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Arrow Season 4 Episode 11

Arrow Season 4 Episode 11


While John and Lyla walking to home in night, Allen one of her colleague shows up for help. Then ghosts shows up and kidnapped him. 247 mots de plus


DIGITS: Chapter 23

« So you are telling me that Ivanhov gave you this? » asked Ileana after she’d read the letter aloud.

« Yes, » I said. 712 mots de plus


62 \ 150

The Hoopoe watched the freshly uploaded videos of the ‘Charged Filter’ transport. He and the three others who’d requested the sponge portion had determined the least alarming, yet fully accurate, name to call it. 435 mots de plus

Penny Dreadful Season One—Dreadfully Good

Penny Dreadful is a Gothic horror series that mashes up stories from the 1800s—Dracula, Frankenstein, The Picture of Dorian Gray, etc. The story centers on Vanessa Ives, who along with Sir Malcolm Murray and several others, try to save Sir Malcolm’s daughter Mina from a vampire. 270 mots de plus


S02E02 -Till Death Do Us Part Part 1 - Generation X-Men Podcast.mp3

Till Death Do Us Part Part 1 (It’s fun to say without the pause) New season which means a new disc in Brooksey’s dvd box set of X-Men: The Animated Series. 115 mots de plus


Bernoulli polynomials (2)

See here for part (1).

Problem 1. Show that
i) for
ii) for

Solution. i) It is clearly true for because for all real numbers For put in Problem 2, ii), in part (1). 166 mots de plus