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FedTech: Federal Officials Should Disclose Vulnerabilities for Security’s Sake

FedTech: Federal Officials Should Disclose Vulnerabilities for Security’s Sake. « Generally, government serves its goals best by disclosing vulnerabilities. When federal leaders take advantage of existing flaws to circumvent computer security, the only difference between their activity and criminal hacking is a legal one. 40 mots de plus


IP Enclosure Ratings & Standards

When it comes to weatherproof or waterproof enclosures, security camera installers need to have a clear knowledge what IP65, IP66 or IP67 mean. In general IP stands for Ingress Protection. 343 mots de plus

Security Systems

Get Tough on Cyber

So we had to get very, very tough on cyber and cyber warfare. It is a huge problem. I have a son—he’s 10 years old. He has computers.

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Donald J. Trump

Everyday Security

When it comes to security and computers, most people think the well-advertised threats of viruses, spyware or adware. But the fact is that most of us are more vulnerable to the prying eyes of our neighbours, bosses, friends, or the people in the coffee shops next to use who might be reading our

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Definitions of Home: Part 4, "A Train"

Home isn’t a place or a person.

Home is an attitude.

Lying on the soft tiny bed in this train,

I realize that I’m not rushing to go anywhere. 134 mots de plus


Marie Van Brittan Brown

Marie Van Brittan Brown was a female inventor that invented the home security system. I am astonished. I say this because I never knew she invented this home security system. 34 mots de plus