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Burundi, Politics of Ego & Not Ethnicity?

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey via Huffington Post
When I was representing BiH at the UN, diplomats parroting cliches & media too frequently fell into the trap of repeating tales of « age old hatreds » while centuries of coexistence & the progress of the whole of society through diversity were ignored. 10 mots de plus

A Survivor of Genocide: Charles Habonimana 大虐殺生残者:チャールズ・ハボニマナさん

Mass killings happened several times especially in 1955, 1963, and 1973 before the genocide in 1994. Many of Charles’ relative exiled to neighboring countries such as Uganda. 291 mots de plus


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This morning I took a walk in the Seattle-esque damp mist and watched moms, dads, babysitters, grandmas, and neighborhood friends in black mini vans drop their little kiddos off for school. 731 mots de plus


German appeals court find evidence for addition charge in Rwandan Genocide case:  On 21 May 2015 the Bundesgerichtshof, the Federal Court of Justice of Germany, found on appeal that Onesphore Rwabukombe was actively involved in the murder of 450 men, women and children at the Kiziguro church in east Rwanda and referred the case back to a lower court in Frankfurt to consider evidence from  the proceedings in the German lower courts; including over 100 witness statements about the attack.  528 mots de plus

News About The Courts

Africa Runs on Cellular

My house sits at the top of a small hill, a short upward climb from a gas station, where moto drivers in yellow numbered pinnie vests wash their vehicles on sunny afternoons, and rows of shops, identical to those that line nearly every road in Rwanda. 1 476 mots de plus

Burundi and the Challenges of Evaluating Peace-building Success

Guest post by David E. Cunningham

Recent events in Burundi, where President Pierre Nkurunziza’s decision to seek a third term led to large protests and an unsuccessful coup attempt, bring up important questions about peace-building in post-conflict settings. 749 mots de plus

Civil War

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