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Kigali, 🇷🇼

« The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again. » – George Santayana

Kigali was the first time I stepped foot on African soil (if you don’t count the 10 hour transit layover in Nairobi…) and I was surprised.

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Arusha is Not a Panacea

 By Audace Gatavu, Human Rights Lawyer

The 2015 political crisis in Burundi sparked by the incumbent president Pierre Nkrunzinza’s bid to a controversial third term has been ongoing for over a year now. 656 mots de plus


Med-evac 101: How does it work?

Peace Corps often gets a bad reputation for their treatment of Volunteers during potential medical emergencies or medical evacuations. (Often because we only hear about the cases that result in life-long conditions or worse.) I’ll admit that I had a rough go of getting my wisdom teeth extraction approved, but when I eventually did end up in Pretoria, South Africa, the entire process was smooth! 2 551 mots de plus



We went on a quick trip up to the northern part of Rwanda to a city called Musanze. We left Friday morning. We hired a driver to drive us. 407 mots de plus


I have been through the city of Rwanda. So prim, so proper. I should have known from the way the border security ravaged through my bags at Katuna to get rid of all polythene bags that I was heading to a place cleaner than Kampala; my city. 475 mots de plus


Rwanda to scrap visas for Africans by 2018

Rwanda plans to remove visa requirements for  African nationals traveling to the country by 2018, as it seeks to woo more investors and tourists from the continent. 256 mots de plus


Rwandan Genocide & International Intervention

One of the most important things that we, as an international community, can take away from the Rwandan Genocide is that not intervening when a nation fails to protect its citizens ultimately allows for the tragedies to continue. 496 mots de plus

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