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Time is a Treacherous River

The woman stands by her old truck – only five years old, but ancient all the same – and sells her scarcely-used antique clothing. She doesn’t look like it, but she’s an immigrant – of an unintentional and unusual sort. 46 mots de plus


Remote Viewer: Shadow Rescue by Rhonda Armbrust

Jazz is the heroine of this thrilling story. She has a sensitive background having lost her parents when she was a child. However, this does not affect her emotions and judgment. 73 mots de plus

Jeyran Main

Heart On A Bayonet – Act Three - Part One

Synopsis: Wrongly convicted, a once prominent woman finds herself looking for life’s true purpose.

Author’s notes: This chapter is a work in progress and thus is still being edited. 2 885 mots de plus


PCWC Shorts Part 1

Every so often I will be typing out and posting some of the work I have done whilst at the Peters Cowan Writers Centre (PCWC) 1 413 mots de plus


Guinness Irish Wheat

Beer: Guinness Irish Wheat

Beer Style: Wheat Beer (Hefeweizen)

Abv: 5.30%

Country of Origin: Irish Republic

Brewery: Guinness (Diageo)

Serving Method: Bottle poured into Erdinger Weizen Glass… 121 mots de plus

Brandon C. Hovey


After reading Aftermath: Empire’s End, I have learned that Imperial Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax is not Supreme Leader Snoke. The reason for this is because he died during the Battle of Jakku. 163 mots de plus