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Review: Mute

Neunundneunzig Neonballons

Director: Duncan Jones

Writer(s): Duncan Jones, Michael Robert Johnson

Cast: Alexander Skarsgård, Seyneb Saleh, Justin Theroux, Noel Clarke, Robert Kazinsky, Dominic Monaghan, Paul Rudd…

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3 Stars (Worth Watching)

Wally Byam, '21, inventor of the Airstream, put Americans on the road to almost anywhere they wanted to go.


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Hank Curci’s Fun Adventure To Thrilling SCIFI EBooks..

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Airstream Trailor

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Inventor of the Airstream

The Extinction Trials

The Extinction Trials was first published in 2017 and is S.M. Wilson’s debut novel. It is a dystopian science fiction story, set in an overpopulated world where humans live alongside dinosaurs. 1 241 mots de plus

Arkham Reviews

February 25, 2018: SciFi Fandoms United!

Stargate was a fantastic 12-year experience for me.  I learned a lot from showrunners Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, the cast, the crew, and fandom. Among the greatest takeaways from my time on the show is this oft-repeated (by me) nugget: « Fans tune in for the hook, but they stay for the characters ».   605 mots de plus

Film And Television

The Best Place To Busk

A system had been put in place to prevent the buskers brawling over choice spots. Before then, there had been several fights and more than a few broken instruments as assorted musicians and performers came to blows over time spent in the most profitable places. 1 475 mots de plus

Creative Writing

Meagan Reads SciFi: Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

I’ve been participating in the MadLibs Reading Challenge 2018, and I chose this book as one of the « noun » categories. Be warned that spoilers are coming ahead, so if you plan on reading the book, do not pass this line! 840 mots de plus