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Scripture Verse Of The Week 'Psalm 16 verse 1 &2'

Psalm 16 verse 1 and 2; {Message Bible}:

“Keep me safe O God, I’ve run for dear life to you. I say to God, ‘Be my Lord!’ without You, nothing makes sense”. 320 mots de plus

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Cisco CCNP Security 300-206 SENSS
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ISE, ACS, or RADIUS server can authenticate or authorize users with TACACS+/RADIUS

Enable AAA New-Model
Setup method lists… 236 mots de plus


6 Simple Steps to harden PHP


For more information on securing and hardening WordPress please consult the extensive and comprehensive WordPress hardening guides over at

1. Installing Suhosin… 453 mots de plus


How much cyber risk should you take?

I have been spending a fair amount of time over the last few months, talking and listening to board members and advisors, including industry experts, about cyber risk. 665 mots de plus


A Remembered Legacy

“The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” (1)

We bring tribute to those who have gone before us and died, to secure our place in America. 516 mots de plus


Recent Home Invasion Vid

This vid was originally shared with me from Concealed Nation, so please click on their link, as the original article is worth a look, although I would argue the quandary  over « how much ammo is enough » when it comes to a handgun is kind of an asinine argument..the short answer is you can… 165 mots de plus

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「秘密の質問」はセキュリティ対策として(やっぱり)役立たずであるらしい [ #cbajp ]

一番好きな食べ物はなんですか? 最初の先生の名前はなんといいましたか? 最初に飼ったペットの名前は? こうした質問をみて「ああ、例のあれね」と思い当たる人が多いことだろう。何かのオンラインサービスに登録するときに、セキュリティ対策のひとつとして定型的な質問と、そしてそれに対する回答を「セキュリティキー」として使うことが多いのだ。