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Week 15 (April 6, 2015)--Sakura, Bike wreck #2, Sick, and PATIENCE!

Okay, thank you so much for my package! The shorts you sent are great – they work the best so thank you. the spandex-y skirts are not the best for biking. 1 558 mots de plus

Pink Blooms

My students have been obsessed with the cherry blossom tree outside our school. They’ve been trying reach the blossoms in order to make more bouquets for the instructors, although we’ve all asked that they don’t. 24 mots de plus

Photo Journal

High Park 2015

Went to see the cherry blossoms few weeks back! Weather was a bit hot but good enough for lighting to take decent pictures. Enjoy!

Swan was a beauty! 46 mots de plus