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Nicolas Sarkozy: “No Way To Let The French Colonies Of Africa Have Their Own Currencies!”

by Matthew, via How Africa

In an interview with the BMTV television channel, said that the best way to preserve the health of the French economy is to keep the FCFA as the only currency usable in the former French colonies in Africa. 269 mots de plus


Bernard Levy gets pie in face in Belgrade

Posted on May 12, 2017

On Wednesday, Algerian-born Bernard-Henri Levi, 68, the self-appointed French philosopher, was hit with a pie while promoting his propaganda documentary… 524 mots de plus

War On Syria


Il criminale di guerra ebreo , che parla « francese », Bernard-Henri Levy, è una delle persone più potenti d’Europa. Nonostante non abbia mai fatto servizio in alcun tipo di ufficio politico, e’ stato vicino al regime di (((Nicolas Sarkozy))) e di altri (((simili))). 305 mots de plus


The Ill-fitting Suit

In the brouhaha leading up to the choice of France’s next president, no one has thought to interview the tailor who makes the constitutional suit. He isn’t easy to find, in fact, and when I did track him down in a little boutique in the Faubourg St Honoré, he was at first reticent. 632 mots de plus


Sarkozy Calls for Crisis Meeting to Salvage French Right -- "Deep unease among French people."


MARCH 6, 2017

PARIS — Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is calling for a meeting with embattled conservative candidate Francois Fillon and his possible replacement to find a solution to the crisis that threatens to shatter the French right. 107 mots de plus


I have been reading a book about populism. It’s a word that I keep seeing written and which I’ve never properly understood. It usually appears in the phrase ‘a wave of populism’, which sounds like rather a lovely thing. 1 003 mots de plus


Trump's Adding More Sewage to the Swamp (Not Sarah Sewage)

It was two days before the 2008 election that Sarah Palin fell victim to the Quebec comedy duo,the Masked Avengers, pretending to be the French President Nicolas Sarkozy. 1 242 mots de plus