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Security Guards & Armed Guards Responsible for Protecting Vital Installations

Various security companies in United States including any Dallas security company of your choice has sole prime responsibility of protecting the client and his property whenever they are hired. 347 mots de plus

Dallas Security Company


I have an idea. This idea might completely change the world. So, here it is:

I want to create a very simple device, that will be distributed free of charge to every person that accepts it. 185 mots de plus

This is why Yahoo did not reset your password after the massive data breach

Yahoo last week confirmed what many already feared, that unknown hackers have been able to steal account data belonging to hundreds of millions of users. 349 mots de plus


Komatsu's IAHV

The Komatsu Innovative Autonomous Haulage Vehicle or IAHV is here. This next generation mine haul truck does not even have a cab for a driver, so it is a true autonomous vehicle. 58 mots de plus


Retain Mails of Departing Employees in Office365

In a scenario where the requirements of compliance are increasing , the Organizations are expected to retain the Emails of departing users for a certain period of time. 96 mots de plus


Alert : Apple's Messages app isn't as private as you think

Apple has said time and again that its Messages app (formerly iMessage) – which allows iOS users to send SMS and encrypted messages to their conacts – is more secure than other tools, to the point that the company couldn’t comply with wiretap orders from law enforcment even if it wanted to. 425 mots de plus

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