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France’s refusal to pay Haiti reparations is a symptom of an even wider issue

by Halimat Shode Follow @Halimat_Writes

Last Tuesday, President Hollande arrived in Haiti – the first French president to make an official visit since Haiti’s independence – and declared that France had a ‘moral debt’ to the Caribbean country. 488 mots de plus

Civil Rights

The Unmistakable Reality of Mistakes

Yesterday the bills arrived from France. I didn’t open them because I knew that the reality was I owed far more money than I have. They weighed hard on my mind like the baguettes I consumed. 757 mots de plus


Quel pezzo di merda di David Cameron

Quel pezzo di merda di David Cameron vorrebbe comandare agli italiani di prendersi i migranti

I migranti noi italiani non ce li prendiamo perche lo dice un figlio di puttana inglese… 147 mots de plus

Refugee Dimension of the Libya Lesson

23 April 2015
I hold the view that the Libya intervention went beyond the letter and spirit of what was envisaged in United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 of 17 March 2011 and caused divisions within the international community (*). 1 006 mots de plus


The Tropical Lightness of Being

One joy of living in the tropics is the emptiness of the wardrobe. Currently I have three shirts, three pairs of trousers and a hat. This pleasing lightness extends, in fact, to the whole flat, which contains the strict minimum. 32 mots de plus


The Monday Catchup

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The lead story: After the crash of a Germanwings flight last week, that appears to have been intentionally caused by one of the pilots, rescue workers continue to search through the wreckage for remains as German and French investigators look through the past of the man responsible for the crash. 417 mots de plus