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It was Winter

I’m already back from France. It was a very cold vacation. And I’m so happy to be back in the « warm » California.

New year has been started for a week already and normally I never make plan or set myself goals for the new year, because… well… who really stick to them, right ? 313 mots de plus


That Time I Went To Paris - Day 3

The last two posts are probably gonna be a bit shorter than the previous ones since I discovered that I actually hadn’t taken that many pictures those days and that there wasn’t that much to tell either. 591 mots de plus

Travel Adventures

Photography is about feeling and sharing

When I was around 8, my parents bought me my first camera. It was a disposable camera, that I used to take photos of my little brother, my grandparents, and also on a trip to the Alps. 1 291 mots de plus


Forêt de Marly in monochrome

These (very few) photos were taken on a little walkabout in the Forêt de Marly, near Saint-Germain-en-Laye, which is just outside of Paris. I was on a walk with my friends so I took far more photos of them than the actual forest, but I have yet to ask them whether I can use them on this blog! 271 mots de plus



En partenariat avec La Clef, The Unchained vous propose de gagner 2 x 1 place pour le concert de Kadavar à Saint-Germain-en-Laye le 3 mars 2017. 127 mots de plus