseke or “peace basket,” a symbol of compassion, gratitude, and friendship, often used to bring gifts to a wedding.  522 mots de plus

Port Authority Of New York And New Jersey

John Lennon's Voice

We were sitting on cold pavement, blocking traffic. Our small circle was in the heart of an increasingly hostile crowd, and my anxiety mounted at the sight of nearby police tapping their riot sticks. 1 744 mots de plus

Tanzania will celebrate independence cleaning their backyards By Presidential Decree

president john pombe magufuli ain playin wid dem. looking west to kagali he likes what he’s seeing from monsieur paul kagame.

AllAfrica: The latest in President Magufuli’s trove of surprises is the suspension of the December 9th independence day celebrations, according to media reports.

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