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Deer Hunting Tips

  1. Human odor spooks deer. Shower with a scent-free soap before every hunting trip, and try not to contaminate your hunting clothes on the way to the field.
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A Day In: San Antonio, Texas- Riverwalk Edition

One of my most favorite cities (currently as hot as h*ll-but still happy to be here) is an incredible place for travel.   San Antonio is a college town and a family town, which makes for a pretty good scene.   272 mots de plus



The Ride: « 2015 Cannonade Trigger with 130 mm travel up front and 130 mm travel in the back.  I’ve had it going on a year now. 50 mots de plus

San Antonio

I recently spent a weekend visiting a friend in San Antonio, Texas. It was a short trip, designed primarily to catch up with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in almost two years; it was scheduled around a soccer game. 254 mots de plus



The Ride: Scott « Bright green… carbon… it’s got wheels… it’s got brakes… I love my bike. »  Favorite thing?  « It’s green.  It’s a green monster. 24 mots de plus


64 Things I Noticed During San Japan 8-Bit

Another year, another San Japan!  I presented two panels and took lots of cosplayer pictures!

  1. BEFORE THE SHOW-Went to a bronycon to practice ‘Furry 101′ for San Japan and now I’m going to do a ‘live podcast’ there.
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Family holds fundraiser for SA man missing at Grand Canyon - KABB - San Antonio Top Stories - News, Sports, Weather, Traffic

Family and friends of a missing San Antonio man raised money to continue searching for him on Sunday.

Drake Kramer, 21, was last seen six months ago at the Grand Canyon. 28 mots de plus