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[Traduction] Amis américains, ne perdez pas espoir, la France a survécu à son Trump!

En mai 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy est élu Président de la République. Contrairement à l’élection américaine de 2016, le résultat est sans appel; il remporte 53% des suffrages aux dépends de Ségolène Royal, la première femme représentant un parti majeur (ça vous rappelle quelque chose?). 876 mots de plus

Getting things the wrong way round

Next posting, ‘Year-end clear-out’,  scheduled for 15-12-16

We have all adopted Monty’s policy as the policy of the site: onward transmission of items welcome provided there is acknowledgment of the source, and no modification in transmission… 1 831 mots de plus

Lethal Weapon 3

First it was ‘Brexit’. Then it was Trump. And now it is Fillon.

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And now we have elections in France

After Donald Trump’s surprise win on November 9th, Marine Le Pen, of the Nationalist Front party here in France, called him to congratulate him.  She is hoping that the wind that has blown so far right in the UK and the USA will blow her into the Presidency of France next Spring. 395 mots de plus

François Fillon v. The Media

Political Diary

If the breath of life could be cornered, it would go the way of the other commons: clinging to the hands of private interests. 1 101 mots de plus

French Politics

Film Review: 'La Haine'

Hi! This is something I’ve not tried before- a review of a film and, to add even more to the whole first things thing, it’s in French!! 1 712 mots de plus