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Breaking down latest DDoS attack compromising Twitter, PayPal and others

Hackers were successful in launching a major and sophisticated cyberattack on the internet using very common devices including webcams and even digital recorders. They were able to cut-off access to some of the world’s leading and best known websites on Friday, October 21st, raising eyebrows across the board and raising even more concern about cybersecurity threats. 902 mots de plus

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SQL Injection

SQL Injection (SQLi) refers to an injection attack wherein an attacker can execute malicious SQLstatements (also commonly referred to as a malicious payload) that control a web application’s database server. 220 mots de plus

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Honor 8: 5 Features That You Will Find Only On Honor 8

Bigger display, better battery life, decent camera, fast fingerprint sensor and a lot more, all those features are common and available in all most all Smartphones. 288 mots de plus

Honor 8

The DDOS attack yesterday reminds us of how vulnerable we are to flaws in technology 

For as long as there’s been an internet, its evangelists have assured us increased connectivity will yield a brighter future.

The web, they’ve said, will bring us closer through new forms of mass communication, connect us to business and government to give us more power over our lives, and deliver a whole new world of goods and services. 542 mots de plus

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Honor 8: Multi User Explained 

Yup… most of the time we need to act as perfect in front of our parents, relatives and loved ones.



There are many situations where your cousins, brothers or relatives peeping into your device or checking your personal photos, apps and more. 126 mots de plus

Honor 8

12 - The Arsehole

A few days after my visit, I was sat in the car ( surprise !) and saw another guy in a similar hi-vis making his way up the pavement. 729 mots de plus