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Eliseu, mon amour: Sarkozy tenta o regresso

2012 foi o ano em que Nicolas Sarkozy falhou a reeleição para François Hollande (aquele que, reza o valor acumulado das sondagens, se tornou no Presidente mais impopular da história do país). 386 mots de plus


François Fillon: “To put in question the state of Law in order to fight the Islamic State is a mistake”


Francois Fillon made this statement Saturday, 27th of August 2016, whilst criticizing the presidential debates.Certain candidates, seeking to acquire more far-right votes, are asking for more extreme measures to fight terrorism which goes against the state of law. 144 mots de plus

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la candidature de Sarkozy à la primaire

C’était attendu, c’est confirmé, Sarkozy est candidat à la primaire.

Si on peut toujours louer son énergie et sa détermination, son programme est une nouvelle fois une liste de provocations. 13 mots de plus


Burkini must be banned, France's Sarkozy says as he launches election campaign

(REUTERS) Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:40pm EDT

Burkinis must be banned throughout France, ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy said at his first campaign rally for the 2017 presidential election. 498 mots de plus

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#Burkiniban - the problem is veiled ideology

The birkini is the clothing equivalent of a Red Cross parcel in a concentration camp. It may allow the moments of joy its founder intended, but it exists because women are not free to dress as they wish within the context of Islam. 627 mots de plus