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French Elections: Surveying the Ground (A Primer)

A snapshot of who could lead France into Brexit negotiations and beyond.

Firstly, a note on election type; any number of candidates are allowed to stand according to affiliation with a first round of voting producing two dominate candidates. 2 577 mots de plus


France - Islam : What do the poll numbers tell us?

A third of the Muslims in France would rather see a hard line Sharia law regime in place of the secular Republic they live in, including half of those aged 15 to 25. 1 015 mots de plus

War on Libya: Drag their asses to Court!

The war which led to the destruction of Libya was unnecessary, launched on false pretense and disastrous. This is the conclusion drawn from reading the UK parliamentary report on the War that destroyed Libya and destabilized a continent. 943 mots de plus

NSA Hacked French President’s House - UPDATE

A recent post — NSA Hacked French President’s House  — has been viewed yesterday by more than 7,000 readers from 124 countries.

GOOGLE would point to this blog on the search — in English — for the word ‘NSA’. 347 mots de plus


Jewish Sarkozy to implement Protocol 7.2 if he becomes France's President

Sarkozy Launches French Presidential Bid Based on Anti-Muslim Hysteria

By Kumaran Ira

Last Thursday, former right-wing President Nicolas Sarkozy of the Les Républicains (LR) party declared his candidacy in November’s LR primary for next year’s presidential election, with calls for unprecedented attacks on Muslims’ basic democratic rights. 1 249 mots de plus

War On Syria