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Somaliland: Drought and Desertification

Somaliland is not a region of the world that gets much coverage in the media. Most people have never heard of it and those who have can’t agree if it is a country or not. 122 mots de plus


L’Etat islamique, cancer du capitalisme moderne

L’« Etat islamique » est un symptôme brutal de l’aggravation d’une crise de civilisation fondée sur la dépendance aux combustibles fossiles, qui porte atteinte à l’hégémonie occidentale et met à mal le pouvoir des Etats dans le monde musulman. 5 729 mots de plus

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The West African remake of Prince's "Purple Rain" may be even more epic than the original

Prince’s semi-autobiographical rock opera, Purple Rain, is getting a West African remake. Akounak, follows the story of a self-taught guitarist from Agadez, a city in Niger « where guitars are king, » according to the trailer, as he journeys the Sahara desert with nothing but his guitar and a purple motorcycle. 235 mots de plus

The North African Flip-flop Tree

Exactly how sparse a landscape can support life? The Sahel and early Sahara Desert regions are about as bleak as it comes on planet earth. People survive here, and I am still at a loss to know how they do it. 118 mots de plus


Desertification : causes, effects, spreading, halting (Google Alert / UWC Enviro Facts)

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Desertification is the process which turns productive into non- productive desert as a result of poor land-management. 930 mots de plus


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Prevention of desertification

Photo credit: Soils Matter

Desertification is a natural process that is associated with global climate change. With time, as the climate changes, even forests may become deserts. 216 mots de plus


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