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Review: Pierce Brown's Red Rising: Sons of Ares #3

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

*screeches in delight…before it turns into sobs*

It’s just not gonna end well for anybody involved and I am just preparing myself for the moment this series tears my heart out of my chest, lights it on fire, and then stomps on the ashes. 640 mots de plus


Thank You recent Echo readers/purchasers!!!

sker’BAM!  Whoever those Amaze-O souls are that bought Echo or were reading it on Kindle Unlimited yesterday…Thank You!  GREAT motivation for me to get up and put fingers to keyboard!   34 mots de plus


Avalon Pilot Part I: Various Nefarious

Present day, Between Avalon and Earth.  Kairos 121:  Glen, the Storyteller.


Mingus, a well-respected elder elf, nearly eight-hundred years old, a true academic and head of the Avalon history department for the last three-hundred years, a peace-loving scholar by reputation, dragged the elderly human woman to an obscure closet on the campus in the castle of the Kairos.  1 227 mots de plus


Book Review: No Ordinary Star by M. C. Frank

Hey folks. How are you’ll doing?

First of all, I am grateful to the author to accept me as a part of the street team #nosstreetteam. 746 mots de plus

Book Review