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Need to Win

I’m currently trying really hard not to get into an internet argument, or as I like to call it the ‘chocolate teapot’ competition. Both are equally useless. 374 mots de plus



They put everything they own in one place. I guess they never got the « clay tablet » (email) about to never put all your crocodile eggs in one basket. 844 mots de plus


Nice Computer Security System photos

A few nice Computer Security System images I found:

Image by rikrose
Books. See notes.
This is the bookcase in my bedroom.
UNU Pelikan Training… 20 mots de plus

Building Security Alarm Systems

by Thruhike98
An appropriate security alarm system is indispensable for a home or office in order to provide it the needed defense and armor against any mishappenings. 22 mots de plus

Targeted Security Risk Assessments Using NIST Guidelines - Tripwire

This week I did a guest post for Tripwire: The State of Security

Targeted Security Risk Assessments Using NIST Guidelines via @legallevity #security #infosec…

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Cool Computer Security images

A few nice computer security images I found:

Image by cosmic.lint
TOR developer and computer security hacker Jacob Appelbaum gave the keynote address on behalf of Wikileaks director and activist Julian Assange, who has not entered the United States since the arrest of Bradley Manning….

How to protect your SIM card with a PIN using BlackBerry 10

Did you know that you can use a SIM card PIN to prevent unauthorized use of your SIM card in another device? For example, if you lost your device while traveling, the SIM Card PIN feature will prevent someone from using your SIM in another device unless they enter the correct SIM Card PIN. 252 mots de plus