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Three Dead In Mali Suicide Attack

A suicide attack at a United Nations base in northern Mali has killed three civilians and seriously injured nine UN peacekeepers. 179 mots de plus


Sixth Letter Home

Greetings to all,

Welcome to my Q1 2015 update email. When I last wrote, I was just getting ready to head home to the States for some much-needed R&R. 1 883 mots de plus

Peace Corps

Mali: Rebels Demand More Concessions

Peace negotiations appear to have stalled in the West African nation of Mali, after negotiators underestimate the resolve of  Tuareg rebels. 

Peacetime does not appear to be returning to Mali in the near future after negotiations have stalled with Tuareg rebels. 345 mots de plus


How to Keep Hunger At Bay in the Sahel?

Photo credit: ZOUBA

Irrigating an onion field

West Africa: Can ‘Down to Earth’ Innovations Keep Hunger At Bay in the Sahel?

by Jerome Bossuet

EXCERPT… 364 mots de plus


A Task that must be Done: US President Obamas Message and US Interest in Nigeria’s Election

On Monday 23 March US President Obama released a video addressing Nigerians about the upcoming national elections. The nature and context of this video are quite interesting. 2 413 mots de plus


Mothers in the Niger are screening their children for malnutrition

A pilot programme supported by UNICEF and partners has started leveraging the care of mothers to fight malnutrition. The programme distributes bracelets to monitor the growth of their child. 17 mots de plus