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Hot Chocolate at Le réveil matin

One of the things I enjoy doing in my spare time is reading blogs written by other au pairs about their life – I’ve discovered quite a lot of blogs whose authors I can empathise with. 230 mots de plus

Hot Chocolate

Discovering Saint Germain: The library

I love reading, and hope to do a lot of it this year, but buying books is not a good idea when I have a limited luggage allowance to get all my stuff back to Australia at the end of my time here…not to mention expensive! 89 mots de plus


Discovering Saint Germain-en-Laye - on the welcome tour for new arrivals

Twice per year, the town of St Germain en Laye hosts a welcome event for the newcomers. One of these took place yesterday afternoon. I’d registered the week before, feeling very proud of myself for discovering the event by reading the local journal (all in French), not really knowing what to expect, but hoping it would be an easy way to find out a bit more about where I was living, maybe make a new friend or two. 441 mots de plus


Discovering Saint Germain-en-Laye: The forest

My current location isn’t ideal for a lot of things – it takes nearly half an hour (walking) to get into the centre of Saint Germain, more than an hour (by foot and train) to get to Paris. 94 mots de plus


French classes at La Clef

Attending a French course is a requirement for obtaining the au-pair visa here, and I’m sure I’d have wanted to take the opportunity to continue learning French in a classroom setting even if it wasn’t compulsory. 558 mots de plus

Au Pair

Discovering Saint Germain-en-Laye: The Markets

Several days each week in Saint Germain, the marketplace comes to life – stalls full of vegetables, cheese, meat, books, clothes, even records, handbags and other random items. 124 mots de plus


Finding an activity

Important for making friends and/or practicing my French, the family strongly encouraged me to find a sport or other activity that I could practice in my spare time. 983 mots de plus

Au Pair