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This is a town at the base of Fujiyama. It is relaxing and offers also some other possibilities than hiking Fujiyama, for example hiking Mount Tenjo.  15 mots de plus


Modern "Sashimi"

Yes, Sashimi is » sliced raw fish ( or shell fish) « . Of course they should be very fresh and be prepared properly.

The traditional Sashimi dish is, 120 mots de plus


Saijo: the home of sake

For the best sake in this part of Japan, look no further than the home of sake: Saijo! Check out my article about it here.


Miyajima's Oysters & Eels

And more.  We were drawn to Miyajima because of that iconic floating Torii Gate off Hiroshima Bay. At low tide, you can approach and walk around the gate. 533 mots de plus


Teriyaki Chicken

There are a lot of variations out there for Teriyaki so I did a little searching. In the end I found the most authentic or original teriyaki recipe I could find. 225 mots de plus


Pears. Sake-poached and hidden under a blanket of Sake Zabaglione

As one is always wont to say after disappearing from one’s blog for an extended period of time, I did not mean to be away for this long. 772 mots de plus


Brad Pitt Is Not Answering Angelina’s Divorce For the Sake of Their Kids

Brad Pitt will not file a legal response to Angelina Jolie‘s divorce petition because it would set the stage for a nasty legal battle … and he fears it would cause great psychological damage to their kids. 172 mots de plus