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Macarons : In Watercolors

As a working mom of twin infants, it gets very difficult to find time for paints and even if I do , it is even more difficult to keep my kids from pouncing on my art material. 65 mots de plus


Warm Winter Walks (Tanka)

Sakura petals
A perfect carpet of pink
Warmer than the snow
Meandering memories
Seasons drifting out of time



Note: I tend to get obsessed with things. Currently, it is Japanese Hanafuda (Flower Cards) and the related game of Koi-Koi. The plus side of obsessing is that I do a deep-dive into whatever the current object of obsession is so that you don’t have to! 1 824 mots de plus

Thank You Jesus For These Pop Tarts

Sakura Overload

Since I came to China I had been planning to visit Tokyo during cherry blossom season, mainly to check off my bucket list of seeing the cherry blossoms of japan, but also to visit an old friend. 2 874 mots de plus


Miyagino: Hakone's Sakura Path

April 15, 2017

The most fickle Japanese event for me, sakura blossom has such an un-Japanese trait: It does not follow schedule well. So if you only have one week to visit Japan, I suggest you do it in winter or autumn, or basically any other event with fixed dates. 274 mots de plus


A Journey of Memories

It is shaping up to be a nice week here! I think that summer really decided to step up and be present!  I’m loving the sunshine… 193 mots de plus


Japanese Souvenirs

Just a couple months ago, I got back from a year-and-a-half stay in Japan. It was an amazing experience, one that I could never sum up in a simple blog post. 439 mots de plus