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How to Meet a British Rock Band at a Robot Cabaret (Tokyo, Japan)

One measure of an exceptional experience is how often you tell people about it. Usually, I can anticipate which experiences I will value the most. However, life has a tendency to surprise me. 1 403 mots de plus

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Discover Japan: Three Days in Niigata


‘You are going where?!’
‘…. who goes to Niigata?!’

My colleagues are now resigned to the fact that my vacation destinations are always a far cry from the famous locales we spend our time promoting. 

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Oh for fuck's sake

If there’s something worse than many people talking to you when you need your space who am I kidding, we all need someone is receiving advice from a stupid person that really thinks they’re saying something clever.

Fuck’s sake.


Sake Tasting!

On a humid day by the bay in Berkeley, CA, I walked up the front steps to Takara Sake USA Inc. where I had chosen to do a study of the various terms used to describe the properties and making of… 2 310 mots de plus