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San Antonio Spurs 2016-17 NBA Season Preview

2015-16 NBA Record: 67-15

Additions: Pau Gasol (Chicago Bulls), David Lee (Dallas Mavericks), Dewayne Dedmon (Orlando Magic)

Subtractions: Tim Duncan (retired), David West (Golden State Warriors), Boban Marjanovic (Detroit Pistons), Boris Diaw (traded to Utah Jazz) 582 mots de plus


Ideas & thoughts on travel costs...

Did you know there is such a thing as Lego World in Florida? How cool is that!

Yes I am 30+ and find the idea of a lego world cool haha. 739 mots de plus


How to Sell Your House Fast to a Cash Home Buyer in San Antonio

Selling your home through a real estate agent can take awhile, depending on the market, price, and location of the home. If you’re wanting to sell your San Antonio house in a hurry, though, you should consider to sell your house to a cash home buyer. 8 mots de plus

Sell Your House

A Cheapskate's Guide to Records and BBQ

I sort of fell headlong into my record collecting obsession. As such, I’ve become a little bit fast and loose with how much money I’m willing to spend on a record. 472 mots de plus


On Aging Whiskey

Technically, it only takes a few days to make a barrel of whisky, but it takes time for that golden beverage’s taste to mature. Although you could drink it straight away, it wouldn’t be the peaty, rich liquor that whiskey fans typically relish. 497 mots de plus

San Antonio

Boutique Hotel Emma Opens in San Antonio Pearl District

This much-anticipated independent boutique property opened its stellar doors at Pearl, the former site of the Pearl Brewery, one of the city’s vibrant food neighborhoods. At the helm of this culinary splendor is Chef John Brand, with innovative farm-driven menus. 260 mots de plus

San Antonio