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7 Reasons Why Your Employees Can Work Super-Secure with DTEK50

Smartphones have become indispensable to business productivity, enabling workers to be connected to practically any sort of business data, document, or person they need, anytime and anywhere. 1 311 mots de plus


Motorola confirms that it will not commit to monthly security patches

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Motorola has clarified the update situation of the Moto Z and Moto G4, calling Android’s monthly security updates « difficult » and deciding not to commit to them. 394 mots de plus


Trump Asks Russia to Dig Up Hillary’s Emails in “Unprecedented’ Remarks

Donald Trump called on Russia to find and release Hillary Clinton’s emails today, suggesting a potentially dangerous precedent for cyber espionage. The post Trump Asks Russia to Dig Up Hillary’s Emails in « Unprecedented’ Remarks… 11 mots de plus


IMPORTANT ALERT for users with older browsers and operating systems!

In the last few years, MAJOR vulnerabilities have been found with SSLv3 and TLSv1.0 encryption schemes found on older browser versions and mobile phone operating systems.  112 mots de plus

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Introducing AdminX: New ways to securely manage collaboration at scale

Last year, we kicked off an internal initiative called AdminX. Our goal: reimagine the IT admin experience for teams using Dropbox. We’re making this happen by taking the same “user-first” design approach that’s helped us grow to half a billion registered users, and applying it to our admin tools. 573 mots de plus


Security and Government Contracting

FFATA announces that everyone is required to reset their passwords every 90 days regarding their users and interfacing systems or their account will be disconnected… What a pain in the butt! 32 mots de plus

Quarterly Firmware Update Review

EFS Network Management encourages administrators to check firmware updates for various devices. Most all computer based devices today have some type of firmware. This firmware should be reviewed for known security issues and known stability issues. 446 mots de plus