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What is Online Advertising?

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A few years back when traditional methods were dominating the market, but soon after some time a revolution came in, which is known as Online / Internet / Web Marketing where you can communicate your message in a simple and effective way to your consumers. 1 511 mots de plus

Online Advertising

Digital Marketing: 5 Rules of For B2B

B2B Marketing (business to business) is significantly different from Traditional Marketing, or B2C Marketing (business to consumer). The main reason is the type of relationship you seek to form with your customers, governed by the nature of the type of customers you need. 1 711 mots de plus


Google Adwords and how to optimize online campaigns in B2B

Online marketing does not stop at the B2C level.  B2B companies that are serving other companies use online marketing focused on their target audience too. SEA or Search Engine Advertising is famous channels through Google Adwords.  1 449 mots de plus