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More boreholes rehabilitated

In partnership with our local NGO partner Rwandans4Water, we have finished the rehabilitation further 30 boreholes in Gatsibo district this month. According to the data collected on the field, it means that at least 15,000 more people have now access to clean water, many of them are young children. 57 mots de plus


What Do Stevie Wonder and Goats Have in Common? (Rwanda - July 2013)

Unlike writer Charles Cantalupo, I have yet to see “wonder” in Africa…Stevie Wonder that is. All jokes aside, the image of Stevie Wonder checking into a Senegalese Hotel whilst wearing “a one piece suit of alternating ankhs in red and gold entwined by grapes and monkeys,” puts quite the image in one’s head. 219 mots de plus

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Food for Thought (Rwanda - July 2013)

“Among your characters you must always include The Starving African, who wanders the refugee camp nearly naked, and waits for the benevolence of the west.” – Binyavanga Wainaina “How to Write About Africa” 273 mots de plus

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On the failure of constitutional engineering in Burundi

Burundi’s post-conflict constitution provides a robust array of formal checks to personal rule. Article 164 mandates a 60-40 Hutu-Tutsi split in National Assembly and 50-50 split in the Senate in order to ensure that the majority Hutu (85%) do not violate the rights of the minority Tutsi (14%).

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Another postcard from Kigali

Well if you read prior posts you will know I’m on a volunteering project here, sponsored by my employers IBM. It’s the end of day 4 proper of the four week exercise and my brain is somewhat fried (from the research, I hasten to add). 1 234 mots de plus

Pablo Group in Virunga

Dan has always said, “Do we have to travel all the way to Rwanda and pay tons of money to see the gorillas? Is it really worth it? 1 407 mots de plus