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Sake warehouses and canals

Hot on the heels of the Hida folk museum we hop on a train to the quiet little town of Hida Furukawa.

The historic, canal-lined streets, temples and museums of Hida-Furukawa are less crowded than Takayama and the town has a wonderful calming feel, due to small canals full of carp that flow through the streets. 217 mots de plus

A mediocre dinner and an Outstanding dinner.

Easter Monday saw us and many others dining at Stoke Park Country club where we had all been playing golf in the Easter Cup Competition ( we did not win, nor even came close!) After the golf, there is always a dinner, which socially is always fun and the food usually very good as well. 627 mots de plus

Food And Restaurants

Yakitori sauce

This sauce is wonderful. I now always have a bottle of home made yakitori sauce in my fridge to add it whenever it’s needed.

I will write a « Lazy Yakitori » recipe that use it. 131 mots de plus


Members-only horse meat restaurant in Hiroo

Roast Horse is a members-only horse meat restaurant in Hiroo. The exact place cannot be disclosed in accordance with the promise with the member who invited me to the secret restaurant. 205 mots de plus


Advice for future cyclists -Rwanda (Kigali to Rusumo) 

As we are always using other peoples blogs to plan our route (some are more helpful than others), I decided to write down some hopefully helpful experiences from our trip: … 449 mots de plus

Friday Night Life: Shinjuku 7/11 Sake

After traveling across the country, I have set roots down in the home away from home, Shinjuku, Tokyo. Why night have some $2 sake from 7/11? 14 mots de plus