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Protecting your sources: new video tutorials on information security launched by CIJ

The Centre for Investigative Journalism have launched a new video series to help journalists better understand information security risks and use tools to protect communication with sources: … 261 mots de plus

Online Journalism

New macOS Malware: OSX/Dok

Ofer Caspi, of the Check Point malware research team, has published details of new malware targeting macOS and OS X systems, which has been named… 382 mots de plus


Sierra's System Integrity Protection (SIP): beyond root

In the Unix model of life, there is one superuser: root. Gain root access to a Unix system, and you own it; you are at the top of the tree of permissions and privileges. 1 326 mots de plus


Syria war: UN condemns sheer unbridled cruelty by leaders and commanders

Photo credit: THE CATHOLIC SUN
“I wish I could say mindless brutality – but no, it was deliberate, planned, predetermined, by other humans against their own fellow human beings, sheer unbridled cruelty by leaders and commanders. 476 mots de plus

Defensive Security Podcast

I’m an avid podcast listener, especially with my nearly three hour commutes to and from work. Also, I’m still a total n00b when it comes to cyber security in general. 80 mots de plus

Vulnerabilities and threats of mobile computing

Mobile computing is a main part of the daily activities of the modern day people. They use mobile devices to access communication technologies which give the internet facility from anywhere any time. 696 mots de plus