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Cough Drop Flavored Kit Kats Exist In Japan


Of course they do. Japan is famous for interesting Kit Kat flavors, and this latest one might be the most unusual one yet. 131 mots de plus


Trứng ngâm xì dầu (Eggs in soy sauce broth)

Thời gian vừa rồi mình biến mất lâu lâu cũng phải 4 tháng rồi, vì công việc bận bịu nhiều thứ quá, và cuộc sống cũng có đôi chút đảo lộn. 1 239 mots de plus

Món Mặn

Totto Ramen

The Rundown:

If you blinked twice you would pass it. Totto Ramen is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant wedged between apartment-style buildings. A black awning with yellow lettering is the only identifier, under which are steps leading you downstairs eatery. 380 mots de plus


Wifey Writes - Sakerol Spritz at Rofuto with #BrumHour

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to accompany Dave Massey aka #Brumhour to try a new summer cocktail at Rofuto in the Park Regis. 261 mots de plus


For Yuzu Sake @Ippin

We love anything Japanese and especially enjoy Yuzu Sake. We were thankfully introduced to Satoshi (Sato) Yoshikubo who is the General manager and Sake Sommelier, who helps to educate everyone on the amazing drink that is sake. 217 mots de plus

Visit Japan: Snow-Monkey Magic

We spent the night in Yudanaka and it was cool experience sleeping on the futon mat and using the traditional yutaka clothing. I think i can get used to this and plus its good for the back and having an awesome posture. 450 mots de plus


Musings: Drinking Habits Abroad

It’s no secret that drinking culture differs in each and every country – and some take their drinking habits more seriously than others. Here are just four of the destinations to consider heading to if you’re wanting to witness it for yourself… 419 mots de plus