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Changement climatique : les éleveurs du sahel en paient le prix fort !

De l’eau qui se raréfie, du fourrage de moins en moins abondant, de la flore en voie de disparition, des animaux faméliques… ces dernières années, le changement climatique affecte la vie de milliers d’éleveurs au Sahel. 1 521 mots de plus


Climate Change and the Sahel Region

Lesson Objectives

  • Understand the complex exhisting conditions in the Sahel Region
  • Explain how climate change will directly and indriectly impact this region

The Sahel region of North Africa can be regarding as one of the most complex systems on Earth. 2 380 mots de plus


How economic resilience can be built in semi-arid regions

Photo credit: Livestock Systems and Environment

Peul herders pump water from a well for their cow herd and families, Niassante Rural Community, Saint Louis Région, Senegal (photo credit: ILRI/Jo Cadilhon). 177 mots de plus

Climate / Climate Change

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It's necessary for the actualization of #SDGs

Nigeria: Into the Sahel part two

The sun is high as we weave slowly down an axle breaking dirt road into the bush. After every obstacle, our man looks round to check our progress and waits for us to catch up. 842 mots de plus

One Year Later When AQIM Lost its First Brigade to the so-Called Islamic State

By Rida Lyammouri

In northern Mali, Al-Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) achieved an unprecedented success in 2012. For the first time the group and its allies controlled and governed major cities. 789 mots de plus


The Greening Of The Sahel

By Paul Homewood 




A new study confirms previous findings that the Sahel is regreening.


On regreening and degradation in Sahelian watersheds… 437 mots de plus

Climate Change

African deserts getting greener: climate alarmists, Gaea cultists hardest hit

Well, how do you like that? Put more CO2 (aka « plant food ») into the atmosphere, combine that with the end of a drought and some human ingenuity, and suddenly another prediction by the global warming prophets of doom… 232 mots de plus

Global Warming