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Whatever your plans are for July 18 & 19, 2015- cancel them! Trust me, you will not want to be anywhere else, not after I tell you about an incredible PERTH event that I have been invited to! 449 mots de plus


Sake Steamed Clams

This is a really quick recipe today. Yesterday when I went to the market the fishmonger looked really surprised that I was only getting 500g of clams, which was actually all I needed for my… 239 mots de plus


Ramenderful: Fukuro Noodle Bar

Having spent my last summer in Seoul, South Korea, I developed a huge ramen obsession. While ramen is usually associated with fast food, and sold as instant noodles, it is also a somewhat gourmet phenomenon, with ramen bars popping up all around the US and Asia, all serving fancy versions of the popular noodle dish. 385 mots de plus

Buenos Aires

Oku-tama TOKYO | 奥多摩(東京)おくたま(とうきょう)

Oku-tama is located in south tokyo (2hr from Shinjuku).
« Sawanoi » is a famous Japanese Sake and it made in here.

More information about Sawanoi :)


Fushimi Finish

Imagine thousands of torii gates forming a glowing tunnel of orange over a mountain path through the 431 mots de plus

Thirsty Thursday: Uehara Brewery Forest Spirit Sake Junmai Ginjo

Sake. I love it but rarely do I splurge on it.  Yet with summer’s heat, something chilled, refreshing, yet deceptively high in alcohol sounds perfect (next time Fino Sherry, I promise). 241 mots de plus