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Svärdssånger, myter och sagans förändring

Svärdssånger, myter och sagans förändring del 1 och 2


Fantasyberättelser postulerar en värld med andra naturlagar än vår, således borde det vara hur enkelt som helst att skriva en. 1 642 mots de plus


Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (Cave Women of Mars, 2008)

In the far, far distant future of 1987, Captain Jackson, son of Professor (now Director) Jackson,  is on a mission to Mars.  He and lieutenant Elliot arrive on Mars and discover a lush jungle…er…midwestern wooded area and Lieutenant Elliot ends up a prisoner of warrior cavewomen. 362 mots de plus

Science Fiction

The NULL Solution = Episode 25

The NULL Solution = Episode 25

…There must be a clue in this somewhere…

–The 1st order of business for Skaldic is to look outward, away from the bounds of Eridanus’ clammy atmosphere. 314 mots de plus

Science Fiction

Mrs NW’s secret...And thanks for all the follows.

Thanks to Bookstooge for suggesting this post (sort of).

Have you been to the about page on our website? Useless, right? Utterly useless. You were probably hoping to find some information about these so-called Mrs and Mr NW folk who are supposed to be running this site, but nope. 606 mots de plus


Book review of Adiamante by L.E. Modesitt, Jr

This review of Adiamante by L.E. Modesitt, Jr was written in 2000 for the the website Infinity Plus.

It was my first published review. :-) 366 mots de plus


Review: The Genius Plague by David Walton ★★★½

Paul John had been infected with fungi that have invaded his brain and turn him into its slaves. While Neil John his brother, an analyst at the NSA, tries to fight off the invasion. 434 mots de plus


Alienation Blog Hop Tour

Welcome to the Alienation BLOG HOP TOUR.

Please take your seat and strap yourself in, as we take you on an intergalactic tour. You will be amazed, entertained, and educated. 791 mots de plus

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